The British Council as the stakeholders of Bangladesh Education Sector understanding the consequences of education closure. In England, students were graded based on the predictions. There were disadvantages for the students who were depending on the main exam to achieve the required grades. With the exams approaching in October 2020, the British Council arranged an meeting with Education minister Secretary Md Mahbub Hossain. The purpose of the meeting was for the British council to ensure students take the exam from the 1 October 2020.

Education institutions were confirmed to be closed until the 3 October 2020, with the exams starting on 1 October 2020, British Council ensured actions were taken. The a level students depend on their final results to enrol for university in Bangladesh and overseas for January 2021 enrolment.

When the meeting took place with the education minister secretary, the Bangladesh Education Minister approved the plan for A LEVELS and IGCSE exams to take place. The permission for exams to take place allowed 1800 students to take the exams and 35 exam centres nationwide to reopen while the Bangladesh Education sector remains closed.

The research from British Council stated there are 5200 exam candidates in Bangladesh. Exam dates approved will mean the students determined to achieve the grades have the opportunity to complete their final exams. From the 5200 students nationwide, 1800 students was located in Dhaka. The Dhaka candidates was 34.61% for the British Education syllabus exams.

British Council were granted the permission on Wednesday 23 September 2020, for exams in A levels and GCSEs to take place if they were to comply with the Covid -19 regulations to ensure the environment was safe for the students and the workforce. The Bangladesh education remained closed until the 19 December, In September 2020 the British Education curriculum were able to proceed with no further delays.


When the British Council meeting was taking place, there were students protesting to cancel exams for A levels and GCSEs. This is because the students in England were graded without attending the exam. With the grades based on predictions this will save students time and progress to study A levels in college and the second progress option is the honours degree. The FE week publication on 23 March 2020 confirmed students in the United Kingdom grades will be based on prediction.

With the Bangladesh Education Institutions remained closed students in the British Curriculum were protesting for an exit route to be granted grades without taking the exam. This will not be fair on students who prepared with months of revision. Students protested they would be in risk of the catching the virus.

With the education sector closed from March 2020, until this present day action needs to be taken for exams to be held. With Bangladesh education sector remained closed, students in the British Education Board claimed they are not prepared to complete the exam. With the Bangladesh Education Minister team decided to close the education sector, student in the British Exam Board was relying on the Government to cancel the exams.

There are consequences for education exam delays and protesting for exam delays will have further consequences. British Council has experience for 69 years operating in Bangladesh from 1951 and were understanding how exam delays will affect the students situation. With the Bangladesh education sector remaining closed until the 19TH December 2020, the end conclusion was 1800 students were able to complete the British Education Board exams.


The British Council have been operating in Bangladesh since 1951, and the country has seen changes. With the trends and demand for United Kingdom Qualification, Projects planned by Cambridge international Assessment has resulted in English schools to open in Bangladesh.

In 1972, S F X Greenherald International School was the first English School and remains the partner for Cambridge International. Since the school first opened the students have progressed and has gained recognition in Bangladesh and Overseas. the school has been able to monitor the students academic performance because the school year group is from Nursery until A levels. Students have taken their Primary, Secondary and College examination within one location. In England, students relocate from Junior and Secondary during the academic school life.

With the schools able to meet the learners requirements and are able to teach from Nursery and College students in one location, this has allowed new entrants into the the English Schools Market. Major Corporations has invested in the education sector in order to ensure students demands are met. The reason for new English Schools opening is because, majority of students are either in the waiting list and do not get the chance to Enrol to English Schools.

In 1999, STS Group invested and started International School located in Bashundhara, Dhaka. Similar to St Francis Greenharald the school teaches learning from Playgroup until College education. In 2012, the USA presidential candidate of 2016 Hilary Clinton visited and students were given the opportunities for Question and Answer sessions. International Dhaka is an International Bachulette World School and is recognised by the council of International Schools.

With education in demand, the market is classed as the demand exceeding supply. Education centres have had to open numbers of branches to ensure they can accept the student applications. In 2001, the European Standard School started in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Since 2001, the school has been teaching the Cambridge Assessment International. The school has 5 branches in Dhaka, 3 in Dhanmondi, 1 in Mirpur and 1 in Gulshan.

English schools have been able to start established societies in the recent years, to keep students active during the academic life. There have been competitive sports for education centre to compete in football and cricket. With the societies and sports clubs have modernised the English School to be an United Kingdom learning environments in developing economies surroundings. After the A level exams, students have options to study overseas or remain in Bangladesh.

With the numbers of English schools increasing in Dhaka, this has allowed organisations to start an private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 2007, The London School of Commerce opened their branch in Dhaka for students to enrol for Honours degree and MBA accredited from university of Bedfordshire, England. The London School of Commerce has benefited the Bangladesh Education sector to meet the requirements of students. This method has helped students to reduce costs by not moving overseas and remain in Bangladesh for Education.

Specialisation for programme has helped higher education centres, to teach the limited numbers of programmes. Bhuiyan Academy, Dhaka started in 1989 has specialised in teaching the Law programmes. The LLB (hons) programme is accredited by the University of London. On the other hand, the centre teaches the National University Bangladesh BBA (HONS). With the two programmes students can either enrol on the programme from two countries. With the centre specialising in Law programme, the BBA graduates entering the workplace would decide to study law on the part time basis. This will benefit the Bhuiyan academy to maximise revenue on the law programme from previous students.


On the 8 December 2018, 48 Bangladeshi students were recognised by the Cambridge International Assessments and were presented awards. The award ceremony took place at the Dhaka International Convention City Bashandura. The students from 13 Schools achieved the highest marks around the world and the 35 students were among the top 48 in Bangladesh.

According to the world ranking results in 2017 there was 8 students were in the Cambridge International Students world rankings. There has been an increase of 5 comparison to the previous year. The target will be for British Schools to ensure in 2019 the students in Cambridge International world rankings is more than 13 students.

During the ceremony the BRAC chairperson Fazle Abed stated the achievement of the students will promote the Bangladesh Education Sector. in analysis, this was the beginning for Bangladesh education Sector to form partnerships with Cambridge International in order to Maximise numbers of English Schools in Bangladesh.

In September 2020, Bangladesh Branch manager Shahin Reza address issues concerning the delays of the exams. Shahin Reza mentioned if the exams are cancelled there would be further delays because the cancelled exams will mean students will have to wait until the Summer 2021 to complete the final exams. With the British Council arranging the meeting, has been beneficial for Cambridge International candidates to complete the exams with no further delays.


Cambridge Assessment International was formed in 1858 by their parent company Cambridge Assessment.  The Cambridge International Assessment work with 10000 schools and operate in 160 countries worldwide. Each country have an Cambridge International representatives in order to monitor progress. roles of the representives are to represent schools and colleges to ensure requirements are met and results are achieved.

In 1913, Cambridge Assessment started the third project Cambridge Assessment in English. In 1980, Cambridge Assessment became an Partner with the British Council and IDP to form the IELTS exams. IELTS was formed for International students to complete the exams and achieve the grades for Visa Purposes. in this present day IELTS exams are available In 1200 locations around the world and 3 million students take the exams annually.

Cambridge Assessments prepare millions of learners every year to prepare to be the learners of today and leaders of tomorrow. For the students to achieve exceptional results Cambridge International Assessments work in partnership with education centres to ensure guidance is provided. When the guidance is provided to the education centre, this will allow the teachers to cater the needs of learners between 3 – 19 years old. The Cambridge Qualification meet the requirements of Infants school, Primary school, Secondary and College education.

Cambridge International Assessment have programmes to meet the teachers requirements for training. The programmes are beneficial for the teachers to be responsible ensuring students are achieving exceptional grades. Teachers are the stakeholders of the British Education Centres. Students grades achievement determines the teachers level of work performance. The students achieving exceptional grades maximises the education centre reputation and teachers to be recognised.

Mathematics has been recognised academic and work environment. In 2015, Cambridge Assessment worked in with the Cambridge University Faculties

of Mathematics and Education and the Cambridge University press to develop

the mathematics syllabus. With changes in assessments and exams, the

purpose of the programme was to ensure the syllabus meet the criteria of the students assessments. With the criteria met, Cambridge Mathematics are committed ensure the mathematics teaching are at world rankings for students from age 3 – 19 years old.

The Cambridge Assessment International have experience working with the government worldwide. In 2008, Cambridge International formed an partnership with the Bahrain Education and Training Quality assurance to establish an new qualification. Bahrain started the project for Vision 2030, by starting an knowledge based country forming partnership with education centres and assessments companies. Cambridge International Assessment has worked with the Bahrain education sector to ensure the workforce are provided training In order to achieve the vision 2030 objectives.


The students completing the Bangladesh education syllabus attend IELTS colleges and pay Tk 19700 for the IELTS exam. IELTS exams demands have maximised faster than the supply resulting in English Schools to open nationwide. IELTS is required for students to apply for Work and Student Visa Overseas.

IELTS is exempt for students studying the Cambridge International Syllabus. This is because GCSEs, O level and A levels are recognised in developed economies. This has been beneficial for students in British Education to reduce costs by TK 19700 and not to attend the English College. The benefit for the student was their focus on completing their studies is In one location rather than attending an English college during their social time. When time is saved this has allowed the students to study hours away from the classroom.

In the IELTS exams there are 4 assessments speaking, listening, reading and writing. The 4 assessments is an duration of 2 hours 45 minutes and the Speaking test takes place days before the main exam. In the British Education Centres the speaking test takes place during the academic year.  

IGCSE in English Language has 2 syllabuses to meet the student requirements and they are for first Language and Second language. It is recommended students in the British Education centre to enrol for the IGCSE English Language exam for first language. The reason for this is because when the student study in English curriculum from Primary school until secondary, they develop the same skills as the students in England.

The students in Bangladesh develop English as First language studying the English Education syllabus from Primary and secondary education. Studying in the English Language in the developing economies prepare students for academic life in the developed economies. English Language is required in the competitive market for work and academic purposes and Grade C is required.

The students paying the tuition fees to the education centres, they will be determined to achieve higher than grade C. The determination of the students in British Education Centre to be recognised by the Cambridge International Assessment for grades in the world rankings. In the long term, IGCSE English Language will be in demand in the Bangladesh Education Centre.

Analysis of the students gaining recognition means, British Education Centres will attract private candidates to enrol for the Exams in the long term. Completing the IGCSE exams students will develop skills in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  The students are required to read in their own time in order to develop skills in English Language. Reading various sources improves the students skills for research purposes to complete an written report.

The Cambridge IGCSE syllabus

Paper 1 Reading Exams is 50% of the final grades                                2 hours     

Paper 2 Directed Writing and Composition is 50 % of the final grades   2 hours

The paper one and paper two marked by the Cambridge International Examiners and the results are published within 2 months. On the other hand, IELTS exams results are published in 2 weeks. Both papers have an marks out of 80, the IELTS three papers are marks are out of 40.

Alternative for Paper 2 is an coursework and students complete 3 extended writing assignments. The three assignments Is 50% of the final exam grades. If the students decided not to complete the Paper 2 and complete the written assignments they will save 2 hours exam time. Paper 2 not completed, the coursework assignment is internal marked and then moderated by the Cambridge International.

The IELTS speaking and listening exam is compulsary, IGCSE speaking and listening exam is optional for students to complete and Is not counted to the final grades. The IELTS speaking test is 15 minutes and the Listening test paper based is 30 minutes. Speaking Listening test is flexible and optional in the British Education Centre. The speaking and listening exam completed will have benefits. The beneficial reason is because speaking and listening is optional and is not counted towards the final grades.

In the competitive market, it is better for both exams to be completed. In the academic life in A levels and Honours programme the exam experience will be beneficial in the long term.


With the grade C and above required in Mathematics and English IGCSE,

students will be at advantages when they are in developed economies. the British Education Centres has prepared students to develop key skills in thinking logically and problem solving skills to complete the required assignments.

With the GCSEs and A levels grades, students are in advantages to apply for programmes in demandable subjects. The subjects in Law, Economies, Mathematics, Engineering. With the numbers of students from Bangladesh increasing annually in the United Kingdom, the University of Sussex has an scholarship titled Sussex Bangladeshi Scholarship.

In comparison to the Bangladeshi students studying the Bangladeshi curriculum, English centre students saves time with English exam. This is because 15 minutes saved on IELTS speaking exam, 30 minutes on Listening exam. The paper 1 English Language exam marks is counted 50% students complete the 2 hours exam. The paper 2 being optional students save 2 hours exam with the assignment as substitute are collected during the academic term. Paper 1 being completed, the English Education Centre students will save 45 minutes comparison to the IELTS students.

Developing English Language as first Language, students have the equal levels comparison to the students in the United Kingdom. the skills developed in Bangladesh will meet the requirement of universities for student visa purposes. English education centres with the English Curriculum syllabus students are be able to compete against students in the United Kingdom for University places and apply for part time work for an prestige weekly salary.

Bangladeshi students IGCSE and A levels grades are in the world rankings, this will mean students will have access to scholarships. The prestigious scholarships are Commonwealth and Chevening Scholarship. Scholarship will cover students flight, accommodation and tuition fees. Those 3 expenses are the main expenses when the students move from Bangladesh to the United Kingdom. access to scholarship will ease financial pressure and students main focus will be keep momentum continuous when studying an undergraduate programme.

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