Sylhet Marathon achieves 100 articles for the stakeholders in the world market. There has been situations at the start when Sylhet Marathon was in the process of closing down the sight. The eye of the tiger made the impossible situations to be possible. In life there are times when the odds are stacked against Sylhet Marathon. If Sylhet Marathon was to break it would have been game over. Sylhet Marathon emerged Sheikh Hasina Finances was hunted down, Sheikh Hasina son records were tracked down. Two Indian who wrote fake news Modi won the heart of Bangladesh was tracked down on LinkedIn. More than 48 hours ago, Sylhet Marathon LinkedIn Profile was viewed by one Indian Journalist and screenshot has been kept as evidence.

Our General Osmani Concept legacy was kept alive on the Sylhet Marathon Platform. Sylhet has not been taken seriously, this was main reason Why Sylhet Marathon started, numbers of Articles developed when the message arrived at the Sylhet Marathon office. The message was OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs Sylhet Marathon to represent the citizens of Sylhet to be the spokesman in the developed economies. Viewers numbers maximised and the public became aware of OUR GENERAL OSMANI. The next generation Tigers will emerge when Sylhet emerge. The story of Our General Osmani helped the research Team of Sylhet Marathon to write articles based on the 1971 liberation war.

America access granted on the 27 April 2021, Amar Pizza in Michigan became aware of the Sylhet Marathon, Bangladeshi community in New York realised the platform Sylhet Marathon. There was 95 views in America within the 24 hours timeframe. What does this mean for the Sylhet Marathon? New York, Michigan, Boston, Chicago The America access will be beneficial for International Partnership. From Sylhet, when people move overseas the destinations are Paris, London, Michigan, Barcelona, Jeddah, Bahrain and Dubai. Sylhet Marathon Sylhet number one website for Informative Information.

From the 24/04/2021 there has been numbers of stories, Sylhet Marathon would like to thank the stakeholders for the support and reading the articles on the platform. Thursday 16 December 2021, Bangladesh Victory Day. 50 Years when Bangladesh Victory was confirmed. This is the end of Article 100, Sylhet Marathon will continue to publish informative articles. When the person does not Breaks, and impossible situations are achieved this is when the real Progress starts. OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs SYLHET MARATHON to promote Sylhet to the developed economies.

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