Towards the end of December 2020, it was confirmed the football academy has started in Hosnabad, Sylhet. The location is based close to the Shahi Eidgah CNG Transporation Hub connecting to Zindabazaar and Amberkhana. Kalapathor has been the historic sports venue for football matches from the 1980s until this present day. When Kalapathor football fieldContinue reading “KALAPATHOR FOOTBALL ACADEMY”


Good Afternoon, Greetings from London The Sylhet Marathon team are aware there has been less articles published. The reason for this is the time is correct for the team to promote this project visiting stakeholders in London. There have been numbers of topics added. Articles topic are Bangladesh Caterers Market, Bangladesh Education, Corporate Markets, CurrencyContinue reading “CORPORATION RESTRUCTURE”


SYLHET Marathon the Sylhet Community Runners event attracting thousands of people from students to senior citizens to take part in the Marathon. Recently the company has introduced the 21 KM marathon programme. I am sorry to mention this, what they are achieving I have already achieved this. I will start the story from beginning toContinue reading “SYLHET MARATHON FORMATION”


British Bangladeshi Teenager 15 years Old arrived back from Sylhet after the summers holiday during the 8 weeks away from England. He had memorable time in Sylhet, this teenager was aware there were this was the last time his elderly family member would visit Bangladesh for the final time due to health issues. His mainContinue reading “OSMANI VICTORY STRATEGY”


Sylhet Marathon achieves 100 articles for the stakeholders in the world market. There has been situations at the start when Sylhet Marathon was in the process of closing down the sight. The eye of the tiger made the impossible situations to be possible. In life there are times when the odds are stacked against SylhetContinue reading “CENTURY ACHIEVED”


Communication and network with previous contacts developed, phone Calls from extended family members from overseas. November 2017 was legendary, his path of revenge in the Capital City was denied and he was on close watch. The Bengal Tigers remembered one timeframe when there was this landlord put the housing association people to maximise his rentalContinue reading “BENGAL TIGERS STRATEGY”


Summer 2017, Location Capital City. There was a time when British Bangladeshi Man representing TEAM BENGAL TIGERS was walking home in the silent night. There was no witnesses, completely empty roads in the residential area. The entrance to the tunnel was made, the destination was left direction. When walking passed the railway tunnel, the mopedContinue reading “BENGAL TIGERS”


The British Summers Day, British Bangladeshi the associate to the Sylhet Marathon team walks the straight path. From Trafalgar Square towards London Victoria Station. The phone rings, news from Sylhet arrives, Our Freedom Fighter of 1971 passed away. The freedom fighter developed his reputation established Advocate, he contributed to the Sylhet Bar Association. He wasContinue reading “FREEDOM FIGHTER LEGACY”


1923 Began Formal Education leading Farsi and English. General Osmani Teacher was his home tutor. When there was no tuition General Osmani Family made sure he made progress academically. 1934 Completed education at the Sylhet Government Pilot School achieving first division marks. He was awarded the Pretoria Award for achieving the highest marks in English.Continue reading “OUR SOLDIER GENERAL OSMANI”


31/03/2021 KUSHKIA RESISTANCE The Freedom Fighters, MilItary formed Bangladesh and fought against Pakistan. The Pakistan army was attacked from three directions and there was no way out. When the Bangladeshi formed the team it was the rise of the tigers in KUSHTIA. The tactic succeeded with only limited numbers of Pakistan soldiers managing to escape.Continue reading “TIGERS EMERGE”