In 2019, the social media vlogs in Sylhet started. Numbers of vloggers entered the social media market promoting Sylhet. The social media channel main focus will be the channel Flukey. There are various videos related to British Bangladeshi connecting with his ethnicity. Videos are related to Hospitality, Tourism, Family connection and Transportation. Last time he made videos related to Bangladesh was in 2019. The year 2021, is the correct time for Flukey Social Media terminal to return.

The Sylhet Marathon has taken part in promoting the video vlogs on the terminal to help the platform maximise view numbers. The link to the social media page is

05/06/2019    Journey to Bangladesh      Views 1555   

06/06/2019   My Trip In Jagannathpur   Views 5303    

06/06/2019   My Trip In Jagannathpur   Views 5303    

10/06/2019    Rose View Hotel Part 1   Views   7916   

10/06/2019    Rose View Hotel Part 2       Views   3658

11/06/2019    Rose View Hotel 3   Views  1326           

11/06/2019    Last Day in Rose View     Views 912     

11/06/2019    Star Pacific Hotel Sylhet      Views 8130

11/06/2019  Star Pacific 2/Sylhet River    Views 1100

12/06/2019  Star Pacific Hotel Last Day     Views   1137 

13/06/2019    Going to Village Home    Views 1538     

13/06/2019    Fire Station/Pizza Hut    Views 678       

13/06/2019   Bishwanath Bazaar Views 727                

14/06/2019   Hunting     Views   491                             

14/06/2019   The motorbike     Views   575                 

14/06/2019   Giving Charity Views 596                      

15/06/2019    Crazy Road Trip     Views 926                    

17/06/2019    Tea Garden Sylhet          Views 725               

23/06/2019        Sylhet Law Enforcement     Views 662

25/06/2019     Sylhet Market Place   Views 578                   

26/06/2019    Normal Bangladesh Daily Routine          View 954

28/06/2019    Crossing the River             Views 708   

01/07/2019     Return ticket confirmed   Views 739     

04/07/2019    Return to the United Kingdom    Views 1020

There are 23 view vlogs in relation to the return journey London to Sylhet. This is Sylhet Marathon first social media representative project. I hope this will be beneficial for learning about various areas in Sylhet.

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