Thursday 28 January 2021, the were numbers of articles published in relation to the Bangladesh Caterers Market. Sylhet Food Market was covered in the articles. In the previous posts I mentioned about Eliminating Deliveroo from the London Food Apps Market, Eliminate Uber From the London Market, educate the Bangladesh consumer market is not the official Biman Bangladesh Website. There are three sectors Catering, Transportation and Travel. Consumers are the vital stakeholders to those three companies. Target is three companies to be eliminated from the London Market in the long term.

In Sylhet, the target is to eliminate Pizza Hut and KFC. The logic is if Pizza Hut leaves KFC will follow. In relation to the food app, my logic in January 2021 was to eliminate Food Panda from the Sylhet Market. There was sources on social media stated Pizza Hut and KFC closed down for not covering the running expenses. KFC and Pizza Hut attract diners in the niche market and various fees are added to the invoice. KFC and Pizza leaving Sylhet is good news, this is the chance for Sylhet to develop reputation for promoting Bangladeshi cuisine.

Sylhet has the potential to be the city promoting Bangladeshi cuisine to the world market. When Sylhet promotes the Bangladeshi cuisine, the Bangladeshi caterers in London, England will remove the Indian Cuisine from their establishment and promote Bengal Cuisine. The logic is to watch the Indian Food sector decline, watch the Bengal Cuisine rise in numbers before 16 December 2021. Thursday 16 December 2021 will be 50 years when Bangladesh was recognised on the country victory day for Independence.

What are my motives for writing this article? the motives are authority, leadership and recognition. The Sylhet and London is the knowledge of the sectors in two locations. Always remember Bangladesh is the land of the freedom fighters, in the 1971 our nation united in numbers to fight for independence. Sylhet is the birth place of Our General Osmani World War 2 veteran and war veteran of the 1971 Liberation War. In England, Bangladesh need their own food sector. In the past years Bangladesh food places have been classed as Indian Cuisine in the eyes of the developed economies market. When Bangladeshi companies in London and Sylhet work as a team, the developed economies will recognise the rise of the tigers.

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