August 2003, David Beckham departed from Manchester United. Alex Ferguson the legendary Manchester United established the youth team to find new recruits for Manchester United senior team. The purpose of the youth team was to ensure costs were reduced in buying players from national and international markets. The Youth team allowed Manchester United to recruitContinue reading “MANCHESTER UNITED RESEARCH ANALYST”


Match Date  Russia Time  Reference  Location  City  London Time 1 14/06/2018 18:00 A1 Luzkniki Stadium  Moscow  16:00 2 15/06/2018 17:00 A2 Ekaterinburg Arena  Ekarerinburg  13:00 3 15/06/2018 18:00 B1 St Petersburg Stadium  St Petersburg 16:00 4 15/06/2018 21:00 B2 Fisht Olympic Stadium  Sochi  19:00 5 16/06/2018 13:00 C1 Kazan Arena  Kazan  11:00 6 16/06/2018 16:00Continue reading “WORLD CUP 2018 SCHEDULE”