August 2003, David Beckham departed from Manchester United. Alex Ferguson the legendary Manchester United established the youth team to find new recruits for Manchester United senior team. The purpose of the youth team was to ensure costs were reduced in buying players from national and international markets. The Youth team allowed Manchester United to recruitContinue reading “MANCHESTER UNITED RESEARCH ANALYST”


Ferrari, the red sports car speeding down Knightsbridge traveling over speed limits capturing the attention of the public. Engine noise herd from miles away, red colour signifies the sacrifices made for the car owner to own the Ferrari. It is confirmed Ferrari will enter the niche SUV market launching the Purosangue in 2022. What doesContinue reading “FERRARI POTENTIAL”


SHEIKH HASINA SALARY BDT115000 A MONTH X 12 = BDT1380000 PER ANNUM Dhaka Tribune article 2/12/2018 Dhaka Time 1013am London Time 0413am Sheikh Hasina Annual Income BDT7.7 million (GBP64131, USD90921, EUR74310) Sheikh Hasina Annual Income was submitted for the 11 Bangladesh Parliamentary Election. Sheikh Hasina Income Income source 1 Agriculture Sector BDT300000 Income Source 2Continue reading “SHEIKH HASINA WEALTH MANAGEMENT”