British Bangladeshi Teenager 15 years Old arrived back from Sylhet after the summers holiday during the 8 weeks away from England. He had memorable time in Sylhet, this teenager was aware there were this was the last time his elderly family member would visit Bangladesh for the final time due to health issues. His main focus was revenge on person who he had numbers of confrontation with. When people returned from Bangladesh, they are welcomed he was not welcomed by his associates he was not welcome in the organisation. He knew for him to be shown respect he had to eliminate one person and for this to happen he knew he had to get the one on one conflict in the battlefield. The battlefield was in the area of the opposition, in the final years of secondary school he knew he had to achieve this target before he leaves secondary education.

He was eager to defeat the person in Year 10 for appreciation from his seniors in Year 11. This occasion there were no seniors to show appreciation, his colleagues show hatred towards him he knew he had to take action. Numbers of his associates not involved in the setting the meeting in the battlefield, it was civil war situation Bengali versus Bengali. Two people from Sylhet. There was a time when this Bangladeshi Teenager decided to talk in from of his opposition associates stating if the one on one conflict was to happen he will humiliate the opposition in his home turf. This one statement resulted in the opposition to get message. There was talks for the one on one fight to take place in the battlefield. British Bangladeshi Teenager knew for this to happen in needs to happen within the playing fields, if this happens outside there chances of the British Bangladeshi getting outnumbered bruised and battered were likely.

First day of week arrived, the opposition did not attend school. Why did he not attend on the day when the fight was supposed to take place? Time went by, British Bangladeshi person was aware his opposition is planning his attack at any time. More than week went by, when the British Bangladeshi Teenager walked towards the gate the area was crowded, he seen the opposition with his entourage. He went back to the Library area, then when his colleagues seen him, they said the opposition wants to fight you one on one, I was not aware of this and my colleagues were. Then it made the British Bangladeshi think was the colleagues on the opposition side the entire time? The Fight was arranged for more than one week ago and his colleagues inform him the person wants to fight him. When the British Bangladeshi herd this it angered him. This battle needs to happen it has to happen within the school playgrounds. For this to happen the opposition needs to enter the school gates.

When he left the library, there was one footballer for the main team never got along with the British Bangladeshi person. He told the British Bangladeshi Teenager to go and fight the battle. From the expression from the main team member of the football team, the teenager got the message he is on sides with the opposition and wishes he gets battered. Within seconds the opposition and his entourage enters running towards the library location. One person from the British Bangladesh colleague said it will happen at the Playgrounds, the opposition and his entourage runs towards the playground. The way they ran was like he has become victorious. British Bangladeshi was ready those years of anger, not humiliating him in year 10, now was the time for the British Bangladeshi to humiliate the opposition on his home turf.

Library area departures completed, the arrivals to the playgrounds has been confirmed. The opposition was with his entourage, there were numbers from Year 9 and Year 10 present to watch the live fight to take place in the battlefield. Numbers of people were there, British Bangladeshi colleagues knew about this raised suspicions. British Bangladeshi was prepared for this fight to take place, he knew if he defeats the opposition he will get his respect back and shown appreciation by his colleagues. The moment the Emirates flight arrived in England, Revenge was the state of mind for the British Bangladeshi and he knew he had to get the Knock Out Victory. Numbers of people in Year 9 and Year 10 attended to watch the fight where British Bangladeshi gets outnumbered and attacked by the opposition and his entourage. Moment of truth was to arrive British Bangladeshi needed the knock out Victory.

Fight started the British Bangladeshi went running towards the opposition, opposition tried throwing the punch the First punch was thrown by the British Bangladeshi. The British threw combinations, he was moving fast even when face down and no contact shown the British Bangladeshi was throwing punches without looking at the opposition. Majority of the punches thrown when there was no eye contact connected one connected to the Jaw and one person in the audience said that was a punch, when the British Bangladeshi herd the member of the audience say what a punch he knew it was show time and eye contact was needed to be shown for the Knock Out Victory. Eye contacts were shown it was the eye of the tiger concept punches thrown at fast rate, combination within seconds the opposition was knocked out.

For the knock out to happen the opposition needs to be on the floor and the fights needs to be stopped by the members when opposition is badly beaten. The opposition held onto the side of the British Bangladeshi Teenager Coat with tight grip, British Bangladeshi developed further anger for the opposition holding onto his coat. British Bangladeshi decided to start him to the face, all those years of outnumbered situations there was no one to save opposition. Then the fight was stopped, there was no time for celebration, the next target was to leave playgrounds, leave the premises and leave the area walking home unharmed. Numbers of people part of the entourage waiting outside the gate for the outnumbered attack to take place, they were waiting at the wrong gate. There were two gates one is the main gate, there was one gate for car park area. When making the car park gate exit, The British Bangladeshi waited patiently at the shop until the coast was clear.

When the coast was clear the British Bangladeshi Teenager walked home in victory, Victory of silence on the main road, Victory for defeating the opposition on his home turf. There was no need to celebrate the victory the main objectives was to arrive home safely. Victorious in the Battlefield was confirmed, it was about arriving home with no blood. Within one hour after the event, arrival at home was confirmed. British Bangladeshi person walked home calmly and started with his mathematics homework. It was new beginnings victory on home turf gets the locals to recognise and talks start, the British Bangladeshi Teenager fight took place more than mile away from the home location.

Next day arrived, the British Bangladeshi enters the classroom one classmate present at the fight shouts Rocky Balboa. The scene was similar to Rocky 5 when Rocky Balboa son beats up the school bully in front of the whole school in Philadelphia, USA. There was numbers of people shown appreciation for my Victory Day the previous, there was minority who hated one of those members was the main player for the school football team. This was not over, the main priority was to finish year 11 and go my own direction. Bangladesh visit was confirmed. There was no need to plan because the one event at the end of the year caused major changes for the British Bangladeshi Teenager, Internal stakeholders was one man down and funeral took place at the end of the year. This resulted in Bangladesh summer holiday cancelled, Emirates flight cancelled and the determination for progression declined.

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