Towards the end of December 2020, it was confirmed the football academy has started in Hosnabad, Sylhet. The location is based close to the Shahi Eidgah CNG Transporation Hub connecting to Zindabazaar and Amberkhana. Kalapathor has been the historic sports venue for football matches from the 1980s until this present day. When Kalapathor football fieldContinue reading “KALAPATHOR FOOTBALL ACADEMY”


SYLHET Marathon the Sylhet Community Runners event attracting thousands of people from students to senior citizens to take part in the Marathon. Recently the company has introduced the 21 KM marathon programme. I am sorry to mention this, what they are achieving I have already achieved this. I will start the story from beginning toContinue reading “SYLHET MARATHON FORMATION”


In society, depending on the environment the person on his own are the first to be Judged by the stakeholders. The person on their own are stereotyped as the people who cannot progress and results in them having targets on their back. Judgement numbers increase and it takes for the person on their own toContinue reading “INDEPENDENT PERSON”


Reference Previous Present  Difference  % Change  Video 1  1555 1561 6 0.386 Video 2 5303 5316 13 0.245 Video 3 7916 7954 38 0.480 Video 4 3658 3686 28 0.765 Video 5 1326 1332 6 0.452 Video 6 912 918 6 0.658 Video 7 8130 8178 48 0.590 Video 8 1100 1104 4 0.364 VideoContinue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM VIEW ANALYSIS”


Communication and network with previous contacts developed, phone Calls from extended family members from overseas. November 2017 was legendary, his path of revenge in the Capital City was denied and he was on close watch. The Bengal Tigers remembered one timeframe when there was this landlord put the housing association people to maximise his rentalContinue reading “BENGAL TIGERS STRATEGY”


Time travelled, the BENGAL TIGER decided to take action. After held at knife point in the Summer silent night in the AM section. Numbers of stakeholders were suspicious about the BENGAL TIGER, numbers of questions was asked what happened? At the time the only person knew the full story has been taken to the DetentionContinue reading “NOVEMBER 2017”


Since 2007, Bangladesh education sector has developed with foreign investors opening education centres in Dhaka. This has allowed the education sector to build relations with overseas education centres. The London School of Commerce opened an branch in Bangladesh, for Bangladesh honours students to remain in Bangladesh and get an Bachelors degree from a UK university.Continue reading “RESTRUCTURE BANGLADESH ACADEMIC SPECIFICATION”


The British Council as the stakeholders of Bangladesh Education Sector understanding the consequences of education closure. In England, students were graded based on the predictions. There were disadvantages for the students who were depending on the main exam to achieve the required grades. With the exams approaching in October 2020, the British Council arranged anContinue reading “DHAKA BRITISH COUNCIL OFFICE”


Bangladesh Annual Budget meeting is due to start on Thursday 3 June 2021. The Finance Minister for Bangladesh AHM Mustafa Kamal. Article 73 Focuses on the history of the Financial Budget Bangladesh Government allocated to numbers of sectors. The country was independent on Thursday 16 December 1971. The first Bangladesh Budget was on 30 JuneContinue reading “BANGLADESH FUNDS ALLOCATION 1972 – 2020”


The concept “Our General Osmani Needs You” will unite Sylhet citizens to work in a team to help the location develop. Where did the conspiration OUR GENERAL OSMANI originated from? The Uncle Sam America Army Commercial? No it was the scene from the Movie three kings. The one scene that showed the team unite asContinue reading “OSMANI CONCEPT”