Good Morning. Linkedin posts has word limits compliance, I will ensure I explain the current situation in the catering market. News arrived this week the German Company Delivery Hero has bought shares in the Deliveroo. The Delivery Hero investment resulted in Deliveroo Share price to maximise. There was strategy I mentioned eliminate Deliveroo from London, England and eliminate Food Panda from Sylhet, Bangladesh.

The Delivery Hero investment in Deliveroo has raised questions. Delivery Hero have various Portfolio, one is Tabalat the middle east food application. When Company A is involved with Company B, this means there are signs Company B are in struggle. Deliveroo are defined as diseconomies of scale. Delivery Hero has years of experience at the food applications market. Deliveroo trades in Middle East and recently they have been eliminated from the SPAIN market.

Delivery Hero has share in Deliveroo, does this mean I surrender and accept defeat and stop writing articles related to the catering sector, the answer is NO. Market hype has been common in this society, the plan was for 16 December 2021 there will be increased numbers of Bangladeshi food places, this will be impossible. In relation to the market hype and written articles numbers of articles will be written and I will continue to write catering related articles until the day Deliveroo Leaves London, England and Food Panda leaves Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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