In Western society, it depends on the environment the Sylheti person lives for them to represent Sylhet and the national country Bangladesh. There are areas where the is high numbers of South Asian communities. In this environment it is competitive to represent Bangladesh. Numbers of increased competition and close ties with South Asia numbers make it difficult to promote Sylhet. There are Bangladesh political community spokesman have their own media network organised for them to promote Bangladesh community development to the home country.

There was a time when one Bangladeshi establishment were like visitors in the area, it was not until two British Bangladeshi moved to the area. The two British Bangladeshis represent Sylhet. When the two British Bangladeshi moved to the area it was not long when the area was to see the change and recognise Bangladesh. This area seen the network increase with the Bangladeshi communities resulting in Bangladeshi food establishment to maximise trades in collection, dine in and takeaway orders. Changes resulted in the Bangladeshi establishment to make the area feel like home rather than treated as visitors. This is an example of leadership, two British Bangladesh representing their ethnic roots and developing network with the Western environment.

In London, this is the international market this is place where the British Bangladeshi person see numbers of changes. This is the chance where the British Bangladeshi be the leader rather than follower. Numbers of platforms and organisations located within travel distance. The fast pace of London can be the making of the person or they can continue not to be active in promoting Bangladesh. Tier Four Student Visa requires Bangladesh Students to meet the financial requirements of £12006 Bank Balance and further £13000 for postgraduate course. Bangladeshi International student will leave their birth country to study in London, their families investment results in them move to the new developed country. The new environment, what will can be done to support the International student and help them settle?

Sylhet Marathon, number one website in Sylhet for Informative information. The purpose of the Sylhet Marathon is form network with Sylhet in order to ensure our Sylhet City develops and ensure the history of Bangladesh information is presented to the developed economies environment. Concept will ensure there are work opportunities for applicants on student visa to comply with the Tier Four 20 hours work law. Remember the international student have their funds invested in university courses, funds to survive in London, without work are they able to survive? The 20 hours a week work will help the Bangladeshi International students to study during the academic hours and during the economic development 20 hours a week work they will be at working ensuring our Nation Bangladesh to be recognised and taken seriously in developed economies.

The Sylhet Marathon Article 68, Osmani Leadership states 4 examples related to leadership. Numbers of questions that should be considers. Is 2021 the time when actions need to be taken? What struggle do the tier 4 students go through when they arrive in London? Is this beginning for education projects in Sylhet need to start? Stories of the Bangladeshi establishment, what made them feel like visitors? How did the two British Bangladeshis change the atmosphere of the area for the establishment to make the area feel like home? The scenarios are related to leadership. In Sylhet OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs the people of Sylhet to work in teams to ensure Sylhet is taken seriously in developed economies.

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