In society, depending on the environment the person on his own are the first to be Judged by the stakeholders. The person on their own are stereotyped as the people who cannot progress and results in them having targets on their back. Judgement numbers increase and it takes for the person on their own to be part of the team. During the times, the person on their own develop skills in making decisions on their own, adapting to numbers of environments on their own. Independent decision helps the person to build confidence in completing objectives on daily basis. Person even becomes determined to progress further and eager to complete individual targets for them to be part of the team. Numbers of hours on research related to numbers of targets, training on their own, completing assignments on their own, managing the logistics in the home economics department on their own. When they are seen making progress the management team recognises the independent person and they realise the potential in the person who is on their own.

When the management stakeholders recognises the independent progresses, the Independent Person are recognised by colleagues. When they are recognised is when the real progression starts. What really happens when the independent person progresses? The numbers of Judgement against them decline. Decline in Judgement is the start for the Independent person for progression for working in the team. Maximum numbers of Haters results in targets to be on the Independent person back. When there targets on the back this is when theoretical skills are used in real life situations to deal with confrontation situations. When theoretical and practical skills are applied in situations is when the Independent person maximises reputation in the corporate environment and on the streets. Numbers of haters results in the Independent person to develop anger against his previous society, this independent person will spend his social time researching sectors to maximise knowledge in sectors in developed and developing economies.

Morale of the story, Independent person will continue to achieve targets when they are shown appreciation for their contribution. When targets are achieved the Independent person are aware they are not secure. Independent person who do not need reminding of what their situation was when they were on their own do not need to be informed they will sense struggle in their ethnic group and take action. When there are actions taken in writing informative articles for the stakeholders in Sylhet, this will help the independent person to maximise recognition in the location in Developed economy and Sylhet. This will be the gateway for the Independent person to ensure their position are secure and there is less struggle. Network in two locations requires complex and logical thinking, this will maximise the independent person confidence and motivation skills to keep progressing in the competitive environment.

Conclusion for the article, no matter the targets Independent person achieves Majority of stakeholders remain to be haters. When haters form in one area, the word hater will follow the independent person. The reason why the word Haters follows the person, The independent person are reminded of the time when Judgement declined and Haters increased. Independent Person will have the skills in dealing with work related targets and confrontation situations. Independent person are noticed from miles during the times of crisis. Sylhet project started with one person, this one person got the message to research the story of Our General Osmani the war veteran of World War 2 and Liberation War 1971. The concept OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS for the people of Sylhet working together to achieve recognition. This independent person has targets to eliminate Uber from the London Market, Eliminate Deliveroo from the Food Apps market and educate the Bangladeshi Community IS NOT the official Biman website.

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