The was one post published by one connection member in relation to the campaign to launch the coffee brand for their establishment. The member of the Osmani Liberation Movement replied with logical explanation. The response to the status was the name should be connected to Desert Area to educate stakeholders about countries in Desert Location. This will enable the brand to work in partnerships and network with Travel agents, Tour operators and countries in Desert locations. This will help the company brand to access Markets in North Africa and Middle Eastern Market. The brand will have the potential to work in partnership with non profit organisations to support the project FREE PALESTINE.

After the comment was written at evening time one person responded with the words What Nonsense. What Nonsense? What was that suppose to mean? My comment is supporting the coffee brand project and some states nonsense, this was not just anyone the person who wrote none sense has been in corporate environment with decades years of experience. This questions does this person represent progress? does this person discriminate Bangladeshis? Is the person hating because someone with zero degree has the logic and courage to share his points? This person who wrote nonsense sent the message to the member of the Osmani Liberation Movement, the person representing the Osmani Organisation is supports Free Palestine, Black Lives Matter, Our General Osmani Needs You to encourage the city of Sylhet to work as a team. There was no way the member of the Osmani Liberation Movement was going to be silent. There was an response.

Response strategy tag the name of the person who wrote What Nonsense. The written response was I know you are on the connection contact list. I will ask questions. Why did you write nonsense? Linkedin has my comment as relevant. Are you aware the world is supporting the concept Free Palestine? If there are disagreements do you think you should response with logical explaination in relation to the project? Your wrote my response is nonsense, it is not your post I wrote my response. It is the company posts I wrote my response. Our General Osmani Needs you encouraged the person to represent Sylhet to respond. The comment was written, screenshot was saved.

When the member of the Osmani Liberation Movement woke up, The What Nonsense status was deleted by the person. Why write the status in the first place? Did he get the message not to underestimate the Sylhet citizens? Did he realise the people representing Osmani Liberation Movement have the potential to climb the ladder? What the person did not know was his comment What Nonsense was saved on file. The status in relation to the post shared on linkedin “I wrote my comment related to the status posted related to branding. Someone shared the opinion stating Nonsense I responded. When the response was written the person who wrote nonsense removed their comment. I kept the screenshot as eveidence, Morale of the story think before sharing your opinions. I hope his will be beneficial for linkedin corporate markets. #markets #leadership #evidence #llb #debate #marketing.”

The member of the Osmani Liberation published the post on his linkedin profile, Within one hour there has been 16 views. One after the post has been shared on Linkedin, Sylhet Marathon has completed Article 67. Song played on youtube Eye of the Tiger Rocky 3, signifying the Tigers have risen, the message Our General Osmani Needs You concept has reached Michigan, London, New York, Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona. Never underestimate the Team Sylhet, Our General Osmani Legacy lives on. Sylhet Land of the freedom Fighters, Sylhet Burial Place of Hazrat Shahjalal, Birth place of our General Osmani, Sylhet the home of Sylhet Marathon the number website in Sylhet for informative information. Eye of the Tiger 16 December 2021 will be legendary, the birth of the Osmani Liberation Movement has started Sylhet Marathon will partner with the organisation to promote the concept OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU.

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