Project 1 Convince the Bangladeshi restaurateurs to promote their establishment as Bangladeshi restaurant. Bangladeshi community are classed as Indian in the eyes of developed economies public. Indian establishment promoted, Bangladesh has not gained recognision. There are Food association promoting Bangladeshi contribution, the establishment classed as Indian Cuisine. What will help if the Indian cuisine isContinue reading “LONDON CORPORATE PROJECT”


The Sylhet Marathon team are planning to visit Bangladeshi managed travel agent. The purpose for the meetings will be to ensure Bangladeshi travel agents to start call centres to create additional employment opportunities. There two Biman websites the original Bangladesh International airlines and trading in the United Kingdom. Website located in VacationContinue reading “BANGLADESH TRAVEL AGENT RESEARCH”


Evening approached in London, midnight arrived was approaching in Sylhet on Tuesday 25 April 2021. In London there was a discussion taken place outside the Indian Takeaway, it was silence, at the meeting was the spokesman for the Bangladesh Caterers Market, Delivery driver for the takeaway, manager of the establishment, cashier and the people atContinue reading “BANGLADESH CATERERS MARKET DISCUSSION”