Communication and network with previous contacts developed, phone Calls from extended family members from overseas. November 2017 was legendary, his path of revenge in the Capital City was denied and he was on close watch. The Bengal Tigers remembered one timeframe when there was this landlord put the housing association people to maximise his rental income. This one situation ruined the reputation of the road in his hometown. Numbers of stakeholders laughed and all those crisis became over limits.

This landlord was not just anyone the next door neighbours landlord late father friend was the friend of the BENGAL TIGERS late father. Back in 2010, he called the agent to set up the meeting with the landlord of the next door neighbour. The landlord never attended or taken the meeting seriously. Landlord of the next door decided to hide. Landlord agent was from South Asian Country, the Landlord Bangladeshi, in fact the landlord of the next door hailed from Shakespeare Birthplace. The man was classed as member from the prestige society. If You ask the BENGAL TIGER, the BENGAL TIGER would say they are sell out to the Bangladesh society.

Landlord is from Shakespeare City part of the Hussain Cuisine dynasty. Bengal Tiger remembered the story his mosque teacher shared showing sympathy for this student losing both parents. Showing him sympathy when he lost both parents? November 2017 the story was promoted BENGAL TIGERS 5 – 2 OPPOSITION. Bengal Tiger had knife held at him, you really think he was in any mood to give them sympathy? Bengal Tiger was age 23 starting the training programme making new start. The pressure was over limits affecting his mental state of mind resulting in him leaving the town. That was Summer 2010 when he left his hometown, Summer 2017 he almost lost his life. November 2017 was ending, he remembered the time when there was conflict with the stakeholders.

During the 2010 – 2013, there was major arguments happened within the stakeholders why no one never took action against the Hussain Dynasty of Stratford Upon Avon. During the stakeholders meetings the BENGAL TIGERS made an major statement insulting the entire Hussain Dynasty. This statement has to be the best statement made by the British Bangladeshi. This statement was no public knowledge to his hometown network. When Bengal Tiger negotiated with agent to organise the meeting, landlord decided to ignore what his agent said. Back in 2010, the BENGAL TIGER even insulted the agents integrity saying they follow their landlord orders. BENGAL TIGER taken his anger out on the agent responsible for managing the next door landlord property.

In the present day on November 2017, numbers of stakeholders from the BENGAL TIGER old contacts, old classmates, colleges, family friends and senior members. His statement was the Landlord maximised rental income, he ruined the road reputation on purpose, the reason, he done this on purpose because he is a hater. The reason the next door landlord is a Hater is because both his parents died before he was age 16 and majority of his associates had parents. Bengal Tiger lost one parent before age 16. The score is BENGAL TIGER 2 – 1 NEXT DOOR LANDLORD. This statement got headlines from the BENGAL TIGERS hometown network, views on the status was closely monitored by the BENGAL TIGER. The BENGAL TIGERS emerged victorious with this statement. Numbers of stakeholders realised the background story of the conflict. If the BENGAL TIGER never said this statement, the stakeholders in hometown would not have taken the BENGAL TIGER seriously.

Insulting the opposition for losing both parents before the age 16, it was about time he faced public humiliation. When the person loses both parents the person becomes humble, this person the next door neighbour landlord forgot his roots, he sold out. The Bengal Tigers was reminding the audience why he did what he did. End of the day, it did not matter if this next door neighbours Late Father was a Friend of the BENGAL TIGER late father. The Summer Night of 2017 was the making of the Bengal Tiger, the message to the mosque teacher was the mosque teacher has another story to his collection, the mosque teacher can share the story the time when two of his students rivalry became known to the public thanks to the BENGAL TIGERS promotion skills.

Morale of the story never feel to comfortable, attend the meeting to resolve conflict situations. When the person sells out to be coconut to the society, The BENGAL TIGER put this person in his place. Strategic thinking and tactically approached to create the title BENGAL TIGER 2 – 1 NEXT DOOR LANDLORD. Bengal Tiger knows the next door landlord and his associates got the message relating to 2 – 1. He never attended the meeting during the moment of crisis situation, when there is a meeting arranged there will be no talking and the BENGAL TIGERS fist are ready to run Marathon in that person face.

Sylhet Marathon team researched the Bangladeshi community, realised OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs the BENGAL TIGER not to use his fist and be strategic in the work environment. OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs the BENGAL TIGER to work with SYLHET MARATHON to form network in Sylhet London. Sylhet Marathon needs this BENGAL TIGER to be at the correct path and help our people be taken seriously in the eyes of the developed economies. In relation to this person part of the Hussain Dynasty of Shakespeare City, OUR GENERAL OSMANI does not welcome Sell Outs. It is official the BENGAL TIGER surviving the knife attack on Summer 2017 securing victory 5 – 2 for the BENGAL TIGERS and reminding the Hussain Dynasty he is an hater because he lost both parents before age 16 securing 2 – 1 victory. The question is where is the BENGAL TIGER? If the team member of the Bengal Tigers is around always know OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU to be part of the OSMANI LIBERATION MOVEMENT.

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