The source in Sylhet has stated Food Panda has created Monopoly at the Sylhet Food Market. It is calculated one premise revenue calculations shows Food Panda revenue is valued at 60% of the daily revenue from the food places. When I asked about Khani Dani platform, the contact stated Khani Dani does not have enough audience to capture the target audience.

My story in the catering sector, 2012 – 2017 Just Eat platform were contributing 40% of the food premises revenue at the London Market. During 2013 – 2015 the hype for the food terminals market started in Bangladesh. Hungry Naki started around 2013 and 2015 timeframe, food panda started to traded at the Bangladesh Market. Before Bangladesh 50 years Independence Ali Baba group taken over the Hungry Naki platform.

The food apps, my logic back then was competing against Just Eat app to minimise food terminals expenses. Time went by, numbers of food apps entered Deliveroo in 2015, Ubereats entered. In terms of drivers and food app provided in England it started after the Q2 2015. In Bangladesh soon as Hungry Naki entered, then list was added Uber Eats, Shoroz food, Khani Dani and the list goes on.

January 2021 away from London from October 2020, my proposals rejected I decided to go my own directions away from my network and stakeholders. Report was published on Linkedin, I admit there were errors in relation to punctuation and written English, there was response was good feedback. Then when I published the Khani Dani article, 24 hours later article published on Financial Express in Bangladesh related to the Sylhet food market. I deleted majority of the articles from my Linkedin Platform.

After the Q2 2021, my sources in Sylhet informed me KFC and Pizza Hut was eliminated from Sylhet. From January 2021, rather than focussing on ways Bangladeshi community can work as a team to develop the caterers market, I started to created my own market Hype Eliminate Deliveroo from London, England and eliminate the Food panda food app from Sylhet.

Food panda is division part of Delivery Hero in Germany. Delivery Hero use to own Hungry House, Just Eat took over Hungry House in 2018. In 2020, Just Eat were taken over by Holland takeaway food app to form Just Eat Takeaway and from the pandemic takeaway trades became the hype started at the corporate environment.

In 2019, I visited Bangladesh after more than 8 years. In terms of percentages 30% of 2019 I lived in Bangladesh. My own network, network from one developing economies location to form connection in various locations. The rise of the tigers concept, when I went to the food places to order food all my orders were 100% collection orders.

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