The content presented is in relation to the National University Bangladesh. In the past years there has been maximum numbers of students enrolling to the Political Science Honours programme. There numbers of options available for career development, the programme duration four years. In there are two institutions, two of the oldest Education institution seen rise in Applicants enrolling on the Political Science programme. Rise in numbers of Political Science Applicants resulting in the formation of the United Nations society. The two of the oldest Education Institutions are Sylhet MC College (Established 1892) located in the the developing area Tilaghor and Madan Modan College (Established Friday 26 January 1940) located in Lamabazaar near the Sports section of the Sylhet City Corporation.

211901 Political Institution and Organisation
211903 Western Political Thought
211905 Major Foreign Government (UK, USA, France)
211907 Introduction to Public Administration
211501 History of the Emerging Bangladesh Independence
212009 Introduction to Sociology
212111 Introduction to Social Work
212209 Principles of Economies

221901 Political and Constitution Development British India
221903 Political Economy in Bangladesh
221905 Women in Politics and Development
221907 Oriental Political Thoughts
222209 Bangladesh Economy
222009 Sociology of Bangladesh
222115 Bangladesh Society and Culture

231901 Constitutional Development (1971 – Present)
231903 International Politics Fundamental
231905 Government and Politics South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
231907 Political Approach
231909 Peace and Conflict
231911 Public Administration in Bangladesh
231913 Research and Methodology and Statistics
213915 Political Sociology

241901 Political Theory
241903 Local Government and Rural Development
241905 Introduction to Public Policy
241907 Government in the Far East (South Korea, Japan, China)
241909 Environment and Development
241911 Foreign Relations in Bangladesh
241913 Legislative Process in Bangladesh
241915 Globalisation, Regionalism, and International Financial Institutions

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