The Sylhet Marathon team are planning to visit Bangladeshi managed travel agent. The purpose for the meetings will be to ensure Bangladeshi travel agents to start call centres to create additional employment opportunities. There two Biman websites the original Bangladesh International airlines and trading in the United Kingdom.

Website located in Vacation House, Essex. They are the division part of Ace Trip Ltd. The reason why Ace Trip Ltd started the website was to attract Bangladeshi audience to purchase tickets via online sales. What does this mean for Bangladeshi managed travel agents? Decline in revenue, chances of insolvency and workforce redundancy. Online sales maximised and they have call centres manage customer enquires.

What if the Bangladesh Travel Agents in London to form an committee to create call centre work for travel agents. Sylhet is developing, the call centres can attract London based Bangladeshi Travel agents to invest in premises in Sylhet and help create work to minimise unemployment and maximise the reputation for the Bangladesh Tourism sector. In the past years, Bangladeshi have been know to work in catering sector, the sector promoting Indian Cuisine when the title should be Bangladesh Cuisine.

The Biman Bangladesh UK office is based in Grants Hill, Essex. In 2019 Biman Bangladesh office was located in Mayfair, Central London. The reason for the move of offices was because to reduces building costs moving away from Central London. There was an Alternative for Biman Bangladesh to remain with Central London if they had office Located near the Bangladesh High Commission Office located in South Kensington, London, SW7. Biman has options to expand their product portfolio in order to maximise revenue. The ticket maximise sales are London to Sylhet Direct Flight. Biman Bangladesh are the brokers maximise the sales volume for B2B to travel agents and B2C from online sales.

What if was to minimise in travel ticket sales? This will be beneficial for the Bangladesh community. The Sylhet Marathon logic is to ensure the Bangladesh Travel Agents Committee to start call centre. For the call centre to start the communication with the Bangladeshi community will need to start. The Biman Bangladesh London to Sylhet attract the elderly consumers. The reason why the elderly buy the London to Sylhet ticket is because the flight is direct.

There needs to be Bangladeshi managed call centre related to travel agent, if there are projects organised in Sylhet this will have major benefits for Travel agent workers to work in Sylhet offices. Call centre in Sylhet will attract Tier Four International students to study Tourism Degree in the United Kingdom. Tier Four visa entitles students to work 20 hours a week. Students studying Tourism will be able to work in the environment to suit their timetable and related to their academic subject.

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