August 2003, David Beckham departed from Manchester United. Alex Ferguson the legendary Manchester United established the youth team to find new recruits for Manchester United senior team. The purpose of the youth team was to ensure costs were reduced in buying players from national and international markets. The Youth team allowed Manchester United to recruit new Talent saving millions when purchasing new players. It was the youth team allowed Ferguson to recruit the United legend David Beckham.

David Beckham valuation maximised on Saturday 17 August 1996 at Selhurst Park, Selhurst, London against Wimbledon he scored the goal from the half way line at the Start of the Premier League 1996 – 1997 season. The goal was scored on the 90 minute to secure Manchester United 3 – 0 victory against Wimbledon. During the time at Manchester United David Beckham developed trade in Midfield the quality of the crosses delivered to his team mates, the legendary goals scored from Far distance and at International level his assistant to Michael Owen for England to score the second goal at the 17 minute against Argentina 7 minutes after Shearer scored the Penalty for the score to be 1 – 1 at the FIFA World Cup Second round match before half time the score was 2 – 2.

During the match David Beckham was red carded and England were out of the World Cup after losing the penalty shootout. David Beckham became the hated player in English Football. Odds were against David Beckham, majority of people would have left Manchester United and departed from the England Premier league. The main reason David Beckham remained at Manchester United was because of the guidance from Sir Alex Ferguson. David Beckham remained at Manchester United and became the hero scoring the last minute freekick to secure England World Cup qualification at the 2002 FIFA World Cup. When August 2003 approached it was time for David Beckham to leave Manchester United, Real Madrid Purchased David Beckham for £25 million. After David Beckham deal was confirmed Manchester United had funds reserved, 48% of the funds was used to purchase new talent, Alex Ferguson had his eyes on purchasing the next number 7 to replace David Beckham and his name Cristiano Ronaldo purchased for £12.24 million from Sporting Lisbon.

After the Cristiano Ronaldo deal there was £12.76 million funds remaining from the funds received from the David Beckham sale to Real Madrid. Summer 2003 was when Chelsea Football Club summer spending was reported to invest £120 on new players including the Argentine and ex Manchester United Football Veron for £15 million. Manchester United 10.2% of the funds was used to invest in Cristiano Ronaldo, 12.5% of Chelsea funds was allocated to Manchester United Football Club, 33.3% of the Chelsea investment was achieved from the sales of David Beckham to Real Madrid and Veron to Chelsea, both players were present during the legendary FIFA World Cup Second Round match when Micheal Owen scored the legendary goal for England.

It was the Third Saturday of August 2003 when Manchester United was victorious against Bolton 4 – 0 Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at the 61 Minute of the match when the score was 1 – 0 to United. United arriving on the field made major changes resulting in United to score in the 73 minutes, 76 minutes and the 86 minutes. United victorious at the first match showed the club was to achieve Premier League championship for Season 2003/2004. Saturday 16 August 2003 the third Saturday of August 2003, it was 7 years ago on the Third Saturday of August 1996 at the first game of United premier league 1996/1997 when United played Away against Wimbledon at Selhurst Park, Selhurst, London when David Beckham scored the legendary goal from the half way line at the 90 minute to secure the 3 – 0 victory. Fast foward seven years later in August 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo involvement at the match resulted in 3 goals to be scored, 75% of the United goals were scored when Ronaldo arrived on the field.

When Ronaldo played for Manchester United he was destined for greatness and it was in World Cup 2006 he played his first world cup at age 21, he also played for the Portugal at the EURO 2004 participating at the match defeating England via Penalty shootout, Portugal were finalist losing against Greece. In World Cup 2006, he was to play his first world cup and it was the start of the Messi and Ronaldo Rivalry. The quarter finals of World Cup 2006 England versus Portugal, Ronaldo was responsible for Rooney red card against resulting in him to be hated by the England fans. Similar to the World Cup 1998 England were eliminated against Portugal via Penalty shoot out and this was not the first time, it was Euro 2004 when England were eliminated via Penalty Shootout and on both occasions Ronaldo was present and scored penalty on two occasions. After the FIFA World Cup 2006, Ronaldo was in the same situation as David Beckham in 1998 and there were talks Ronaldo would not return to the premier league 2006/2007 season.

Alex Ferguson was faced with major dilemma ensuring Ronaldo remains at Manchester United, after all it was because of his level of loyalty to his team was the reason Beckham remained at Manchester United in 1998/1999 season. The 1998/1999 was the legendary year when Manchester United won the Premier League, FA Cup and the Champions League. The questions football critics ask was what would have happened if David Beckham left United at the start of premier league in August 1998? What would have happened if Alex Ferguson did not take action in providing Beckham team support? Manchester United season 1998/1999 were legendary. Ronaldo remaining at United resulted in Manchester United to Win the Premier League, Total Goals scored from Manchester United was 83, Ronaldo ranked three goal scorer in the league scoring 17 goals contributing 20.48% of the United Goals. Ronaldo was ranked three in 2007 FIFA World Young player of the year at the age 22 on 17 December 2017. Ronaldo also achieved the Ballon D Or runner up in Paris, France , it was on 2 December 2008 when Ronaldo won his first Ballon D Or one year after runner up position.

Summer 2009 approached, 11 June 2009 it was confirmed Real Madrid purchased Ronaldo for £80 million. The 6 years at Manchester United Ronaldo potential maximised in National and International football. In relation to Manchester United financial position, Alex Ferguson has helped the Manchester United Football Club to achieve profit maximisation of £67.76 million after 6 years. This was profit of 84.7% in 6 years, From the sale of David Beckham Manchester United achieved profit maximisation of £25 million, In summer 2009 Ronaldo transfer was the highest in Football history. It was time for Ronaldo to depart from Manchester United and arrive at Real Madrid. The season 2009/2010 was the year when two world greatest footballers played at the same league all eyes were on the Spanish La Liga Barcelona versus Real Madrid and Messi versus Ronaldo.

When Manchester United had funds reserved for £80 million and the 67.76million profit from the Ronaldo deal, the new number seven for Manchester United was Micheal Owen from Newcastle United on free transfer. Michael Owen was the legend for England and Liverpool, his goal against Argentina at the 1998 world cup remains as the iconic goal in England football and David Beckham cross for his assistant to Owen was world class. When the rivalry was heated at the Spanish La Liga, in England all eyes were focussed on the Manchester rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester City invested £132 million on new players and the first tense Manchester rivalry was on Sunday 20 September 2009 at Old Trafford.

Manchester City versus Manchester United on 20 September 2009, Alex Ferguson manager at United from November 1986, City Manager Mark Hughes played for United between 1988 and 1995 when Ferguson was manager back then and Ferguson remained as the manager in 2009. The stadium was 100% capacity around 75000 in attendance to witness the city rivalry. The match started Rooney scored the first goal, Manchester City equalised, When United scored City equalised, the final minutes were counting down and the score was United 3 – 2 City, then Bellamy Scored City Third Goal in the 90 minute. It was game over soon as Michael Owen scored at the 96 minute to secure Manchester United 4 – 3 Victory. Manchester was known as the home of English Football and world were aware of the Manchester rivalry.

Time progressed, it was time for Sir Alex Ferguson to retire and leave his manager position for Manchester United in May 2013. Ferguson would remain at the club as ambassador and club director. From May 2013 until 2019, United position declined rapidly failing to win the premier league, during the Alex Ferguson days Manchester United won premier league, Champion and various championships and there were times when Manchester United played at the FIFA Club World Cup. It was on Wednesday 6 March 2019 at the Champions league second round match, when the good old days returned at the evening in Paris, France when the old Manchester United hype returned. Before the match started United were trailing 2 – 0 on aggregate after losing at Old Trafford in the first Leg, It was approaching the final minutes Manchester United were winning 2 – 1 the aggregate score was 3 – 2 to Paris St Germaine then in the 94 minute Manchester United was awarded the penalty. Rashford scored the penalty and the score was 3 – 1 United, United was victorious and progressed to the quarter finals eliminating Paris St Germaine. This was the return of the Fergie Time winning the Premier League and the FA Cup was impossible, Manchester United winning the Champions League was possible. It was at the quarter finals when Manchester United was eliminated, Barcelona were victorious.

From March 2019, time progressed and the United Legend David Beckham started the football team Inter Miami and their first match started at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. David Beckham is one of the senior partners and Phil Neville was recruited as the manager in 18 January 2021. David Beckham senior Partner for Inter Miami, Phil Neville the head coach for Manchester United, Solskjer the Manager for Manchester United the three individuals were part of the Manchester United legendary team when United won the Champions League, FA Cup and Premier League in May 1999. The manager was Sir Alex Ferguson, In March 2019 United victory against Paris St Germaine were the signs of the good old days to return at Old Trafford, Manchester, England, United was eliminated against Messi Real Madrid. Manchester United and Inter Miami has the potential to develop corporate partnerships form International network.

Manchester United Football Club are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Miami Location is the access to the Latin American market. The Inter Miami youth division will help attract youth footballers from Latin America from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Bolivia. The footballers from Latin American Market develop skills in Miami and then progress to play at the premier league football playing for Manchester United. This is the solution for Inter Miami to raise funds from selling the footballers to Manchester United, Manchester United reducing expenses on the funds allocated from directors to purchase footballers at cost effective price. There may be language barriers for Latino footballers to settle to England surrounding, this will mean Inter Miami has the potential has the potential to start IELTS college teaching English to Latino students to improve their English Language skills and provide further training to help the academy students to develop theoritical skills required at the Manchester environment.

Friday 27 August 2021, it was confirmed Ronaldo returns to Manchester United for £12.80 million, 18 years after United purchased him for 12.24 million in August 2003. In the past years Ronaldo started his journey at Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United purchased him for £12.80 million resulting in Sporting Lisbon to maximise profit £12.80 million. In June 2009 Real Madrid purchased Ronaldo for £80 million, resulting in Manchester United to achieve profit of £67.76 million. In 2018 after the World Cup, Ronaldo was sold to Juventus in Turin Italy for £105 resulting in Real Madrid to achieve profit of £25 million within 9 years. after three years at Juventus Ronaldo returns to Manchester United for fee of £12.80 million resulting in Juventus to make losses (93.20 million) in three years. The legend returns to United and Manchester United Investment to purchase Ronaldo increased by £0.56 million in 18 years. From August 2003 until August 2018 Ronaldo has transferred football clubs three times before returning to United, participated in FOUR world cup Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

Manchester United atmosphere has changed, 2021 the year Messi departed from Barcelona to Paris St Germaine and Ronaldo returns to Manchester United after 12 years. The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be the final time Ronaldo represents Portugal and Messi represents Argentina and participate at the world cup for the fifth time. The Messi and Ronaldo rivalry started in FIFA World Cup 2006. In relation to champions league football if there is match between Paris and Manchester United this will be the repeat of the legendary match taken place in Paris on Wednesday 6 March 2019. The difference will be Ronaldo and Messi presence at the match will attract the global audience to maximise by 60% comparison to the March 2019 match. The season 2021/2022 will be interesting to witness changes are happening in Manchester further development are taking place in America to promote World Cup 2026 and the partnership hosts are United States of America, Canada and Mexico. This is the time for Inter Miami and Manchester United to work in partnership.

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