Date Price Difference  Percentage Change 03/05/2021 102.06   0.00% 04/05/2021 101.654 -0.406 -0.40% 05/05/2021 101.19 -0.464 -0.46% 06/05/2021 102.086 0.896 0.88% 07/05/2021 102.51 0.424 0.41% 10/05/2021 102.429 -0.081 -0.08% 11/05/2021 102.5 0.071 0.07% 12/05/2021 102.145 -0.355 -0.35% 13/05/2021 101.999 -0.146 -0.14% 14/05/2021 102.049 0.05 0.05% 17/05/2021 102.688 0.639 0.62% 18/05/2021 103.271 0.583 0.56% 19/05/2021 102.999Continue reading “EUR/BDT RATES MAY 2021”


In 2019, the social media vlogs in Sylhet started. Numbers of vloggers entered the social media market promoting Sylhet. The social media channel main focus will be the channel Flukey. There are various videos related to British Bangladeshi connecting with his ethnicity. Videos are related to Hospitality, Tourism, Family connection and Transportation. Last time heContinue reading “SYLHET SOCIAL MEDIA TERMINAL”


In Western society, it depends on the environment the Sylheti person lives for them to represent Sylhet and the national country Bangladesh. There are areas where the is high numbers of South Asian communities. In this environment it is competitive to represent Bangladesh. Numbers of increased competition and close ties with South Asia numbers makeContinue reading “OSMANI LEADERSHIP RESEARCH”


The British Summers Day, British Bangladeshi the associate to the Sylhet Marathon team walks the straight path. From Trafalgar Square towards London Victoria Station. The phone rings, news from Sylhet arrives, Our Freedom Fighter of 1971 passed away. The freedom fighter developed his reputation established Advocate, he contributed to the Sylhet Bar Association. He wasContinue reading “FREEDOM FIGHTER LEGACY”


The concept “Our General Osmani Needs You” will unite Sylhet citizens to work in a team to help the location develop. Where did the conspiration OUR GENERAL OSMANI originated from? The Uncle Sam America Army Commercial? No it was the scene from the Movie three kings. The one scene that showed the team unite asContinue reading “OSMANI CONCEPT”


Bangladesh 2021, Hasina follows Modi, Hasina Son does not have the courage to persuade his mother to cut ties with Modi. Remember this Sheikh Hasina son Sajeeb Wazed has connections in Virginia, USA. Sheikh Hasina daughter in Law Katrina is from Michigan, USA and the foreign Minister has links in Massachusetts, USA. Really does SheikhContinue reading “GENERAL OSMANI POLITICAL ALLIANCE”


There has been discussion in Sylhet City Corporation and the topic related to teenagers and children not participating in Sports resulting in Empty fields. The topic is “Children and teenagers addicted to free fire and puppy games are moving away from field games day by day. Who is responsible? Sylhet Marathon research team decided toContinue reading “SYLHET MARATHON YOUTH RESEARCH”


Evening approached in London, midnight arrived was approaching in Sylhet on Tuesday 25 April 2021. In London there was a discussion taken place outside the Indian Takeaway, it was silence, at the meeting was the spokesman for the Bangladesh Caterers Market, Delivery driver for the takeaway, manager of the establishment, cashier and the people atContinue reading “BANGLADESH CATERERS MARKET DISCUSSION”


31/03/2021 KUSHKIA RESISTANCE The Freedom Fighters, MilItary formed Bangladesh and fought against Pakistan. The Pakistan army was attacked from three directions and there was no way out. When the Bangladeshi formed the team it was the rise of the tigers in KUSHTIA. The tactic succeeded with only limited numbers of Pakistan soldiers managing to escape.Continue reading “TIGERS EMERGE”