Good Afternoon, Greetings from London The Sylhet Marathon team are aware there has been less articles published. The reason for this is the time is correct for the team to promote this project visiting stakeholders in London. There have been numbers of topics added. Articles topic are Bangladesh Caterers Market, Bangladesh Education, Corporate Markets, Currency Markets, Football, Hazrat Shahjalal International, Osmani International, Political Science, Social Media Project, Student Visa and Sylhet Food Market.

It takes time for project to develop and timing is crucial. Sylhet Marathon will continue to publish informative articles. The articles numbers have been published at fast rate, it is time to take break and gather information. When the information is gathered, then the articles will be published. In life when there is knowledge, it needs to be transferred to articles. When articles are published on the Sylhet Marathon Platform the readers have access reading the sources online.

This article 107, I would like to inform the stakeholders to have a nice day and evening the evening football match between England and Scotland.

From Sylhet Marathon

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