The British Summers Day, British Bangladeshi the associate to the Sylhet Marathon team walks the straight path. From Trafalgar Square towards London Victoria Station. The phone rings, news from Sylhet arrives, Our Freedom Fighter of 1971 passed away. The freedom fighter developed his reputation established Advocate, he contributed to the Sylhet Bar Association. He was one of General Osmani front line soldier helping the country fight for Independence in 1971.

Sylhet Marathon formation our Freedom fighter is part of the team. His stories encouraged the British Bangladeshi to form the Sylhet Marathon. The years of travelling to Bangladesh, the British Bangladeshi met the elderly uncle. After the phone call, the British citizens seen the miscall list, the miscall number stated Chuto Mama. Connection with Bangladesh, Chuto Mama (youngest uncle maternal family) contacted there was no response, phone call arrived moments after the Freedom Fighter uncle departed.

The 48 hours before our Freedom Fighter uncle passed away Sylhet Marathon published articles related to OUR GENERAL OSMANI. When news arrived the British Citizen asked questions did the Freedom Fighter uncle know about the articles published related to 1971? Did the Freedom Fighter Know about the concept OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU? Did the Freedom Fighter Uncle know about Sylhet Marathon project? Did the Freedom Fighter uncle know SYLHET MARATHON tracked down two Indian journalist who wrote fake news related to Bangladesh 50 years independence on LinkedIn? Did the Freedom Fighter uncle know Sylhet Marathon is encouraging the Foreign Minister to represent General Osmani? What does this mean? Sylhet Knows what this means Sylhet Marathon is sending message to citizens of Sylhet to wake up and get the message OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs you.

Freedom Fighter uncle leaves behind the legacy for our country and the Law Sector. SYLHET MARATHON will end this article stating Rest In Peace Freedom Fighter Uncle, Rest in Peace Advocate Uncle. The uncle has two title this shows the concept rise of the tigers. Sylhet Marathon sends their condolences to the family members to the Freedom Fighter uncle. The message to the developed economies, Our Country Freedom fighters story are for real, SYLHET MARATHON will ensure informative resources are published.

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