Towards the end of December 2020, it was confirmed the football academy has started in Hosnabad, Sylhet. The location is based close to the Shahi Eidgah CNG Transporation Hub connecting to Zindabazaar and Amberkhana. Kalapathor has been the historic sports venue for football matches from the 1980s until this present day. When Kalapathor football field is mentioned memories of sports arrive back from people representing Sylhet. There was a time when the British Bangladeshi arrived in Sylhet in March 2019, he seen the sight of the Kalapathor field in April 2019. The British Bangladeshi person knew this location has potential for sports development in Sylhet.

From 1999, the rise of the tigers concept resulted in demand for cricket clubs applicants to maximise and there was less interest in Football. When the British Bangladeshi visited Bangladesh in 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2006 he was always connected with football. In 2019, the British Bangladeshi connected with running and football when he visited Bangladesh for the seventh time. The levels of communication skills helped the British Bangladeshi to form his own network with the help of family connections in Sylhet. The question is what if there was a football academy in 1996 and 1998? What difference would have this made to the British Bangladeshi visiting Sylhet?

In the present day when the academy started, the British Bangladeshi person was in communication with the management team. There were talks for him to write the articles for the company. British Bangladeshi decided not to be in communication with the Sylhet academy. Instead he though it was better for him to start the project that will benefit Sylhet network in London and Sylhet. Project resulted in the formation of the Sylhet Marathon platform, Sylhet number one website for informative information. There was status written on social media on Saturday 12 June 2021, the author of the written post was the well known community member of the Bangladeshi community.

The Bangladeshi community member, his location is in England. Sylhet Marathon are located in London, England. Two stakeholders are both located in England and they both have connections with the Kalapathor Football Academy. Status written on the community members profile was “he is proud of his team” and the screenshot status the news written in Bengali. Community member was asked about the football team the community member replied the football club is in Bangladesh. Status written by the community member attention arrived to the Sylhet Marathon Platform. This is the opportunity, for Sylhet Marathon to form the network with the Internal Stakeholders of the Kalapathor Football Academy in England.

When the status was written the response from the Sylhet Marathon was, the stakeholders in England are English readers. You mention excellent news. What are the reasons for the excellent news? Why has the Bangla writing has not been translated in English? This is Bangladesh 50 years Independence Year and 16 December 2021 is Bangladesh Victory Day. Do you think it is time for Bangladesh food places need to promote their establishment as Bengal Cuisine? The Football club might be in Bangladesh, do you think it is time for Kalapathor to form partnerships with developed economies network? Are you aware Kalapathor Football academy has the potential to form partnerships in developed economies?

After Sylhet Marathon written the response, the community member from England responded they are working on the project. From the response, are the Kalapathor network aware of the Sylhet Marathon platform? Is the British Bangladeshi known to the Kalapathor stakeholders in Sylhet and England? Will Sylhet Marathon team be hired by the Kalapathor Football Academy? Sylhet Marathon has deadlines and have published articles related to Catering, Transporation and Travel Agent. Has the Sylhet Marathon taken interest in entering the football sector in Sylhet? There are 26 weeks and 3 days remaining, what could happen during the timeline before 16 December?

In 26 weeks and 3 days, that is 185 days, in 185 days there are 4440 hours. 185 days there are 266400 minutes. What will happen in those times only Sylhet Marathon record will show results, for results to happen stakeholders community members, trade representatives need to work in the team for Bangladesh development to happen in developed economies. From Sylhet, the internal stakeholders for the Football academy was traced back to England.

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