Catering sector there are numbers of hype in relation to people investing in Ghost Kitchen and takeaway. I remember back in April 2015 there was zero hype for takeaway. The industry was dine in focussed. There are numbers of stories part of my portfolio enough to build cases to eliminate deliveroo from the food terminals, the readers did you know ubereat has been eliminated from the Bangladesh market? It is true there is no joke to this question I answered the question.

The title Ghost Kitchen? where did the title originate from? In this present day there are numbers of names for corporation trading as takeaway Uber Kitchen and Ghost Kitchen. Uber name is originated from the Uber Brand, The name GHOST KITCHEN, I am guessing that name was from the Netflix Crime Drama POWER. GHOST KITCHEN silently delivering the food and watching the restaurants and takeaway food places to decline in takeaway sales.

Let me share the story related to deliveries, once upon a time in Summer 2013 on the bank holiday, there was delivery crisis. I took 2 local deliveries ensured those deliveries was on time to ensure those contracts were secure in the long term. There was crisis in the deliveries department when delivery volume exceeded 2 miles. September 2014, when all drivers were delivering food to residential areas more than 2 miles away, I seen three takeaway orders remaining on premises. All three deliveries was within 0.6 miles, I asked my cousin to cover working at the kitchen, to manage the delivery phone calls, when I left the premises to ensure the three local contracts was secure.

April 2015, the chain of command in distributing menu, processing delivery invoices, monitoring the revenue from the local area deliveries. I know for an fact I was the only person in the takeaway sector within 20 miles radius from North, South, East and West knew the logic of maximise trades within 1 miles radius and reduce the delivery miles from 3 to 1 miles for the local area postcode deliveries to maximise.

In August 2021, there is numbers of hype in the takeaway and food application taking over telephone order deliveries. There was article related to Food premises and Deliveroo maximises the value of the house, this was written on the article from Warrington Times. This is starting to be a joke, how can food delivery app maximises the value of the property. The way I see this is food is ordered, invoice process, communicate with the kitchen department, food ready, delivery allocated to the driver, driver returns next delivery ready. Market analyst hype over the food away sector.

The way I see this is Deliveroo needs to leave London, Food Panda needs to leave Sylhet. What happened to the Lehman brothers in 2008? back then Lehmann Brothers was known name. August 2015 when deliveroo started takeover the takeaway trades, August 2021 signs of Deliveroo to be eliminated. 

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