Time travelled, the BENGAL TIGER decided to take action. After held at knife point in the Summer silent night in the AM section. Numbers of stakeholders were suspicious about the BENGAL TIGER, numbers of questions was asked what happened? At the time the only person knew the full story has been taken to the Detention Centre after members of the opposition reports his cousin to the Immigration office. Last time he seen his cousin brother his cousin told him when I be back from work we watch Netflix. The day his cousin was sent to the detention centre the team was one man down. The Bengal Tiger was on his own. There was one time when senior family member interrogated the Bengal Tiger before attending the Family event, this was when the Bengal Tiger was pressured resulting in him to tell the stakeholders the truth about the knife incident

Truth has came out, the stakeholders know why the Bengal Tiger has not been himself for the passed six month. It was approaching end of October 2017. Action was needed to be taken. The first week of November after avoiding travelling out of the area, The Bengal Tiger decided to start the group on social media reconnecting with stakeholders he has lost contact with for more than decade. The first day he went out the house the BENGAL TIGER decided to get the train to Central Location. Time went by, it has been long time since he was on the hit list of the opposition. Approaching the train station was completed, getting on the train was the objective. Soon as he entered the Central Location Train platform it was Freedom. First sight of Freedom, 2017 was not a good year considering his life almost end, the final two months depended on what will happen.

Plan was to arrive home at 8pm, The Bengal Tiger arrived home at 11pm after the train journey and the taxi journey from departures to arrivals. It was the new day, he even bought present for his family members weeks after the event took place. Present was 2 Diary 2018 and Two Parker Pens. This was just the start for the Bengal Tiger, confidence maximised, depression was forgotten. He made plan to negotiate with the local firms and set up meeting with the stakeholders involved in setting him up. There were numbers of stakeholders involved in setting up the failed attack on that one night almost ending his life.

One week has passed, the Bengal Tiger visited those stakeholders in their place of work and negotiated for them to arrange the meeting he will do the rest. No weapons will be used his fist was ready to run marathons. Those people he met were not willing to get involved. When they seen the Bengal Tiger, they did not expect to see him. They were suprised he remained and capital city. No law enforcement was involved it was just hiding temporary and then emerge at unexpected times. What was the plan Capital City was calm no targets were on his back. What did this mean? After meeting with numbers of contacts they will were not willing to take part in the project 2017.

After communicating with stakeholders in his hometown, he remembered the situation that happened in summer 2010. He remembered this opposition who caused major conflict. This one opposition was the reason why the BENGAL TIGER developed anger problems while living away from hometown. Capital city path was blocked, every stakeholder in London is watching him with survilance. BENGAL TIGER realised the platform was the only way to get the message across. This is when the story started BENGAL TIGERS 5 – 2 OPPOSITION, there was also another score BENGAL TIGERS achieved against the opposition in 2010. This storyline came back to Life in November 2017 after the BENGAL TIGERS 5 – 2 was promoted.

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