The Honours students have been affected during the pandemic, there have been two deadlines missed applying for the scholarship programme. The scholarship deadlines are June 2020 for September enrolment and October 2020 for the January 2020 enrolment. With 2 scholarships missed and students application missed, this has delayed the students not able to study overseas.

It was confirmed on the 19TH December 2020, university students will return to classes. With the 8 months delay in education, students had to learn from home and use the online sources. It was confirmed the students exams will take place on January 2021. Then after the exam, considering the time it takes for students to get their honours results the enrolment for studying in the UK January 2021 deadline will not achieved. Students will have to wait until September 2021 to enrol to the United Kingdom.

For Bangladeshi students applying to study in the United Kingdom, students have to ensure they have passed their IELTS exams. The students completing the Honours programme study an postgraduate programme in the UK. For the postgraduate programme, it is honours results, IELTS exam results, the required bank balance, CAS deposit and Visa Clearence.

The fundings have to clear for 28 days and cannot exceed 31 days. for university starts in United Kingdom the enrolment options are September 2020 and January 2021. The September enrolment has been missed, with exams in January 2021, the January enrolment will also be missed. This will mean the students will have to wait until September 2021 for the UK Tier 4 application to enrol on the university programme.

There could be an crisis in the January 2021 exam and the reason for this is, there will be an clash between honours final exams and HSC students admissions exams. It was confirmed over 1 million students were given auto promotion for the HSC exams. With the admission exams clashed will honours exam will cause an major crisis, the university will have to decide which group of students have the priority. The honours students will get the priority and the logical reason for this is because the honours results of the student determines the university reputation in the global market.




With the exam delays on number of occasions, and the honours exams schedules for January 2021, the opportunities for honours students to progress are limited. The higher education needs to make improvements if it will progress further. Due to the delays the higher education centres were not able to adapt to the situations.

With the delays In education sector to reopen being away from the classroom has had an affect on honours students. The honours students are more classroom focussed learners and have access to learning resources from the lecturers. With the universitites adapting to online learning, the lecturers are use to teaching face to face. This has caused further delay with the students requiring to purchase data to use the internet to attend online classes.

With wifi required students and teachers would have to purchase wifi internet connection for to be in communication with their students. The best alternative for this was for universities to be open at the same time when the garments industry opened in May 2020. This solution would have have the UGC scheme from investing in providing grants to universiries. It was stated in August 2020 Shahjalal University would have access to internet grants.

It was confirmed loans were given at interest free rate for students to purchase an android phone to access the internet. The loans could have been avoided if the higher education sector remained opened. The closure of higher education, has delayed students learning and performance. With no internet and technology sources this will cause the honours students to fall behind in studies.

On the 15TH October 2020, the meeting scheduled between the University Grants Commission and vice chanchellors of various university. The purpose of the meeting was how the admission exam will be allocated for the HSC students. These exams are what students depend on to get university places.

The government decision in cancelling the HSC exams has resulted in 1365689 students passing the exams in the 2020 academic year. Now the education department is faced with how they will carry out the admissions test to ensure students secure their places at university. The student who have automatically passed 2020 academic year now will have to compete for limited space available from the university.

Research sources from the University Grant Scheme states there are over 2.1 million seats for the admission candidates in all universities. The universities includes

  • Private university
  • Public University
  • Engineering
  • Medical College
  • Colleges under the national university
  • Technical institutions

There will be an major crisis during the admissions exams for seats In public, engineering and medical colleges where there are 64000 seats available. From the 2.1 million students, only the top 64000 students are recruited to take part in the bachelors programme.


In February, the UGC decided to use a group admission test system for the 2020 – 2021 academic year. The plan was rejected by five public universities and one of them was Dhaka University. The Grouped admission test have proved to met the requirements of the agricultutal universities on Saturday 30TH November 2019.

The first meeting was planned by the University Grant Commision on the 15TH October to achieve the admission for this assignment. This is due to the HSC given auto promotion grades on the first week of October 2020 when exams were cancelled. In order to avoid further delays an meeting needs to take place.

General Universities

  • Humanities Exams
  • Science
  • Commerce

The universities for engineering, science, technology and agricultural will plan one exam. The reason for this is because these university specialise in one subject.

University admission test are compulsory and the test needs to done in physical location. Due to number of applicants given auto promotion the main priorities are location room availability, allocating student exam dates, ensure there are no clashes with honours students exam dates.

The universities in relation to engineering planned to give priority to students in relation to the marks based on the results in Physics, Maths, Chemistry. The reason for this was to reduce the admission test capacity and save time. This will allow the engineering university to start the university term for the new students. Engineering schools look for students who have been exceptional in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry.


Tribune Desk source published on 1ST December 2020, has stated 19 universities in the country has started advertisement. This is to ensure students to apply for the admission test on schedule. The country is already over 8 months behind the education schedule. With the results published in December, students should ensure they apply for the admission on schedule.

The admissions plan to take place in January, Bangladesh will be 10 months behind schedule in January 2021. With the honours exams taking place in the same period. The universities will be faced with conflict of interest from the present students and future students.

Questions are planned according to the HSC certificate. Due to the auto promotions given to the students. The students should ensure they have the knowledge and revision sources to prepare for the exams. The subjects will be based in subject sectors for commerce, humanities and science held directly at public universities.

The plan for the Cluster Exam was confirmed by the University Grant Scheme. An press release was published to the universities on how to plan for the exams. UGC Professor Kazi Shahidullah has advised the vice channellors to preprare for the admission test effectively. The reason for this is for the universties to understand the situations of the students.

In order to understand the situations of the students, the plan was to introduce an multiple choice questions format. This method has been used in ACCA exam papers for the computerised exams. The purpose of this is to save exam time allocation because writing test maximises exam time. On the other hand, multiple choice method exams saves time by 50%.

The writing test exams, this will help the examiners to assess the candidates writing skills in order to see whether they are capable of enrolling in the exams. Multiple choice will save time to save further delays in the Bangladesh education sector, mixture of questions are needed to prepare students to maximise academic skills in the long term.


Dhaka University Started the semester in October using the online method. The reason for this is to minimise delays and ensure the students are not behind in relation to academic progress. The Class was first introduced on July for the students of the university following the meeting with the University grant Commission.

The Vice chancellor started the focus is to open the semester programme online and looking for the students benefits. The country education sector closed in March 2020 has been an major crisis in the education sector. rather than thinking of the exams, the first stage is to start the semester.

On December 2020, exam dates allocated to the Dhaka University student for honours and masters exam. The crisis situation will be for the hall of resicence to remain closed. With halls closed the students will have no access to their residence. There are student who live outside dhaka, the halls is affordable on the student budget. The Requirements to rent privately requires security deposit.

In terms of logical situation, an student living in Sylhet studying at Dhaka university would travel 1 hour air travel costs 6000 taka to and from dhaka on exam days. if the student was to have exams 5 days in one week that would costs the student 30000 taka on travel fare. In British Pound it is £300. For 30000 taka is equivalent to 3 months rent in halls of residence. To commute door to door from Sylhet Home to Dhaka University, there is the time travelling to the airport, CNG from Airport to the university. The domestic airline only travels from Sylhet to dhaka during the afternoon.

For the student in Sylhet to save the 30000 taka travel costs, the suitable option for them is to stay in an hotel while the hall of residence are closed. Logically if the university is open this will mean the hall of residence and other facilities should remain open. The hall of resicence is needed for the students to be close distance to the university.

With the closure of the halls of residence the students of dhaka Unibersity has protested to reopen the halls of residence. The halls should have exceptional management and also carry out and health and safety procedures to ensure the premises is safe. With the delays in the exams from March 2020, the hall of residence close will mean students will have to find accommodation to live or stay in an hotel


January 2021 the month when honours students complete their final exams and the admission test for the new students. The current student will be the priority, the statistics and the pass rate for the students are the resources university depend on to promote their organisation. The university will have stakeholders in Bangladesh and in the overseas higher education market.

If there was one exam hall and there was an clash date between the admission test and honours final exam this will be an crisis situation. The final students will leave university with an grade depending on the exam results. The admissions candidates will be the next students for the 4 years duration university will depend on the maximise revenue from the tuition fees. This means the new students tuition fees will secure the university income source for the next 4 years.

There is an clash between final year honours graduation results and financial incentives earned from the admission students. In order to avoid this situation the university should consider hiring an external venue to accommodate the admission exam candidates. This will make life easier to manage the exams for the honours students to take place at the university premises.

The HSC given auto promotion could have been avoided if the education sector remained open and the Honours students would complete their exams. By January 2021, the honours students planning to study in the United Kingdom would be ready to start their enrolment overseas and the HSC would have taken the exam to determine the exam results.


There are 46 public universities and 98 private universities in Bangladesh. During the 1990s there were just 6 public universities. The increase of universities public and private ensured the capacity of students were provided with higher education places. In total there are 144 universities In Bangladesh.

Bachelors programme improves the students prospects in relation to apply for

  • Study for an masters degree to increase the numbers of qualification portfolio
  • Study overseas in the developed economies
  • Apply for work permit to work in England
  • Remain in Bangladesh and apply for an graduate position

There will be an estimate of 4.6 million students enrolling to university according to the research collected from University Grant Commission. In 2016, the research collected from BANBEIS was 823000 enrolments. There will be an increase of 3.777m in 2026. The 2026 forecast will show on average the 4.6 million students allocated to 144 universities will be 31944 students per university.

  • However, it is important to consider the extent to which universities in Bangladesh have undertaken the changes that have taken place in universities across the world.

Traditionally, the university has been a place that operates within its own rules, and regulations somewhat separated from the rest of society.

Universities are in existence to prepare students for the real world of competing for an employment with prospects and security. The lecturers have an roles in distributing and allocating resources for the students to become knowledgeable. The students gain theoretical knowledge in the classroom, the knowledge is then used in practical real life work situations.

The university is an place where students develop life skills to be employable in graduate positions. Students attending bachelors programme develop skills

  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Creativity
  • Innovative

Communication, Entrepreneul, Creativity and Innovate boardens students intellect and confidence to be prepared to compete in the competitive market. In Bangladesh, bachelors students are determined to achieve the highest marks as possible to improve the prospects and financial status. For the students in the poverty, Education is compolsary and education is the solution for them to escape Poverty and achieve financial Security in life.

The bachelors students develop skills in critical thinking, research, applying knowledge to be employable. There are two options after graduate either be employable or give up home and be in the poverty situation. These are realities of Bangladesh bachelor students life. Developing skills further in the academic life is an major advantage to progress after graduation. When students graduate with qualification and applied skills then the opportunities are available to progress further economically.

Changes of technology and modernisation of educations has helped universities integrated teaching and research in relation to economic development. With additional research this will enable students to gain research skills in relation to the Bangladesh Econony with sources from news journals and research materials online.

Bangladesh aiming to become an knowledge based economy in order to improve the country economic development. In the university, students are the future of Bangladesh, when the students enter the work place they are contributing income tax for the Bangladesh Government to collect. The income tax money is then used by the government to develop the country.

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