The Bengal Tiger visited his hometown on Christmas Eve, local area and associates were pleased to see him after years. Bengal Tiger had not been attended the workplace for months he had his pride Not to Snitch and informed his audience the real story why he ghosted for years before making his entrance. When arrived at his birthplace within one hour he went for a walk. He left the house numbers of times as the visitor numbers maximised the reason for this was he needed time on his own.

November 2017 the stories BENGAL TIGERS 5 – 2 OPPOSITION, BENGAL TIGERS 2 – 1 THE NEXT DOOR LANDLORD. Two victories one was when his life was in danger, that night his life could have ended within seconds, it took the opposition numbers of attempts, if his coat never got caught on the gate he would have made the greatest escape in the history of the Bangladesh community. The weather was cold he was wearing jumper and scarf to cover his face when he walked the roads. His identity could not be hidden the local people recognised him and approached him and they welcomed the BENGAL TIGER. The Bengal Tiger appreciated the local people approached him, it has been years since he last seen them.

The ending of 2018 was approaching and the clock was counting down. His coach was booked for New Years Eve. Day before he left, he was in conversation with one of the associates. This associate knew the information relating to the BENGAL TIGERS ending up in the detention centre. This associate stated the BENGAL TIGERS cousin tried to run and the exit doors was blocked. BENGAL TIGERS got suspicious how does this associate knows details and he does not. He question why would the exit doors be blocked? Did someone report his cousin? Out of all the places why did the immigration focus on one premises when there was numbers of premises to search?

After the meeting with the associate, there was less than 24 hours before the BENGAL TIGERS coach leaves. Countdown to New Years was counting down. The first list for the BENGAL TIGERS New Years resolution was to find out what really happened to his cousin on the day his brother was taken away by the UK Border Force. The cousin brother who was taken away last words to the Bengal Tiger was when I arrive from home we watch movie on Netflix. That moment never happened. When the Bengal Tiger was on the coach journey when he arrived in London, everyone in the location was in the New Party Vibe and there was anger in the Bengal Tigers mood.

The walk from the coach station to the train station, The Bengal Tiger knew he had to solve this case. Who informed on his cousin brother was the topic? Bengal Tiger was not going to ask the stakeholders questions his intentions was to ask the Chef and the people who worked with his cousin. Bengal Tiger had his approach planned on how he was going to solve the case. Bangladeshi workforce in the catering premises was his main lines communication in order to solve the case. It was thanks to his cousin brother informing the Bangladesh Family members of the real situations in London why there was communication with Sylhet. The family members in Sylhet reminded the Bengal Tiger of the times in Bangladesh, the memorable times. Bengal Tigers knew who his team members were and his plan was to approach his cousin work colleagues and to make sure the stakeholders are not aware of him asking question relating to this case.

Team Sylhet, it was just the start for the BENGAL TIGERS to reconnect with Sylhet, Bangladesh. The last time he visited Sylhet was in November 2010. November 2010 was the last time he seen the Sylhet Family members. Bengal Tigers had two chances to visit Bangladesh he denied the vacations. The last thing the Bengal Tigers youngest uncle (mama) said was make sure you visit Bangladesh you get the chance. We almost lost you on that Summer 2017 night, that was the last words of 2017 from the Bangladesh contact. November 2010 and November 2017 there was zero communication BENGAL TIGERS was remembered in Sylhet. There was one cousin brother in the extended family said “we are proud of you, you are our BENGAL TIGER.” In London on New Years Day it was the start for the BENGAL TIGER to show team Sylhet loyalty and solve the case.

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