The year 2021, Bangladesh 50 years has passed, the main event 16 December 2021 is approaching in 27 weeks and 2 days. There are 27 weeks and 2 days, to make the impossible possible. The objective is to ensure the Title in Bangladeshi Food Places to remove the Title Indian Cuisine, it will be time the Developed economies will recognise the Bengal Cuisine. The timing is perfect for our people to be recognised, it is about time non Asian consumer recognise Bengal Cuisine.

Numbers of Indian takeaways and food places increased rapidly, curry has become demandable meal in United Kingdom Dinner Market. When the United Kingdom audience goes to the curry house they class our people as Indian. Do they recognise Bangladesh? Are they not aware the Bangladesh had freedom fighters fighting for independence? The Sylhet Marathon has articles published in relation to the events of the 1971 liberation war. Why do Bangladeshi food places in London need more than 200 items on the menu, when Sylhet has 50 food items on the menu. Amar Pizza promotes our nations cuisine promoted as American Bangladeshi food place to educate the American audience to recognise Bangladesh.

Tuesday evening, Bangladeshi food places classed as Indian food place is empty, food place in Sylhet is fully booked for dine in and takeaway orders. Why are the Indian Food places empty on the weekend? The reason is the administration department is an major weakness, no sign of direct communication. Food places in England, remain in one place and wait for consumers to enter the food places, when they are supposed to be researching the market, analysing product sales, area sales analysis related to deliveries. There are solutions to maximise direct sales and provide work for delivery drivers. For work to be created, Deliveroo and other food apps needs to be eliminated.

The reason why Deliveroo started was because the City Worker was not satisfied with the delivery service from food places. When the person food is delivered at the office the consumer needs to consider time it takes to cook the food, how long the delivery driver takes to deliver the food, time it takes for the food to be delivered from the ground floor to the top of the high rise building. If consumers needed fast delivery they might aswell get served microwaved food. This deliveroo director started the food app and they opens his own kitchen to compete against caterers. This is pure greed, Deliveroo achieves revenue from the commission on invoice and competes against them.

There have been numbers of complaints from the society they struggle to survive they are not coping. The stakeholders complaining in live televised interview the question is how do you feel for being in struggle? How do you think the Bangladesh caterers were when they herd your complaints for the years when Bangladeshi started in Catering until before the pandemic? Numbers of occasions there were mastermind plots against the establishment for Free meal? The negative reviews written on Just Eat reviews when food arrived 10 minutes late when the food establishment explained the situation there will be slight late delivery? Do you think the Bangladeshi caterers requested the consumer living one mile away from the premises to order food directly and still the consumer ignored the food establishment and ordered on Just Eat?

When food is delivered food is cooked to quality, delivered on schedule, priority is the consumers on home turf. Consumer living 0.3 miles from the food establishment orders from Deliveroo for £30 when they can easily make one phone call and order the food directly. The way Sylhet Marathon sees this situation, public are inspired by Deliveroo story, Rishi Sunak praising Deliveroo, The director of Deliveroo taking advantages of economies of scale. Sylhet Marathon analysis on Deliveroo, Deliveroo director story is a joke it was just one person who did not have patience to wait for his food. Sylhet Marathon states Deliveroo is not an inspiration they have made the caterers sector worse resulting in decline Bangladeshi food places hiring workforce. Rishi Sunak the mastermind of the eat out to help out, hailing Deliveroo when the company started in the London Stock Exchange. Rishi Sunak made the worse decision introducing Eat Out to Help Out, Deliveroo made the worst start in London Stock Exchange history.

The McDonalds is remembered for memorable meals, in this present day McDonalds looks like the Amazon warehouse. There are solutions for McDonalds to cancel the contract with Deliveroo and Uber Eats. Solutions are adding £2.40 delivery fees to the invoice, add card payment charges £0.60 to the Invoice. For example if one McDonalds Branch delivers to 100 consumers and each order is £20 each. The total revenue is £2000 for the product sales, £240 from the Delivery fees and £60 from the Card payment fees. From One McDonalds Branch the company achieved total revenue of £2300 from the sales on delivery. The profit margin in food places are between 60 – 70%. How many drivers are needed to delivery 100 invoices? How easy will life be if deliveries are allocated 4 at a time rather than one a time? How will McDonalds benefit the economy to create work for delivery drivers to work for the company? How much has Deliveroo made from McDonalds? Before Deliveroo entered the London Stock Markets, critics stated Deliveroo are in Loss position. The question is how can the company be in loss position if they have contract with global franchise company.

Bangladesh community representative needed to be spokes person. To educate the consequences in the food industry. Facts and figures need to be written for the readers to read. Sylhet Marathon completed the report related to catering on 17 January 2021. The report was published on Linkedin platform for the readers. Sylhet Marathon was in communication with Sylhet Food Terminal Khani Dani. If London Bangladesh Catering premises develops Sylhet will develop. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, Sylhet will be the home of the Bangladesh Caterers Market promoting 100% Bangladeshi Cuisine. After researching The Khani Dani food place list, Sylhet Marathon advice to Khani Dani represent Sylhet. Arrange the meeting with Amar Pizza associates in Sylhet. This meeting will help plan to Eliminate Pizza Hut from Sylhet. If Pizza Hut leaves Sylhet KFC will follow. Final advice is for food places in Sylhet to remove Indian cuisine title. Sylhet is the place where Bangladeshi cuisine is promoted to the Developed economies Market.

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