It has been exactly 26 weeks when I published the reported related to the Bangladesh Caterers Market. The name was culinary markets, the name changed to Bangladesh Caterers Market. In those 26 weeks what has happened networked with various Bangladeshi location, deleted the reports from Linkedin. The reason for deleting the report was to restructure and improve the report. This included correcting errors. The main purpose of the report was to get the message across to the stakeholders.

During the six months I included the chapter based on the food app Khani Dani. Khani Dani is Sylhet based food app and has the potential to become the food brand ambassadors for Sylhet. At the moment, Food Panda is recognised food application brand in Bangladesh. For Khani Dani to be the brand ambassadors, Food Panda needs to be eliminated from Sylhet. If Khani Dani was to leave Sylhet, Pizza Hut and KFC will follow Food Panda and leave Sylhet.

The truth is Pizza Hut and KFC, two major food brands have been eliminated from Sylhet. Reason why KFC and Pizza Hut left Sylhet was they were not able to cope with the competition levels in Sylhet. Pizza Hut and KFC are still promoted in Sylhet directories. The strategy was food panda to be eliminated for KFC and Pizza Hut to follow. If KFC and Pizza Hut have left Sylhet, it is the matter of time before Food Panda food application leaves Sylhet.

In relation to my report, the question is has my work been recognised? There were numbers of situations happening in the market place. The Bangladesh food App Hungry Naki was taken over by Ali Baba. The demand for Ghost Kitchen has increased rapidly. Deliveroo had the worsest IPO start in London Stock Markets history, how long will it be until they will leave the sector. The question to ask is why are Deliveroo and other food drivers are on mountain bikes? The answer is they reduce the petrol costs for the moped to maximise profitability. There is pure greed in the Deliveroo organisation, they operate as food app, they rent out the kitchen workspace to caterers to cause maximum competition in the sector.

From the food applications Just Eat is suitable for the caterers, then there are job security and work created within the organisation. Before Deliveroo arrived how was the food delivery back then? how was the lines of communication between the caterers and the consumers? This day, there are Ubereats App, Deliveroo App and Just Eat App. How many apps are needed, Imagine if Ubereats and Deliveroo App is deleted, how many GB are saved monthly? is it really worth ordering food on Deliveroo? Those are questions to ask? Compare 2012 food deliveries comparison to 2021? There are major differences.

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