The British Council as the stakeholders of Bangladesh Education Sector understanding the consequences of education closure. In England, students were graded based on the predictions. There were disadvantages for the students who were depending on the main exam to achieve the required grades. With the exams approaching in October 2020, the British Council arranged anContinue reading “DHAKA BRITISH COUNCIL OFFICE”


HONOURS STUDENT CRISIS The Honours students have been affected during the pandemic, there have been two deadlines missed applying for the scholarship programme. The scholarship deadlines are June 2020 for September enrolment and October 2020 for the January 2020 enrolment. With 2 scholarships missed and students application missed, this has delayed the students not ableContinue reading “BANGLADESH HONOURS STUDENT”


DHAKA HSC EXAM BOARD MEETING Article 18/09/2020 Dhaka Tribune stated an meeting will take place in relation to the HSC and equivalent exams. Six months has passed by and education sector has been closed numbers of times. During this time students are moving overseas, United Kingdom university are enrolling students onto the bachelors programme. TheContinue reading “BANGLADESH COLLEGE STUDENTS CRISIS”


Education research was completed in November 2020, this was Sylhet Marathon main interest when Bangladesh Education Department was closed numbers of occasions. There were alternatives for Education reopen immediately after the lockdown laws was eased. Education Minister did not take immediate action. There are major consequences for the education sector closed for long term. ResearchContinue reading “BANGLADESH EDUCATION CRISIS”


EUROPEAN UNION FUNDING BANGLADESH The European Union has worked in partnership with Bangladesh to providing assistance to the education sector. Tuesday 19 May 2020, the European Union taken interest working with the Bangladesh Education sector for development purposes. Bangladesh education sector remained closed from March 2020, and with the world starting to reopen the educationContinue reading “BANGLADESH EDUCATION FINANCIAL ALLOCATION”


TELEVISED LEARNING PROJECT Education Minister confirmed the lessons for SSE students will be broadcasted on Bangladesh Television Channel. At the beginning stages the televised programme could have opened doors to Bangladesh Television channel to provide academic programmes. This is because Project had programmes to meet the requirements of the SSE students. The date for theContinue reading “BANGLADESH TELEVISED EDUCATION”


Notes – Sylhet Marathon completed the report in November 2020. In 2020, I was in the process of completing my report based on the education sector. This was the first sector I taken an interest in due to the situations in Bangladesh. Education sector closed on 9 occasions in 2020 when the pandemic started. TheContinue reading “BANGLADESH EDUCATION ALTERNATIVE”


The strategy for the menu is to remove the Chicken Tikkas and Lamb Tikkas from the menu, items all one size for container stock purchased in one size, minimized items in the fryer department to save space on the fryer. The are zero sides all items are main, Roast is in the Appertiser and SylhetiContinue reading “BANGLADESH CATERERS MARKET MENU”


Date Thursday 3 June 2021 Location Dhaka, Bangladesh National Budget Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022 The total budget BDT603681 Crore BDT6036.81bn GBP50.24bn USD70.87bn EUR58.46bn 17.4% higher than the Country GDP 12% Higher than the revised Budget 6.34% Higher than the Fiscal Budget Budget Deficit BDT3214.81bn (6.2% of the Bangladesh GDP) BDT6036.81bn/100 = BDT60.3681bn X 17.5%Continue reading “BANGLADESH NATIONAL BUDGET 2021”


Project 1 Convince the Bangladeshi restaurateurs to promote their establishment as Bangladeshi restaurant. Bangladeshi community are classed as Indian in the eyes of developed economies public. Indian establishment promoted, Bangladesh has not gained recognision. There are Food association promoting Bangladeshi contribution, the establishment classed as Indian Cuisine. What will help if the Indian cuisine isContinue reading “LONDON CORPORATE PROJECT”