Education Minister confirmed the lessons for SSE students will be broadcasted on Bangladesh Television Channel. At the beginning stages the televised programme could have opened doors to Bangladesh Television channel to provide academic programmes. This is because Project had programmes to meet the requirements of the SSE students.

The date for the televised project confirmed was on March 28th 2020 and there was and total of 1.1 and 1.3 million HSE students exams delayed. With the television channels working in partnership there could have been subjects in relation to commerce, mathematics, English language, science and economics. This would have benefited the students of Bangladesh.

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher education were in the planning process of broadcasting pre recorded lessons for grade 6 and 10 students. In the past years linkedin learning have provided various courses on the online methods of learning. The benefits of pre recorded learning is to ensure students are learning from home.

Televised learning has been known in the United Kingdom. BBC channel had bitesize revision programme. The purpose of the bitesize programme to meet the requirements of GCSE students during the times of revision. Television learning in relation source and helps the students reduce costs on data related costs.

During the first stages Bangladesh Education department reacted by ensuring televised learning was available for the students. The benefits of televised learning it would help students reduce the costs of buying data for internet and the only source needed is an television. The television method has made changes and will develop further to modernise the Bangladesh Education Sector.

In 2009, when CAMPE was taken over by the Government, they had communicated with the government in relation to BTV channel. The plan was to broadcast televised education to meet the students requirements. Back then the plan was not taken forward. Due to the pandemic crisis, the televised education source was available for Bangladesh to ensure students are educated on BTV. In the past years, BBC has used this method by providing revision programmes for the students.


The Programmes presented on Sangsad Television Channel My School at home will have lessons starting from the 28TH March 2020. There are two sessions with the first session starting at 9am until 12pm and the second lesson from 2pm until 5pm. television session will meet the requirements of learners from class 6 to class 10. in the television education, Bangladesh television and Sangsad Tv will be broadcasting the educational programmes.

There are two television channels ensuring there is programme capacity to meet the needs of the students. For the television method of learning, the assets need is television, connection line and electricity. The electricity is an daily running expenses. With this method internet data costs and mobile phone costs is saved.

With over 100 million people are internet users in Bangladesh and use the mobile phone method. There are disadvantages of monthly data expenses will affect the students financial situation. The lessons presented during the academic timetable will ensure students are actively learning.

Sangsad Television and Bangladesh National television working on this project. This means the barriers for entry in the televised education market is open for organisations to start an television channel. With the lessons presented at fixed time, there are times when students could miss the lesson. The could also be additional new companies presenting education programme to meet the requirement for Honours students and HSC Student. The ranges of televised programme can be related to economics, politics, advance mathematics and management.

The alternative could be to produce DVD and sell them to the students. In the recent years the online media channels have been produced for consumers to watch movies online. With the students not able to access internet and missing the education programme, producing DVD project will encourage students to buy DVD player to watch the programme when it is suitable. For the students to watch the education programmes on DVD, an DVD player will need to be purchased.

When the education programme end, student will be presented homework to complete after the lesson. The homework needs to completed in the next lessons when the presenter will present feedback in relation to the homework task. The students are classroom focussed and will be requiring face to face communication guidance. With the introduction of the televised education, students will save money on internet packages.


The Bangladesh education department have taken measure in order to ensure their programmes meet the requirements of the students. The three vital steps for the televised programme were Make the lessons attractive, Making the programme interactive and Remembering the context.

Attractive is what meets the consumer requirements in the market. In terms of televised learning rather than presenter just talking, the lessons will provide real life scenarios to ensure students are interested in the topics presented. With the lessons being informative will educate the students and help to maximise the numbers of students to take part in Televised learning. This will also help students to reduce the costs of buying data packages for the mobile phone device.

The teachers will be encouraged to take part in the televised lessons to ensure they know what students are learning. Teachers taking part In the lesson will be aware of the students progression. For the teachers to communicate with their students this means telephone calls with need to be made during the isolation. When telephone calls are made this will increase the teachers phone expenses. With the government funding for online education, there could be an project involving covering the teachers phone expenses during the lockdown when people are self isolating.

When the lockdown ends and the markets reopen, education remains closed teachers can arrange meetings with the students to monitor progress in relation to the television lessons. Meeting students on weekly basis teachers will be able to keep track of their students progress. With schools closed, this will increase the demand for home tutors in Bangladesh.

As the demand for televised education increases, this will encourage the teachers in schools to become television presenters. The subjects they present will be the subject they teach at the school. With two companies involved in televised education project, the new televised projects will create job opportunities for educators to work as television presenters while the school remains closed.

In the united kingdom, at 5pm on BBC news the public are informed on the daily statistics in relation to the covid 19 infection and death rates. Daily education message is presented to the public relation to social distance and protecting themselves from the illness. With the Bangladesh channel educating the public on health and covid, this will help the public to watch the programmes.


The research from the Bangladesh education Forum organised an project asking 1126 students feedback in relation to televised education project. Students were from nationwide locations and 94% are aware about the television education. With the 94% knowing about the televised education only 5% watched televised education programme. The results shows

  • 05% watched televised learning programmes
  • 89 did not watch televised education programmes
  • 06% are not aware of the televised learning programme

Overall result is 95% from the 1126 students did not take part in the televised education programmes. The 5% of the students watching televised learning benefited by saving money on purchasing internet data and grameen phone. With phone providers providing discounted rate on internet, this has affected the companies sales revenue. Students watching televised learning has benefited from not purchasing data and watch television education programmes.

With the SSE students exams cancelled and no decision has been made, the 65% students learning online mentioned the education expenses has increased. With the internet in demand and telecommunication companies providing student discount on packages, this has resulted in companies sales for internet data maximised. The secondary school students studying for the SSE exams rely on their parents funding to pay for their education expenditure.

Research from the 65% stated, 54% of the students budget increased by BDT500 to BDT1000 a month, 10% increased by 500, 1% increased by BDT1000 – BDT1500 taka. being distance away from the classroom has had an affect on the economy and students results. Bangladesh education is more classroom focused and with the education structure same as it was from 1972, the country specification needs to change. The reasons for the increase in expendidure was for the start up costs to buy internet data for mobile phone users, internet packages and the router to connect the wifi device. For online, access students would need personal computer, mobile phone and internet connection.

With the economy in closure, students not watching the televised education and relying on the online education method. Students living in village areas will be affected with the closure of education. The village is where the electricity is limited and will be impossible for students to be actibely learning. With the economy declining has resulted in wage reduction and the students in secondary and higher secondary relying on their parents fundings, 97% of the students mentioned their parents income has declined.

Parents income reduction will have an affect, on the family cash flow and with the schools remaining to collect fees and student buying additional data puts further pressure. If the schools remained opened, students expenditure would not have increased. The economy in the recovering, corporations will reduce the workforces ages. In the developing economy when an person leaves work it will be impossible to find work during the pandemic. students parents only option is to take the wages at reduced rate in order to support the family. Long as the cash flows in, students education will be secure via online learning.

In major cities, televised learning has declined and there has been demand for internet for students accessing the internet. With ranges of social media, Netflix and education programme the internet has helped students to joined LinkedIn in for corporate purpose. Students active on the internet has caused the internet data packages demand to increase. Televised learning method could have reduced the students costs by BDT1000 a month. Television channel should work with organisation related to social development and education to improve the infrastructure in televised education.

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