Towards the end of December 2020, it was confirmed the football academy has started in Hosnabad, Sylhet. The location is based close to the Shahi Eidgah CNG Transporation Hub connecting to Zindabazaar and Amberkhana. Kalapathor has been the historic sports venue for football matches from the 1980s until this present day. When Kalapathor football fieldContinue reading “KALAPATHOR FOOTBALL ACADEMY”


Good Afternoon, Greetings from London The Sylhet Marathon team are aware there has been less articles published. The reason for this is the time is correct for the team to promote this project visiting stakeholders in London. There have been numbers of topics added. Articles topic are Bangladesh Caterers Market, Bangladesh Education, Corporate Markets, CurrencyContinue reading “CORPORATION RESTRUCTURE”


SYLHET Marathon the Sylhet Community Runners event attracting thousands of people from students to senior citizens to take part in the Marathon. Recently the company has introduced the 21 KM marathon programme. I am sorry to mention this, what they are achieving I have already achieved this. I will start the story from beginning toContinue reading “SYLHET MARATHON FORMATION”


British Bangladeshi Teenager 15 years Old arrived back from Sylhet after the summers holiday during the 8 weeks away from England. He had memorable time in Sylhet, this teenager was aware there were this was the last time his elderly family member would visit Bangladesh for the final time due to health issues. His mainContinue reading “OSMANI VICTORY STRATEGY”


In society, depending on the environment the person on his own are the first to be Judged by the stakeholders. The person on their own are stereotyped as the people who cannot progress and results in them having targets on their back. Judgement numbers increase and it takes for the person on their own toContinue reading “INDEPENDENT PERSON”


Date  Month  Restaurant  Total (BDT) GDP Value  Area Food 26/10/2019 October  CafĂ© Hide and Seek  70 0.65 Shahi Eidgah Grill Chicken  27/10/2019 October  Kebab Cottage  560 5.19 Kazitula  Kebab 30/10/2019 October  Pizza Co 500 4.63 Shahi Eidgah Pizza  31/10/2019 October  Kebab Cottage  290 2.69 Kazitula  Kebab 05/11/2019 November  Mad Chef  320 2.96 Housing Estate Burger Continue reading “SYLHET FOOD EXPENSE REPORT”


The year 2021, Bangladesh 50 years has passed, the main event 16 December 2021 is approaching in 27 weeks and 2 days. There are 27 weeks and 2 days, to make the impossible possible. The objective is to ensure the Title in Bangladeshi Food Places to remove the Title Indian Cuisine, it will be timeContinue reading “BANGLADESH CATERERS MARKET STATEMENT”


Reference Previous Present  Difference  % Change  Video 1  1555 1561 6 0.386 Video 2 5303 5316 13 0.245 Video 3 7916 7954 38 0.480 Video 4 3658 3686 28 0.765 Video 5 1326 1332 6 0.452 Video 6 912 918 6 0.658 Video 7 8130 8178 48 0.590 Video 8 1100 1104 4 0.364 VideoContinue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM VIEW ANALYSIS”


Sylhet Marathon achieves 100 articles for the stakeholders in the world market. There has been situations at the start when Sylhet Marathon was in the process of closing down the sight. The eye of the tiger made the impossible situations to be possible. In life there are times when the odds are stacked against SylhetContinue reading “CENTURY ACHIEVED”


The World Remit project started on 24 April 2021 for funds to be transferred from England to Bangladesh. World Remit head office is located in Victoria, London. There has been partnership developed between World Remit and Bangladesh Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank Limited in 2020. The first transfer was made and the rate for GBP1 wasContinue reading “WORLD REMIT CURRENCY MARKET”