Summer 2017, Location Capital City. There was a time when British Bangladeshi Man representing TEAM BENGAL TIGERS was walking home in the silent night. There was no witnesses, completely empty roads in the residential area. The entrance to the tunnel was made, the destination was left direction. When walking passed the railway tunnel, the moped went passed. There was two people on the moped, they went passed signalled right and the driver and passenger fell to the ground. In this situation, people who would run and check if the two people were alright after falling to the ground. The member of TEAM SYLHET used logical analysis and did not run to them and check if they were alright. If he was to run to them, there are chances he would have been beaten up at this point. BENGAL TIGERS 1 – 0 OPPOSITION.

The Bengal Tigers team member avoided the first danger, when he turned left he realised one person from Moped got up looking around in all directions. The passenger of the moped was expecting the Bengal Tigers team member to be present on their location to carry out the hit. He was wrong, from far distance the member of the BENGAL TIGERS shouted Alright the moped passenger signalled all is well. The Moped driver remains on the floor. At this point the passenger of the moped could have ran to the member of the BENGAL TIGERS and attacked him on his own. The passenger of the Moped Never ran to the member of the Bengal Tigers to carry out the hit. Danger was avoided for the second time. Bengal Tigers member turned left direction towards his destination. For tracks to be covered he crossed the opposite direction of the road it looked like he was going towards to the high street location. Danger has been avoided for the second time BENGAL TIGERS 2 – 0 OPPOSITION.

As the member of the BENGAL TIGERS walks home, he was secure calm and relaxed. All he had to do was cross back to the left side and he was soon to arrive at his destination. He was half way home, he looks from far distance and sees both moped driver turn the bike around and travel towards his direction. The moped driver signalled right at first now, they were travelling left direction. Member of the Bengal Tigers looks further away, he sees the moped travelling the further he looked the closer the Moped was approaching. Within 60 second the moped stops in front of the BENGAL TIGER, both driver remain seated. Passenger holds a Knife and the driver shouts give us everything you got. Give us everything you got? They are seated, one says give us everything you got and second person is seated expecting the member of the Bengal Tigers to hand over his money, Bensons and phone. The person was not aware the members of the Bengal Tigers are trained to run from outnumbered situations. This turned into the game of cops and robbers, it was the BENGAL TIGER was the target, they were the robbers, no sign of the cops. The BENGAL TIGER turned around and ran back towards the railway tunnel. BENGAL TIGERS 3 – 0 OPPOSITION

Run back to the railway tunnel starts, the moped had to be turned around. The BENGAL TIGER was outpacing the moped. The moped must have been travelling 25 – 30mph and the BENGAL TIGER was running for his life. In fact the moped driver had to shout just give us everything you got. BENGAL TIGER ignored them and carried on running. BENGAL TIGER was using protocol he was the target, he approached the tunnel and there was road barriers. Before approaching the tunnel the Bengal Tiger tactic was to stop before the tunnel and run back towards the destination. BENGAL TIGERS stopped before the tunnel, Moped drove passed the railway tunnel. Skills was used in timing the run and stop before the running, running for his life means BENGAL TIGER was exceeding the speed limits in the residential road when sprinting. The Bengal Tiger was determined to escape at the impossible situation. BENGAL TIGERS 4 – 0 OPPOSITION

The Bengal Tiger stopped before the tunnel, turned around and ran back towards the destination. Bengal Tiger calculated it was impossible to run to his destination, he seen the metal gate with spikes. Gate was between 6ft and 7ft including the metal spikes at the top of the gate. This was the perfect getaway. He just had to climb over the gate, run towards the Amazon Forest conditioned Garden and then make his exit via Railway tracks. At the silent night there was no trains. If the Bengal Tiger was to climb over the gate, he has made his getaway. Time was running out and he can hear the moped running the engine, he climbed over the gate fast as possible, as soon as possible. He climbed over the gate, he got over the metal gate, victory was guaranteed when the Bengal Tiger climbed from the residential side of the gate and entered the Jungle to make his exit. BENGAL TIGERS 5 – 0 OPPOSITION

Bengal Tiger managed to climb over the metal gate, left side of the coat was caught on the metal spike. The Bengal Tiger was hanging of the gate. The moped arrived within 60 seconds stops the passenger runs towards the gate holding the knife at the BENGAL TIGER from the residential side of the gate. Bengal Tiger at the forest side of the gate there was no escape it was surrender time and no sign of him begging for his life. The only words from the BENGAL TIGER was just take the cigarettes, his pockets was not balanced meaning one pocket got searched. BENGAL TIGER emptied the right pocket money and what else was in his right pocket. The gate separates the BENGAL TIGER and opposition. The BENGAL TIGER never begged for his life only words shouted “Take the cigarettes” Moped driver had to get of his moped and he was handed the money, the moped driver says to his colleague let him go I got money off him. BENGAL TIGERS 5 – 1 OPPOSITION.

Before the moped left, the driver of the moped shouts “Yo Big man take you keys” the BENGAL TIGER was not aware he handed the house keys, it was moment of panic when the person is hanging of the gate and when knife is held at the person everything is handed over in critical situations. Bengal Tiger main objective was to protect the mobile phone, the mobile was in the internal coat pocket that never got searched. When the pockets were searched the coat pocket was not level. The moped driver throws the keys and points where they keys landed. The last thing the moped driver says was DONT CALL THE POLICE we know who you are and where your location.” BENGAL TIGERS 5 – 2 OPPOSITION

When the moped left the Bengal Tiger was alone he was left hanging off the gate. The Bengal Tiger climbed back over the gate to enter the residential side of the road. When he climbed over there was cut on his right hand when he climbed back over. He was in state of shock. There was blood on the right hand, coat was ripped. When the Bengal Tiger entered the house, his cousin brother woke up and seen him, the first thing the BENGAL TIGER asked was “is anyone in the house awake? Please do not say anything to anyone,” the BENGAL TIGER got his ripped coat put in a bin bag and threw it in the Waste Bin. First Aid kit and antiseptic wipes was used to reduced the blood from the hands. No police was called the BENGAL TIGER had principle not to be a snitch, BENGAL TIGER was never gonna call the police. The words from the Non Asian Moped opposition how did they know information about the BENGAL TIGER? This was when the BENGAL TIGER knew it was not his own people, it was the people from SOUTH ASIA neighbours who was feeding information. The reason the SOUTH ASIA neighbours feed information to the Moped people, in conflict situation those South Asian Neighbours knew they were defeated when they were in conflict with the BENGAL TIGER.

British Summer 2017, it was the making of the Bengal Tiger in the Capital City even the moped people gave hint someone from your community is giving information. Temporary the Bengal Tiger was hiding from Society when the knife situation. The Bengal Tiger was never going to involve the law enforcement. Ask yourself this question how many people would involve the police at this situation? There is an saying in situations it can make the person or break the person. The Bengal Tiger was broken for the next six months, November 2017 the BENGAL TIGERS emerged, and this story was promoted to the BENGAL TIGERS network. In 2021, the story lives on OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs the BENGAL TIGER of Summer 2017 to help promote our people development in developed economies. This Bengal Tiger was representing the Bengal Tigers team on his own when running from danger. This Bengal Tiger was not required on the football field to play for the Bengal Tigers Football Team. SYLHET MARATHON is promoting real life stories, real life situation OUR GENERAL OSMANI legacy lives on.

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