In May 2021, I written an article in relation to Uber needed to be eliminated from London. This was possible, if Taxi companies worked together to manage the resource for Passengers to travel in ease from Location A to Location B. Uber located in USA, Taxi drivers rely on the Wes App and Google Maps to plan the journey. If the Applications are used by the drivers for Map reading there is no use for Uber to be in the London Market. Uber in existence has resulted in the decline for taxi offices, decline in controller work opportunities. In the present day in November 2021 there are signs for Uber to end in London.

Guardian article published on 10 November 2021 states Uber are raising prices by 10% to encourage their previous drivers to return to Uber. When the driver leaves Uber this shows, drivers have had the common sense not to associate with Uber. Uber was the reason why taxi offices declines and loss of employment for the call centre department. The 10% Increase in the price will not make an difference. In relation to the price increases the Uber story develops.

The news article on Runners Media published on 11 November 2021 states Uber are increasing their prices by 25%. First it was 10% encouraging previous drivers to return to the company, another 15% added. The total 25% increases signifies there are crisis in the Uber Financial statement. At the start Uber were reducing prices resulting in consumer to use the app when travelling from Location A to Location B. In the present day in November 2021, there are signs the Uber days in London are over. This story develops further.

Financial Times article 11 November 2021, states Uber CEO flight arrived in London. The reason he arrived in London are due to the crisis in the Organisation. Crisis topic are shortages for Uber Taxi Drivers and the fact there prices risen. Prices risen and drivers leaving the company show there are signs Uber will end soon.

My article written in May 2021, I stated Uber needed to be eliminated from the London Market by 16 December 2021. The target date for 16 December 2021 will be impossible. The company in crisis in November 2021 is just the beginning for my objectives to be achieved. If Uber does leave London, what will this mean for my prospects?

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