SYLHET Marathon the Sylhet Community Runners event attracting thousands of people from students to senior citizens to take part in the Marathon. Recently the company has introduced the 21 KM marathon programme. I am sorry to mention this, what they are achieving I have already achieved this. I will start the story from beginning to the end. It started in March 2019, I am travelling to Bangladesh after more than 8 years. I have joined the gym. The reason I joined the gym was because from recommendation. When joining this gym I realised there was limited numbers of cardio machines not working. They claim to be SYLHET Number one gym, to the public it is number one gym from my opinion the gym needs improvement. My plan was to use the treadmill more than one hour. The time limit for treadmill was more than 1 hour resulting in cues for the cardio are. The cues from the cardio machines were longer than the airport departures are at Heathrow Terminal 4.

In the third week, I decided to run in the local monument SHAHI EIDGAH, located in Sylhet. This location is the SYLHET version of HYDE PARK, LONDON. I would attend the park on regular basis. When time went, I cancelled the gym membership for the following month, this establishment struggled to make money from money. The reason I cancelled the membership was because I preferred running outdoors than indoor. From the SHAHI EIDGAH monument my runs would take me to various sites in SYLHET. After the eight weeks holiday it was time to say good bye to BANGLADESH. It was time time for me to leave in May 2019. During the eight weeks I progressed, In the first four weeks, I was the APPRENTICE, by the sixth week, I was an TRAINEE, by the end I was promoted to MANAGING DIRECTOR. When returning to ENGLAND I decided I needed another holiday I booked my second holiday to BANGLADESH, this time it was with EMIRATES.

When I arrived in SYLHET in October 2019, I knew surrounding areas, the week started with rain, I went back to the gym I joined. After the second week I left that gym and started running outdoors. In the fourth week, I realised I needed change of plan, the plan was to write all the routes and calculate the distance ran. I started to write notes of the routes and distance completed. Sunday 17 November 2019, the day I started writing notes I completed my first SYLHET marathon. Completing the distance of 26 KM. In this present day, the 21KM has been promoted in SYLHET. The companies in SYLHET have network in MICHIGAN, LONDON, NEW YORK, LISBON, PARIS, JEDDAH. When the SYLHET organisations progress, what will this mean for me? Sylhet Marathon started getting recognised in January 2021, what they achieved in this present day, I have already achieved in November 2019 when I started writing notes in relation to my runs in Sylhet.

When I completed my runs, after shower and before dinner time I would analyse my runs and alternative running routes for the next session. The notes were written in presentable format manually. Skills developed are in research, planning, calculating, distribution, logistics, time management, location knowledge. Me born in ENGLAND and visiting my ethnic country, this is an example of international relations multi tasking my expertise in two countries.

There is an opportunity for freedom of speech and I am entitled to the freedom of speech. I started this MARATHON story in NOVEMBER 2019 for completing 26 KM, I had no time keeper and used my resources to keep records. I ran in congested areas and avoided crowded areas by understanding the locations. Breaks were taken every 10km, for me to write the notes on paper when arriving home for drinks break. When organisation get recognition for achieving target in 2021 in the competitive market on the objective I achieved in 2019, Am I going to be seated in my comfort zone or am I going to make my statement? The answer is I will promote my Objectives, LinkedIn is the first place this story is promoted.

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