Ferrari, the red sports car speeding down Knightsbridge traveling over speed limits capturing the attention of the public. Engine noise herd from miles away, red colour signifies the sacrifices made for the car owner to own the Ferrari. It is confirmed Ferrari will enter the niche SUV market launching the Purosangue in 2022. What does this mean for the SUV automobile market? In the past decades there has been changes in the car industry. The prime example is the Porsche sports cars. The year 1983, Scarface Montana enters the showroom purchases the Porsche 928. From 1983 the sales for Porsche sports car maximised in numbers. Years passed Porsche launched the Carrera and 911 Turbo. Then in 2003, 20 years after Porsche 911 featured in Scarface, Porsche entered the SUV market. The first Porsche SUV was Cayenne. Porsche is homeland is Germany the home to BMW, Audi and Mercedez.

Italy potential, in 2015 Ferrari entered the New York Stock Exchange on 12 December 2015, the share price was USD56 on the first day. Yesterday at 4pm New York Time, 9pm London time and 2am Sylhet Time it was confirmed the Ferrari share price was USD200. The share prices are estimates minus the cents. The main focus are the Dollars, Ferrari entering the New York Stock Exchange are the signs of the gold old days. Ferrari home is in Italy the home of the Gambino, Castello, Luciano and AL CAPONE. The actor from Scarface Al Pacino is Italian. The Rocky Movies, Rocky Balboa Italian Stallion and Sly Stallone are Italian. The legendary heavyweight Boxer Rocky Marciano.was Italian.

The Italian network traces back to Chicago and New York. When Ferrari started they traded as limited company. Since entering the stock markets the company has attracted investors to purchase shares in the company. The first day investor purchased 1000 shares at USD56, Ferrari raised USD56000 on the first day. In this present day the investor asset is valued at USD200000, resulting in the portfolio valuation increased by USD144000. Investor portfolio increased by 72% in the space of 5 years, 6 months.

Percentage Calculation USD200000 – USD56000 = USD144000

144000/200000 x 100 = 72%

From Sports Cars expanding the product ranges, entering the SUV markets, shares traded in New York Stock Exchange. Ferrari has the potential to produce Luxury Cars similar to Porsche Panamera. The Porsche Journey was from 911, Cayenne and 2010 Porsche Launched the Panamera. Panemera was able to attract the consumers in the niche market. Porsche Panemera was able to compete against BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Porsche from 2003 launching the Cayenne SUV, seven years later was the start for the Panemera Luxury cars. Year 2022, Ferrari due to launch the first Ferrari SUV the questions, are Ferrari planning to produce executive luxury cars in 2029? What will the Ferrari shares be valued when the Ferrari SUV is launched to the public? In the long term when Ferrari produces luxury cars what will this mean for Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW? Can Ferrari make changes in Italy attracting the next generation to work in the automobile sector?

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