Article 86. The Sylhet Marathon completed the Tier Four Application section in December 2020. This article focuses on what happens after the IELTS student completes their exam and the requirements. After the IELTS exams depending on the results students are ready to progress to the next stage. The stage when applying for the courses. DueContinue reading “BANGLADESH TIER FOUR APPLICATION”


Notes – Sylhet Marathon completed the report in November 2020. In 2020, I was in the process of completing my report based on the education sector. This was the first sector I taken an interest in due to the situations in Bangladesh. Education sector closed on 9 occasions in 2020 when the pandemic started. TheContinue reading “BANGLADESH EDUCATION ALTERNATIVE”


The content presented is in relation to the National University Bangladesh. In the past years there has been maximum numbers of students enrolling to the Political Science Honours programme. There numbers of options available for career development, the programme duration four years. In there are two institutions, two of the oldest Education institution seen riseContinue reading “BANGLADESH POLITICAL SCIENCE CONTENT”


In Western society, it depends on the environment the Sylheti person lives for them to represent Sylhet and the national country Bangladesh. There are areas where the is high numbers of South Asian communities. In this environment it is competitive to represent Bangladesh. Numbers of increased competition and close ties with South Asia numbers makeContinue reading “OSMANI LEADERSHIP RESEARCH”


ABUL KALAM ABDUL MOMEN EDUCATION Sylhet Government Pilot School 1969 Dhaka University BA in Economics 1971 Dhaka University MA in Development Economics 1976 Central College Dhaka LLB in Law and Jurisprudence 1988 North Eastern University, Boston, Massachusetts PhD in Economics CAREER 1973 – 1974 Minister of Rural Development, Local Government and Co Operatives 1974 –Continue reading “BANGLADESH FOREIGN MINISTER”