Article 18/09/2020 Dhaka Tribune stated an meeting will take place in relation to the HSC and equivalent exams. Six months has passed by and education sector has been closed numbers of times. During this time students are moving overseas, United Kingdom university are enrolling students onto the bachelors programme. The committee board of intermediate and secondary education an meeting will take place in Dhaka at 2pm on Thursday 24TH September 2020 at the conference room. education closure has resulted in numbers of issues affecting the national socially, economically and academically. the HSC examination was the main topic of the meeting.

In June 2020, it was stated there was fake exams posted on social media sites. The examinations boards urged students not to be distracted by the fake schedules. During 2020 June, the United Kingdom decided to auto pass students for A levels and GCSE students on the predicted grades basis. Now in September, there has been no progression made in the Bangladesh Education sector. The meeting plan was to send an proposal to the education minister to take steps in reopening education for the HSC students. During September 2020, education has opened in England and various countries around the world. In Bangladesh, education remained closed from March 2020. HSC students are at risk of losing university places for the bachelors programme.

Dhaka Tribune Education board chairmen to meet on Sep 24
Mamun Abdullah Published at 03:27 pm September 18th, 2020


In England students were given grades based on their predictions and academic reports. 2020 marked the history for HSC students receiving academic grades without taking the exams. The decision for student to get auto promotion has given auto promotion to 1365689 students nationally.

HSC students to get auto promotion for their results based on the results from JSC and HSC on Wednesday 7TH October 2020. The results will be published on December 2020. decision has been made to allocate the admissions Exams for students competiting for university places in January 2021.

In response to the government actions, students seeking admission to university has stated for the exams to be held. There should be no auto promotion given considering the SSC and HSC grades. The admission exams has been part of the Bangladesh Education tradition. Every year students compete to get places in the university they have aspiration of attending.

Due to the over 1.3 million HSC exam students given auto promotion now the education department have another duty. This duty is to ensure how 1.3 million student will be allocated admission exam places. The HSC students are now 6 months behind the education, numbers of people have lost the opportunity to study overseas in September 2020.

During October 2020, there has been over 5700 deaths in Bangladesh and over 400000 infections during the pandemic. Due to the prediction of the second wave to happen at winter time, and the limited number of resources for the health sector to work during this pandemic, the HSC granted auto promotion was an beneficial decision. This allowed students to progress to the next stage to enrol for the admission exams.

As student is attending college aiming for the best grades as possible, as they leave their house they are laughed at by their neighbour. The main reason they are laughed at is while they attend college, their neighbour is laughing they have certificate without taking the HSC exams.

Hearing an student laughing for not taking an exam can ruin an current student capabilities of thinking. These statements will decline an students focus which then results in the students to get poor grades. During the exam times, students go throght pressure in order to achieve the grades that will be competable for an better prospects.

British Council boards arranged an meeting to support the students protesting to allow them to complete their exams. This shows students are determined to complete their exams rather than relying on exams given to them by prediction.

The students who have been given auto promotions will have to compete for the university places via admissions exams. On the other hand, when the Bangladesh economy reopened in May 2020, the government main focus should have been on ensuring students to complete the HSC exams. Between March 2020 and June 2020 students had access to online and televised learning resources for revivision purposes.

In the competitive market, Bangladeshi students take education seriously, education is an way to leave poverty. For the HSC students education determines whether they study overseas or enrol on the bachelors programme. There will be students who will be at an major disadvantages for not getting the grades required in the auto promotion.

Due to the auto promotion grades given to the candidates has been beneficial for students achiecing the grades needed. This has also benefitted exam boards saving printing resources and labour costs on conducting exams. There are situations where students who have not achieved the grades they hoped for and they are in an tough situation to progress further in the long term.

During the times of the HSC auto promotion results, there were student who ended up with poor grades in JSC and SSC due to personal reasons. The HSC exams was to improve on their situation to perform better academically. as years travel, students determination and commitment maximises to perform better at the HSC exams.

The auto promotion has benefited over 1.3 million HSC students nationwide. The question is what will happen to the students who have been revising for the academic year to achieve better grades.

The exams cancelled has resulted in further personal problems for the candidates who were eager to improve their prospects. In education there is an phase achieve better grades than yesterday. The students presented with poor grades is something the education department needs to consider. Failing in JSC, SSC for personal reasons and now HSC will destroy an students prospects and their motivation level will decline further.

Those students who have been predicted failied results. What will be the progression route studying in Bangladesh and overseas in England. In England, the country received from numbers of countries around the world. There will be competition, for the students who suffered poor academic grades due to personal reasons, their only hope was the HSC exam results. Due to no exams taken place, this has added an major consequence to the stydents academic portfolio.

Institutions in England accept candidates is one subject, in terms of accepting applicants there will be competition. For the students who was relying on HSC exam results this will be an major disadvantages. Education instuition can only accept limited numbers of applicants to enrol during the academic year.

Bangladesh education follow the traditional education systems dating back to 1972 until this present day. Education determines Bangladeshi HSC future. Due to no exams taken place, students who have not achieved the grades they were determined for self motivation will decline resulting in poverty line, unemployment and financial hardship.

The auto promotion might have benefited students with privileged education backgrounds in JSC and HSE, for the students relying on the HSC results like will put them disadvanges. The auto promotion grades lower than the required will put the candidates at an disadvantage when

  1. Enrol to an university in Bangladesh
  2. higher studies abroad in the United Kingdom applying for Tier 4 visas and entitled to 20 hours work permit.
  3. professional life in competiting against numbers of candidates for an job with prospects and help them achieve financial security.

In Bangladesh, admission exams have to be completed in order to secure an university place. The admission test determines the students results to see if the candidates achieves the required grades to be enrolled onto an honours programme. Due to the demand in higher education and increase score achievement of GPA 5, the higher education is now an competitive market.

The 2020 auto promotion has resulted in the pass rates to increase in Bangladesh HSC section. There will be students who have received grades that are not acceptable due to their poor performance in JSC and SSC exams. There is an dilemma students passing the exams without taking the exams, and the students who fail with no opportunities of taking the exams.

According to the UGC latest report, there are over 2.1 million seats for admission seekers in all public and engineering universities, private universities, colleges under the National University, medical colleges, and technical institutions.

However, students have competition to be successful for a seat in public and engineering universities along with medical colleges, where there are around 64,000 seats only. The places in Public, Engineering and Medical college are limited available for students to enrol.

Due to the 64000 places available, this will mean candidates enrolling to the programme will have to apply for an alternative to replace medicine and engineering. This will help them make use of the academic timeframe studying another programme.


University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Technical Education Board data shows the are 1091000 seats available. There are 817000 seats available at higher education and 274000 seats available in polytechnic institutes.

Auto promotion has been given to 1365789 students. The total of 274000 students will not get the opportunity to enrol at any university, college or polytechnic institute. This is due to the capacity of students applying for enrolment. Auto promotion has resulted in all the higher education places to be in demand.

The admission exams at the colleges and university will be competive for the students. Depending on when the education sector reopens, the are factors to consider to ensure students enter for the examination. The factors to consider how the exam papers be organised, Location and the Seating capacity.

In order to ensure students do not miss the academic opportunity, students will be forced to enrol to private university. The private university are more expensive compared to the public universities.

Source Nov 11,2020 2.74 lakh students likely to be left out of higher education in Bangladesh

University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Technical Education Board data shows 13.65 LAC

According to the source the number was 1365789 students in the previous article.

0817000 + 0274000 lakhs at the polytechnic institutes = 1091000 seats
1365789 – 1091000 = 274789 students left out of education


Data of the country’s 11 education boards showed that 266501 of the 1365789 HSC candidates are unequal

  1. 160929 failed in one subject last year,
  2. 054224 failed in two subjects
  3. 051348 failed in more than two subjects.

The 266501 students were retaking their HSC exams. 3390 were private candidates at centres and 16727 were registered to improve their grades. This means in total there were 19.51% of the candidates were retake students. The 19.51% of the retake students helped to increase the HSC pass rate.

Calculation 266501/1365789 x 100 = 19.51%

3390 private students saved money not enrolling to coaching students and used the distance learning method to study for the HSC. 3390 students out of 1365789 = 0.24% students benefited from saving time from attending the class. The distance has become an popular learning method in England, students learn at home and attend on the exam day

According to statistical reference there were 1365789 students in the HSC 2020 exams. If 266501 students were retake students, this means an total of 1099288 students intended to attempt the HSC exams at first attempt.


The SSC results of 2018 and the JSC results of 2016, based on which the
HSC results of 1079171 regular candidates would be determined

  1. 1010629/1079171 students secured GPA 5 in their SSC
  2. 0247588/1079171 students GPA 5 in their JSC exam

JSC 2016 results in GPA 5 calculation 0247588/1979171 x 100 = 22.94%
SSC 2018 results in GPA 5 calculation 1010629/1079171 x 100 = 93.65%


1365000 – 1364789 = 0110629 GPA scored of 5
1365789 – 0110000 = 01255789 did not achieved GPA 5

GPA 5 SCORES 2018 – 2020

  1. 2019 HSC 047286 students
  2. 2018 HSC 029262 students
  3. 2020 HSC 110629 students

In 2019 the GPA Grade 5 increased from 29262 students to 47286. This shows the HSC section of the education improve and the GPA 5 Scores was achieved by additional 18024 students. In percentages this is an increase of 61.60% comparison to 2019.

The 2020, GPA 5 section increased to 110629 in comparison to 2019 candidates numbers. In 2019, 47296 students achieved GPA 5 and in pandemic 2020 auto promotions of students results in 110629 students to achieve GPA 5 without attending an exam. In comparison to 2019 figures an additional 63333 students achieved GPA 5. The GPA 5 grades increased by 133.90% comparison to the previous year.

Comparing the 2020 GPA 5 score to 2018, the 110629 achieving an GPA 5 is an additional 81367 students. The 81367 students is additional to the 2018 GPA 5 score statistics. The 2018 and 2020 comparison will show the GPA 5 score in HSC exams is an percentage of 278.06%.

The GPA score 5 has seen an rapid progress in 2020, there is an difference between taking the exam and given auto passes. If the education department allocated HSC exams after the first lockdown ended, this would have determined to see an GPA 5 score increase between 60 and 70% rather than exceed 100%.

UGC member Muhammad Alamgir said all the public and private universities has an total of 850000 availabability. In Bangladesh higher education, private and public university have institution and colleges to ensure the same syllabuses are presented. The purposes of expanding operation is to meet the demand of millions of students enrolling to higher education annually.

In comparison to the present academic year, there were seats available in private colleges and universities. The reason for this is because Private University are more expensive comparison to Government university. The private Syllabus are organised by the organisation, on the other public university is organised by the government.

During the pandemic, private universities were able to adapt to the situation by adding assignments to replace exams. Public university were relying on the government decision to wait for their exam dates. The delays in reopening the education sector has resulted in applicants to apply for private universities.

The delays in education sector to reopen will reduce applicants numbers in public university. The government decision on closing education for over eight months will result in public university enrolment to decline and increase in demand for private university enrolment. In previous academic years, students enrolled on public university to avoid private university costs.

During the times when the public university opens, private universities will be in demand. This will attract foreign education institution to invest in Bangladesh and start higher education programmes in less developed areas.


The demand for university has increased at an fast pace after auto promotions were given to the students. This would mean during the application process there will have major consequences for HSC students enrolling and they

  1. Early to make planes because HSC results have not been published
  2. UGC prediction on majority of students dropping out of education

HSC students were given there has been no certificate published. Students will have to wait until December. The admission exams will start in January and will cause an major crisis. There will be delays in selecting the
candidate during the academic progress. Due to the increase of number
of students given auto promotions. The GPA 5 scored by 110629 students will mean there will be students who will not be able to enrol to universities of their first choice.

Managing the admission exams will be tough due to the increased number of applicants. university can change the traditional method and modernise how the exam is organised. If the exams are arranged in segments this would be the solution to meet candidates requirement. The numbers will be impossible to manage. This will open the barriers to entry for new entrants to enter the higher education sector.

University Grants Commission states majority of the students leave education after HSC school life. Candidates deciding not to attend university will decide to leave education and find opportunities to work. Students leaving education is an solution on how university manages application numbers. The auto promotion has increased the HSC pass rate and over 100000 students achieved an GPA score 5.

The Bangladesh Technical Education Board officials and the lectueres of public and private polytechnic university will see an major change. This is because in previous academic years the university capacity to achieve maximum numbers have been impossible. This is due to the number of applicants applying to private and public university. The January 2021, Polytechnic colleges and university will have 274000 seats available in 624 institution. This is an average of 429 students in each polytechnic institute.

Even during times when admission test are taken, universities will need time to mark the papers. Time will be needed to mark the exam papers and to inform the students their admission test grades. The crisis will continue in organising the admission test, conducting the exam, marking the exam, informing students the result. This crisis will be continuous for the HSC students and circulate further problems for bachelors students planning to complete their exams in January.

The demands in admission test, will cause an exam hall allocation class with the final year bachelor students. This is because admission test are taken during the times when it does not class with university programmes. For example, Student from Metropolitan has exam organised in an hall in January, Admission exam takes place in the same hall. This will mean university have to chose between the internal students interest in comparison to the candidates enrolling to the students.

The university depend on students bachelors results to promote academic progress and the internal students will have priority. With candidates admission cancelled this will cause further problems during the academic timeframe.

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