Article 86. The Sylhet Marathon completed the Tier Four Application section in December 2020. This article focuses on what happens after the IELTS student completes their exam and the requirements.

After the IELTS exams depending on the results students are ready to progress to the next stage. The stage when applying for the courses. Due to the numbers of universities in the United Kingdom, the doors are open to apply for various numbers of courses. Research from the British Council states there are students from all walks of life apply to study in the United Kingdom. The education sector Is demand and the prospect of the Bangladeshi students to escape the poverty starts in the United Kingdom.

For the International Students application develop and progress there are numbers of requirements before attending the VFS Visa processing office. The students will have to research higher education options before making the CAS payments to the education instition in England and oversea.

According to the Financial Requirements students must show they have Money to live while they live in the United Kingdom. Under the tier 4 regulations, the students are entitled to work 20 hours an week while they study. During the holiday timeframe, students are entitled to work numbers of hours possible in order to be financially stable while living in the country.


2020 1265.00 a month x 9 = 11385.00 per annum
2021 1334.00 a month x 9 = 12006.00 per annum

Due to the current situation and the UK are planning to leave Europe there has been an increase of £621 for the students balance. In relation to applications made after the 1ST January 2021, students should have an total of £12006 bank balance and the funds must be in the account for 28 days. in taka £12006 is 1296648 taka. In 2020, academic year the balance in accordance to Bangladesh taka 1229850 bank balance. The balance students in Bangladesh there has been an increase of 67068 (£621).

The bank balance is the money they will have for living costs including rent, bills, grocery, fees and books. London balance is high because, London is the capital city of England and known as the financial capital of the world. The £621 increase in terms of percentages there has been an increase of 5.45%.


2020 1015.00 a month x 9 = 9135.00
2021 1023.00 a month x 9 = 9207.00

2021 students studying outside London, the bank balance is £9207. In taka this is an total of 994356 bank balance for 28 days. 2020 timeframe the bank balance shown by the students studying outside 9135.00 an total of 986580 taka. the new rules means the balance for the financial requirements has increase by 7776.00 (£72). The increase has been an percentage of 0.78%.


When students decide on which location to study they have to look at opportunity costs and the benefits of studying outside London. For the January 2021, when comparing the financial requirements of living in London and living outside London the difference is £2799. Student living outside London will save £2799 per annum and also on the financial bank statement. The reduction is 23% and living outside London International student will be able to adjust to the UK life.

In terms of renting, an 1 bedroom flat in London would costs 1 student £1000 a month, in Birmingham the rentals for an 2 bedroom house is £570 a month. Living on rental in Birmingham would save the student £430 an month. The 2 bedroom house can be rented Is enough to accommodate 2 people. The students rent will be reduced further to £285 a month. With the house, the is additional outdoor and living area could be used to study.

The areas within travel distance has benefits for community Developments. The property rental will have less affect. For example, Luton area has been an home to Bangladeshi from the 1970s. the Bangladeshi community have an formidable network in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The purpose of community development will mean an international partnership can be possible between Luton Bedfordshire University and an Higher Education College in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

The Luton Area can be an area of development and new project to promote the town. The Vauxhall factory has been in luton for numbers of decades. When the Bangladeshi first arrived in the UK, Luton was where the story started. Majority of Bangladeshi migrants worked on the frontline of the Vauxhall Factory. This could form community partnership between Sylhet and Luton in relation to international relations. For the local community relations University of Bedfordshire and Vauxhall Factory can work in partnership.


The course options, there are number of programmes and universities international students can enrol when they plan to start the academic life. In Bangladesh, the education is traditional format and has not changed for decades. In the uniter Kingdom, university programmes have been moderneised with coursework, exams and industrial placement year.

In the recent years, universities has introduced accelerated degree programmes for students to complete their degree in 2 years. University undergraduate programme is three years. The tuition fees for international students is £13000 per annum. At the end of the 3 years of completing the course, the international students on the undergraduate programme would have invested £39000 in the three years.

The international students, completing the accelerated undergraduate programme would spend £18000 per annum. This is an total of £36000 in the two years intensive programmes. Saving the students £3000 and one year remaining in the university.

Bachelors students completing the honours in Bangladesh, enrol to an postgraduate programme. The tuition fees for the postgraduate programme is £13000 per annum. After completing the postgraduate programme this will mean the bachelors students will have an bachelors degree from Bangladesh and masters degree from England.


The HSC students, completed college and completed their IELTS exams meet the requirements of applying for an undergradate programme in the United Kingdom. In Sylhet, Law has become an programme bachelors student graduate in. the LLB (Hons) graduate in Sylhet move forward to work in the legal sector. in the United Kingdom Law would be an programme attracting law Graduates from Bangladesh.

The LLB (hons) graduate will have the legal skills and knowledge understanding the legal system in Bangladesh. If an LLB (hons) graduate from Bangladesh was to study in England the programme they would apply for is the LLB (HONS) at the University of Law.

The reason for this is if the law graduates from Bangladesh chooses to study LLB (hons) they would develop knowledge in the UK legal system. By the time they graduate LLB (hons) in Law they will have the legal knowledge in Bangladesh and United Kingdom. The two countries have the connection in terms of developing economy and developed economy. The legal knowledge combined are beneficial

  • University of Law can develop an partnership with Law colleges in Bangladesh in order to maximise numbers of international students to study Law.
  • Students will be employable in England due to the legal knowledge of Bangladesh and England. The student has the network for the company to form international partnership for commercial purposes.

In relation to the HSC students interested in studying Law, they have no legal academic experience of studying Law in Bangladesh. Their legal knowledge of the Bangladesh law is limited. University of Law have an Law programme to meet the requirements of students who are new to studying Law. The programme name is the International Foundation Programme In Law.

The international Foundation programme meets the learners requirements of teaching the Introduction of the Law programme. Students complete this programme in one year. After the foundation programme, students then progress onto the LLB (hons) programme. The reason why this course is recommended to HSC students in Bangladesh is because the LLB honours graduate will have academic and theorical experience to enrol on the LLB programme at University of Law. The foundation is the programme will maximise the basic knowledge of law and improve confidence to progress to the LLB after one year.


Postgraduate programmes attracts graduates from the world. The programme recommendation is Masters of Science in Project Management. The recommended institutions for Project Management is

  • Unievrsity of Law
  • University of Bedfordshire

Both of the ubiversity have flexible start dates for the course. The students are given the option to enrol September, January, April, July. September and December are the months when there the UK Visa offices receive numbers of applications to Tier 4 visas. In relation to January 2021, Bangladeshi Bachelor students will have backlogs of applications and will not be possible for them to start the programme in January.

In is recommended to enrol to the universities in April 2021. Bedfordshire and University of Law are the main university accept enrolment for April. The purpose of this is, students will not waste any more months. The country has been through crisis from March 2020 until this present day. The university will open on 19th December 2020, exams in January. With no confirmed dates it will be impossible for students to enrol and apply in January 2021.

Project Management is an recommended course because the course is linked to Association in Project Management. This programme will educate the students the theorical knowledge in management. This programme will meet the requirements of Bangladeshi graduates from various subjects.


Scholarships are financial sources given with the education institution to sponsor the tuition for high exceptional academic students. The scholarships are provided to the exception students who are not able to afford to pay for the tuition fees. The education places have the sponsorships available to the students, highly exceptional students help the organisation academic reputation increase during the academic year.

The are various scholarships in the global education sector. the main focus is the England Scholarships. In the recent years, University of Sussex introduced the scholarship the Bangladesh Scholarship. Thiis scholarship is for Bangladeshi national students and the students must be self financing.

Sussex University has introduced the Bangladeshi Scholarship is because the university has recognised Bangladeshi International Students potential. In the past years, Bangladesh International students have achieved academic objectives while they were studying At University of Sussex. This idea for the scholarship was first started by the Bangladeshi Society in 2018 – 2019 and it was confirmed on 10TH November 2020, this scholarship will be available/

The scholarship is valued at £3000 and will cover the tuition fees at the University of Sussex and Institute of Development Studies. This will help Sussex University maximise applications from Bangladeshi students applying for tier 4 Visa. There has been plans for Bangladesh to develop the education sector, due to the changes made by ACCA In Bangladesh introducing the CAT for school leavers. The scholarship is only available for students planning to study postgraduate programme.

The tuition fees for MA International Relations fees is £18500 per annum. According to the THE World University 2021, Sussex is ranked 160th in the world. From an reputatable university Bangladeshi applicants will save £3000 on tuition fees. The Bangladesh students will reduce the tuition fees expenses by 16.22% when the study the International relations programme.

£18500 – 3000 = £15500 after the scholarship has been granted.

3000/18500 x 100 = 16.22% saved on tuition fees

The University of Sussex is outside of London, in the living expenses category students will save an further 2799 when studying in Sussex. The Bangladeshi Scholarship will have tuition fees benefit saving £3000 and for living expense £2799 will be saved. A total of £5799 is saved when the student studies at the University of Sussex. Masters degree are £13000 in various university, an addition 2500 the benefit Is studying in an recognised university. The university of Sussex is the only university in United Kingdom to recognise the Bangladesh Scholarship.

The commonwealth scholarship started in 1960 by the FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth and Development office. Benefit of this scholarship is the costs are covered on tuition fees, airline return ticket and living expenses. The scholarship students will benefit from this scholarship due to expenses reduced on airline ticket, accommodation and tuition fees.
In the past years, 27800 people have been granted the scholarship to study in the United Kingdom. When FCDO introduced this programme in 1960, there were 175 scholars arriving in the United Kingdom on student visa. The FCDO has introduced an programme for Alumni association.

The scholarship is categories into six segments and they

  • Science and technology for development
  • Strengthening health system and capacity
  • Promoting Global Prosperity
  • Strenghtening global peace, security and governance
  • Strenghtening resilience and response to crisis
  • Access, inclusion and opportunity

Cheveing scholarship started in 1983 by the Foreign and Commonwealth office. The scholarships for students planning to complete the masters degree in one year. Chevening covers the costs for flights, accommodation and course fees. This will enable the students to maximise focus levels on education for exception grades.

Recently the British Council confirmed there are more than 1500 scholarship opportunities around the world for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. The purpose for this plan is to maximise students to study in the United Kingdom. This scholarship is for students with academic achievements background in their home country. Until this present day there have been over 50000 scholars taken part in the scholarship programme.

Chevening scholars have the opportunity accessing programmes related to networking events, workshops. The reason for this is to maximise their potential in the competitive market and gain valuable work experience taking part in the volunteer programme.

Multinational Law Firm, DLA Piper formed an partnership with Global Scholarships for students from developing economies to study in London and Oxford. This benefits the students covering the tuition and costs associated in relation to academic purposes. The company sponsors 35 students annually and after completing the programme, students have the opportunity to enrol on the global alumni programme. Source Financial Times 11/11/2019

The law firm introduced this programme, because they operate worldwide. Networking in developing economies will help them to invest in sectors to help the developing countries develop. This programme will maximise people to enrol into an law programme when studying in the United Kingdom. As an leading Law firm in the global market, networking will entitle the company to work in partnership with firms around the world.

DLA Piper scheme provides mentionship support, work experience and leadership training to the candidates. The reason for this is to monitor progress and provide opportunities for valuable work experiences. This will have benefits for Economics and Academic progression. DLA Piper work in partnership with Said Busines School, to provide the programme. The programme is also available at DLA Piper Headquarters Barbican, London.

The CAS is the Confirmarion of Acceptance for studies. The Statement is trsnferred from the University of the Home Office. For the international students to get the CAS number, the students must pay an deposit fee. This can vary between universities. The deposit is more than 40% of the course. Due to the number of students leaving after the first semester, there are university collecting 100% deposit fee.

The reason for the 100% deposit fee for students to get the CAS fees is an strategy for academic and economics purposes.

Academic reasons is when the 100% fees are paid in advance students will be eager to complete the course from the beginning to the end. When the students are graded and completed the course this will be beneficial for the student and the university statistics on numbers of students graduating. When the students graduate this will help university to maximise numbers of international students annually.

Economics purpose for students collecting the 100% course fee to provide the CAS certificate number Is the fees are paid in advance. The university can use the money to make further developments to improve learning facilities to meet the students requirements. The money received in advance can be used to invest in community project in developing economies. This is an strategy for 100% revenue received. This will ensure the university of not lose 75% of the revenue for students dropping out after the first semester.

When the deposit of the course fees are paid, the university send the CAS certificate number and statement to international students email address. The information provided on the CAS statement are

  • CAS number
  • The start and the end date of the course
  • Sponsor licence number
  • The sponsor registered address
  • Location of the course taken place
  • English Language criteria meets the entry requirement
  • The tuition fees
  • The confirmation of the deposit of the course has been paid
  • The passport name of the candidate
  • The passport number
  • Scholarship information if this is relevant to the applicant


When the CAS number and statement has been received. The students should ensure they have the required amount of money in the Bank account before an appointment is arranged with VFS global.

VFS Global are an visa processing centre, carry out the assessment of the international students applying for the tier 4 Visa.

The money available in the account will exclude the money paid toward tuition fees. For example, if an course fee is £13000 and 50% has been paid, this means the students should ensure there is £6500 in the Bank account to cover the tuition fees. The balance should be £6500 plus the money for the living expenses during the duration of the course.

In relation to the student studying in London they would ensure there is £12006 plus the £6500 for the tuition fees. This would be an total of 18506 bank balance for 28 days.

On the other hand, studying planning to study in Birmingham would need to show £9207 plus the £6500 for the tuition fees. The total balance to meet the financial requirements is £15707. In comparison to the London applicant the tuition section remains the same, in terms of the living expenses there has been an decline of £2801. The Birmingham student already has an advantage of £2801 to be shown in the Bank statement.

When the amount is in the Bank Account, the Bank need to issue an certificate of the money has been deposited in the account. The letter must have the account name, account number, bank name and the funds available. This money should remain in the bank for 28 days and should not go past 31 days.

After the required financial days have been met, the applicant then goes to an appointment arranged at the VFS Global. The VFS office Is located in Dhaka and Sylhet. both city have good domestic airlines link, the flight duration is one hour.

THE vfs global started in 2001 and since then until this present day. As time progressed, education syllabus has been modernised, VFS Global they have recognition for being Visa outsourcing company for the governments around 144 countries with 3434 application centres. The two application centres in Bangladesh are Located in Sylhet and Dhaka.

The visa processing officers are trained to carry out assessments on the applicants for Tier 4 visa. The premier package is only available in Dhaka costs 7500 taka. in Sylhet the silver packing costing 2600 taka would reduce costs by 4900 taka. in the Silver package VFS centres

  • Checking the documents
  • Document scanning
  • Printing the documents

With the silver package the applicants are kept upto date with the progress of the application by SMS service. The information is also available on the VFS Global website to check the application progress online.

The package costs individually
Application and Documents check 0750
Document Scanning 1200
Printing 0040
SMS Service 0300
Internet Kiosk 0195

The total if the services in the silver package are purchased individually is 2485 taka. the printing price can vary depending on how many pages are needed.

The VFS Global in Sylhet provide additional services Form completing assisting costing 2150 taka and appointment suitable for group costing 1380 taka.

on the other hand, Dhaka the capital service has additional services in terms of courier service where the passport is delivered to the residence address. The costs of the courier service is 1200 taka.

the on demand mobile visa has met the applicants requirements of applying from the comfort of their home. The applicants applying from their home would cost between 7000 and 12000 taka.

applicants have to pay an fee to retain the passport costing 6000 taka. this services requires an photocopy of the passport when attending the visa centre. For the services provided VFS globals adds 441 taka to all the services provided.

The fingerprints and photograph are required for biometric purposes. the biometric information is require for an fee of £19.20 UK currency.

The requirements of what the applicant should bring are

  1. Printout of the confirmarion letter
  2. Valid Passport with at least 1 blank page
  3. Supporting documents
  4. Application on the Direct. Gov site
  5. Biometric information

On the site students would apply for the tier 4 student visa. The fees involves are

  1. Tier 4 visa is £348
  2. Biometric is £19.20


UK Visa Fees £0470.00
Biometric £0021.60
Medical Charges £0750.00
VFS Global 02600.00 TAKA

The bank balance of the Bangladeshi national student will show the balance in Taka currency. In order to see the balance in the UK currency, UKVI will check the OANDA currency rate between the taka and pound. The currency is calculated on the day when the application is made.

The students depending on where they are studing would have been 15707 and 18506 in the UK currency. The value of £1 = 108 taka. this means the students bank balance should be between 1696356 taka and 1998648 taka. the will be two situations an students will be faced with due to the macroeconomic changes that results in the currency value to inctrase or decline.

If the taka to pound currency rate was to increase in value, this will mean the applicants bank balance will decline. For example, an student had 2000000 taka in the bank account, this balance met the requirement 28 days ago. In the present day, pound to taka value is £1 = £114. The 2000000 taka is now £17543, an decline of £943. In this situation an student studying in London would have the application rejected.

On the other hand, if the pound to taka currency was to decline. When the pound value is 105 taka. the students bank balance in pounds would meet the requirements because 28 days ago the 2000000 taka was valued at £18518. When the pound to taka value declined, the 2000000 taka is valued at £19047 an profit of £529.

if the value of the pound was to increase this would show students have less money to meet the financial requirements. The tactic for the students is make sure there is at least 2400000 taka to ensure the changes in the market will not affect their bank balance. The students studying outside London, will have an major advantage with the maximum bank balance if there were changes in the foreign currency rates.


In Bangladesh, around the world when students get the Visa acceptance there is happiness and the struggles have ended in positive results. After getting the good news, students have the permission to book their flight to England. Between the time of getting the news on visa acceptance, it is advisable research their new surroundings.

Researching new surroundings will be beneficial when they travel to an new environment. This will save them time in finding out about travel routes from A to B and they will not feel confidence. Confidence results in personal situations where students have to manage their daily life that could affect their academic performance.

Academic Qualifications and IELTS has educated students the theatrical skills in relation to social, economic and academic situations. The preparation of organising travel, opening bank accounts, finding a property, students will develop work skills in relation to research, complex thinking for their new life overseas.

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