Project 1 Convince the Bangladeshi restaurateurs to promote their establishment as Bangladeshi restaurant. Bangladeshi community are classed as Indian in the eyes of developed economies public. Indian establishment promoted, Bangladesh has not gained recognision. There are Food association promoting Bangladeshi contribution, the establishment classed as Indian Cuisine. What will help if the Indian cuisine is removed and Bangladesh cuisine promoted? This will ensure Bangladesh community is taken seriously by the developed economies, the developed Audience will recognise our people and from the Bangladesh caterers they will learn about OUR GENERAL OSMANI. Food places are not just places where curry is ordered, the Bangladeshi workforce will work in teams to ensure our Nation is promoted in Developed economies.

Project 2 Work with Taxi offices to ensure they maximise trades. The work will ensure Taxi offices trades to maximise and educate the stakeholders not to rely on Uber. There was the article published Uber Transportation Resources published on 21 May 2021 informing the stakeholders on the resources Uber Taxi drivers uses. Sylhet Marathon working in Partnership will be beneficial for Taxi offices in the Bangladeshi community to maximise trades and ensure the consumers save GB on the Uber App.


Project 3 There should be no Deliveroo delivering food for the takeaway, Just Eat is suitable comparison to Deliveroo. The Deliveroo app increased the commission fees, If Deliveroo leaves London this will have major benefits for the caterers. In the past 5 years there has been increased tension and Rivalry between Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Uber Eats started as Uber Taxi. There has been plan for Uber to Leave London, if Uber Eats and Deliveroo leaves London this will make the Bangladeshi caterers life easier.

Project 4 Educate the Bangladeshi community IS NOT the official Biman website. This is the advantage for Bangladeshi communities to work in partnerships, OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs Sylhet Marathon to work with Bangladeshi Travel agents to start call centre projects. For further information details BANGLADESH TRAVEL AGENT RESEARCH


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