Notes – Sylhet Marathon completed the report in November 2020.

In 2020, I was in the process of completing my report based on the education sector. This was the first sector I taken an interest in due to the situations in Bangladesh. Education sector closed on 9 occasions in 2020 when the pandemic started. The dates when the education sector was closed were 31/03/2020, 09/04/2020, 15/06/2020, 30/06/2020, 06/08/2020, 31/08/2020, 31/10/2020, 14/11/2020, 19/12/2020. The number of times the education sector was closed, there was alternative strategies to keep the education sector to reopen.

The shops in Bangladesh could have provided an delivery services to ensure education reopened. Purposes of delivery is customers would have got the product delivered directly to their rather. This would have saved the capacity of audience in the market areas. When the people capacity is reduced in market areas it is easier for law enforcement to manage the location and ensure there is compliance to health and safety.

Catering sectors have benefited from provided food delivery to customers via Food Panda terminal. The food Panda is an food delivery company delivers the food on behalf of Food Panda. Due to the changes in technology and demand in internet customers can order food from list of food places. While the education sector was closed, restaurants remained open, the people capacity numbers started to increase on daily basis. The alternative for the restaurants was to maximise sales volume by deliveries. This could have been recruiting CNG Driver to deliver the food to the customers. Restaurants would have benefited from this because rather than relying on online orders, telephone orders sales would have maximised, food delivered directly.

When the food is delivered directly, this would have helped restaurants paying commission to the food agents. In England, Just Eat Charge 12% plus VAT for every food order, during the pandemic the rate increased to 15% plus VAT. Reduction in Paying food panda, direct sales would have been the solution to increase the restaurant profit margin on food delivery. The benefit of this an job created for the transportation worker could have add benefits to the Government for income tax sources of income.

Food Panda has changed the way Bangladeshi people do their shopping, due to the brand recognition Shwapno an Major Retail chain used Food Panda to deliver groceries. The purpose of this was food panda met the delivery requirements, Shwapno seen the opportunity to follow the same process as retailers in England. In England Morrisons started using Food agents to maximise sales on grocery due to the demand on their online shopping terminal. The purpose of this was to ensure no delivery opportunities are missed and sales are maximised for deliveries via direct orders on the website or Deliveroo Terminal. Shwapno as an retailer could have contributed by closing the shop and create job opportunities for field workers.

For shops and food places to maximise sales volume, this could have been done if minimum order level was applied to ensure customers order within £400 taka for product to be delivered. Delivery charges could have been applied to meet the running costs of CNG vehicle expenses. To conclude this, restaurants and retail outlets maximises audience numbers in congested areas. Education remaining closed since the economy reopened in May 2020, there could have been solutions to ensure the education reopened to save an major crisis.

In the competitive market, companies introduced field workers to approach customers and organisations directly. Field work methods meets the requirements of business to customer and business to business lines of communication. For example, company start in the competitive market they would recruit field workers to promote the brand and sell the products directly. Shwapno retailers could have used this method of sales in order to reduce people capacity in the shops and the town areas. This would have met the sales requirements of selling the products directly with less focus relation to online sales more focus on face to face communication with the customers.

In order to store the product, premises is needed and stock need to counted ensure the supply meets the demands. The shop would have had the customer focussed shop workers to work in other areas. For example, on the telephone to process orders to ensure the correct order has been processed. The telephone person would have communicated with the stock allocators to ensure the product is ready. If there are 12 deliveries, 6 of them go to the same area zone, 6 deliveries would go with one driver rather than allocating one delivery at an time. For this to happen, workers will have to go to residence and communicate face to face. The solution is field workers will be have an role for shwapno to complete this project.

Field workers will be provided with invoice papers, pen and phone. The invoice paper will be needed to write down the orders manually. Field workers would go to the residence houses and find out what products they would like to order. When the order is written down, the field worker will call the retailer and communicate with the field workers.

Telephone worker processes the orders, ensure the product details and quantities are correct. Ensuring the orders are correct are vital this will reduce errors in delivery and reduce the delivery attendance. The communication between the telephone person and the field worker will have an vital role in the first stages. The total have to correct and there should be zero calculation errors. The delivery charges should be added to the invoice. When the call is completed, the telephone worker would communicate with the stock allocator and provide the order details.

Stock allocator will then have numbers of invoice list, and their role involves allocating stock for the delivery orders. There are numbers of products in the stock area, allocating the correct stock with the delivery address is important. When the stock Controller completes this job. They will then communicate with the person managing the deliveries.

Deliveries Supervisor will manage the deliveries and analyse the delivery addresses. There will be situations when there are 20 deliveries need to be distributed. There are 4 area zones from all directions. Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4 and the premises is in the centre. If there are 20 deliveries, 5 deliveries In zone 1, 5 deliveries in zone 2, 5 deliveries in zone 3, 5 deliveries are in zone 4 and there are 4 drivers this will mean each driver will be allocated 5 deliveries each. The driver then communicates with the delivery drivers.

The delivery should ensure they go to the correct address and collect the correct money. This is the most important stages of the process, if the driver delivers to the wrong address this will cause conflict and if the wrong amount of cash is collected this will have consequences on the retailers financial statuses. The driver will go to the allocated addresses and collect the money. After the process is completed the drivers will return back to the shop with the invoice and money. The money and receipts will be given to the cashier.

Driver goes back to the shop with the invoice and money after completing the deliveries. The cash and invoice are given to the sales analysis team. The driver gets ready for the next deliveries. Sales analysis team will check the money collected with the invoice total. Cash sales are checked with the invoices, customers paying by card the shop will have an merchant copy. Invoice and total should match in order for the processes to be completed.

If this method was used by major retailers, less people population to reduce conjestions, jobs created in logistics. The existing workers would have been allocated into alternative job roles, sales would have been maximised. This would have had benefits for the relailers, the workforce, customers and education would not have gone through 9 months of crisis. This method would have ensured education sector reopened same timeframe as the garments industry.

The Community relations is depended on for the location to progress. For change to happen, community opinion determines the changes. In the past years there has been student relation protest in relation to students rights. For example, student demonstration in Trafalgar Square when tuition fees was increased from 3000 to 9000. There was no changes there, the fees still remained the same in England. England education sector managed to guarantee students where given grades based on the predictions and ensured students are ahead of the academic timetable.

Bangladesh community could have taken action by organising the community meetings. Meetings would have got the community to work together in sharing opinions. When there are opinions, there are ideas, when there are ideas this when an formal report can be written. When the written document is written the document the community can organise an meeting with area representatives.

The main ideas in the meeting should have been education can reopen for exams only. During this time the delays was affecting college and honours students. They depend on the grades to progress onto Higher Education in Bangladesh and Overseas. If the centres were open for exams only this would have been the solution to save the education sector to go through crisis timeline.

Education classes would have been closed, the college students, bachelors students and Secondary students exams would be completed. Garment sector opened earlier because Bangladesh Are the largest garment sectors in the world supplying clothing to retailers in the global market. Student education and grading determines the country future and prospects. Education places exist to educate the learners of today to be the leaders in the long term.

During the lockdown, the end results was closure of community halls trading as an events venue hire. This location could have been used as an meeting place for the community members. The community hall could have been used for the members to persuade the community leaders to use the hall for education development programme. The area Representees known as Councillors and Commissioner are voted by the people to the leader of the community. The community leaders are well connected with the media, government, education authorities and corporations. When the meetings were organised by the community an written document would have been sent to the commissioners office. This is the stage where there is written document and commissioner has the role to share this document with their contacts. This document would have the opinion of the local community because it is because of the community why the community leader is the commissioner of the area.

In Bangladesh, Capital City is Dhaka and over the years the focus has been on Dhaka from the international market. This was an opportunity for commissioners in various locations to promote the area to an international market. The education sector delayed news reached an global audience. Commisioners would have promote via media sources about the community are taking action to reopen the education sector.

The ideas from the written report would be promoted to the press and sent to the Education minister office. It is the country government decision whether education should reopen. For the community opinions to be recognised, the process starts from the commissioner and then progresses nationwide. Due to the development in locations, Bangladesh has developed community organisation to promote their work to communities around the world. The benefit for the work was for recognition and maximise stakeholder numbers.

Commissioners are the community leaders with ranges of access to network in numbers of sectors. The closure of community centre was used as an place for community meetings. Area commissioner solution would have been during the day time, the centre can open for education development programme teaching the students requirements of the academic syllabus. In the evening time, the place used for community development meetings.

With the programmes introduced, progression would be promoted and education would have reopened for exam purpose to the main students. Education close in March, Bangladesh economy reopened in May 2020, Education remained closed in May 2020 and remained closed until 19TH December 2020. The HSC students were graded with Auto promotion In October 2020.

If the commissioner took these steps to work with the community the exam centres would have saved education lockdown down closure by 50% because exams would have been completed in July 2020. Exam completed in June the students would have had their grades before October 2020.

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