The strategy for the menu is to remove the Chicken Tikkas and Lamb Tikkas from the menu, items all one size for container stock purchased in one size, minimized items in the fryer department to save space on the fryer. The are zero sides all items are main, Roast is in the Appertiser and Sylheti Roast Section. In the restaurant industry there are takeaway with more than 180 menus.

There is increased competition in the Bangladeshi Caterers community. The reason for this is because the Bangladeshi caterers trade as Indian Cuisine. Bangladesh Caterers menu reduces the menu list by almost 75%. This will ensure Roast Chicken, Shami Kebab and the Bangladesh Chicken Korma is promoted to the London Market. London development will be dependable to start the training centre in Sylhet. When London does develop, one takeaway can open in Sylhet, the menu remain the same. The workforce in Sylhet develop skills in Sylhet and prepare for work life in London.

APPERTISER (1) Fries (2) Fried Onions (3) Roast Chicken (4) Shami Kebab (5) Keema (6) Mushy Peas (7) Maash Biran (8) Cod Roe

RICE (9) Pilao (10) Vegetable (11) Steam (12) Egg Fried Rice (13) Fried Rice

VEGETABLE (14) Spinach Bhazi (15) Mushroom Bhazi (17) Vegetable Bhazi

NAAN (17) Plain

SAUCES (18) Korma (19) Curry (20) Jalfrazi (21) Bhuna (22) Garlic (23) Tomato (24) Mayonesse

SYLHETI ROAST (25) Chicken (26) Duck (27) Maash (28) Lamb (29) Prawn

KORMA (30) Chicken (31) Lamb (32) Prawn

KORMA (33) Chicken (34) Lamb (35) Prawn

SUNDRIES (36) Lime Pickle (37) Mango Chutney (38) Onion Chutney

DRINKS (39) Diet Coke (40) Coca Cola (41) Sprite (42) Fanta (43) Volvic

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