The concept “Our General Osmani Needs You” will unite Sylhet citizens to work in a team to help the location develop. Where did the conspiration OUR GENERAL OSMANI originated from? The Uncle Sam America Army Commercial? No it was the scene from the Movie three kings. The one scene that showed the team unite as one. The quotes for Three Kings Movie “George Bush Wants You” This one scene where one of the team members was taken hostage, There was 2 Kings present George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. There was the third person worked as the interpreter for the Three Kings Team. United States Army Victorious against Iraq, Mark Wahlberg one of the three kings present singing the song the words from the song Proud to be an American. The Three Kings find out about the map containing the information related to the Gold Bullions. When the three Kings return to the Karbala location, they find the gold and they realise the hostages are prisoners at the location. Iraqi Army give the Three Kings access to the Gold and tells them to leave.

The bullions are found George Clooney was about to leave with the Gold. He has the heart to save the hostages after he witnessed the women pleading for help shot in front of her husband and her daughter. George Clooney showed leadership rather than leaving with the gold he helped the civilians and killed the person responsible for Killing the women pleading for help. When George Clooney helps the hostages escape, the team was one man down when Mark Wahlberg was taken hostage by the Iraqi Army. When they arrive at the location to meet the person responsible for managing Saddam vehicles. They arrive the Bunker to meet the friendly Iraqi soldiers. There is underground bunker Nine luxury cars. George starts the negotiation to borrow the cars to fight Saddam soldiers. Friendly Iraqi Soldier laughs, Ice Cube gets involved and asks what is funny? Friendly Iraqi soldier says cannot take. Ice Cube in real life was the member of NWA rap group and was the main actor Boyz in the Hood.

Ice Cube responds “we definitely take.” This shows Ice Cube is taking No for an answer. George says we are the United States Military, Iraqi soldier laughs. Iman the prisoner at Saddam Location states you are three people with number civilians and No Humvee. Friendly Iraqi Solider makes the point he has no money and he has to eat and live. The friendly Iraqi Solider makes an valid point speaking in Arabic stating Americans have many Tanks, Many Airplanes and we have nothing. Imaan works with George Clooney with Negotiation working as the interpreter. George Bush responds we raise up together. Rise up Together. Look as us working together. George Clooney and Ice Cube Many Races, Many Nations, Ice Cube says we are United, George Clooney says United, GEORGE BUSH WANTS YOU YOU, Ice Confirm You to stand up for yourself, Friendly Iraqi Soldier responds GEORGE BUSH, George Clooney responds He Wants you, wants everybody. The interpreter says word in Arabic, George Clooney repeats the words. George Clooney says Make the fight for freedom on your own Then America Will follow. What does this mean? This shows the people to raise their voices against the opposition for the United Nations to be aware of the current situations. Raise your voices for the media to report to United Nations, The United Nations report to the President of the United States and then America will take control to resolve the situation in relation to the Iraq and Kuwait conflict. George Clooney Says God Bless America, God Bless Free Iraq.

The end result was the Gold was used to Purchase the Cars, the Garage sold the nine luxury cars. This one scene shows how George Clooney, The Interpreter and Ice Cube working together. George Clooney used one word in Arabic to interact to negotiate with the Iraqi to join their cause to fight for freedom. Many races signifies the new movement for Justice BLM started in 2020 many races join together to protest in relation to George Floyd RIP. Many nations, countries working together, networking, when the three kings was released there was no social media apps. In this present day, the concept General Osmani needs you is encourage Sylhet residence to raise their voices. Voices has been raised in Sylhet, The Sylhet Marathon platform started to promote Sylhet and publish informative information. Information can be accessed from Many nations uniting many races. The Sylhet Platform started the campaign Our General Osmani Needs You. Information published in London live on the platform reaching audiences around the world.

The Bangladesh independence day has passed, Victory day approaching in December. Date 16 December 2021, Bangladesh Victory Day the question is how serious is the concept OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU? will the concept send the message to the Sylhet citizens? Is the developed economies aware of the concept OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU? The OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU concept resulted in 95 view on the Website from the USA Audience on Thursday 27 May 2021, in one single day there was 171 views. America views was 55.23%. Sylhet Marathon has accessed the America Market. The online source started OUR GENERAL OSMANI had disagreement with Sheikh Mujib. What if the Foreign Minister addresses the Sylhet people opinions for inviting Modi on Independence day what are the outcomes? Sylhet people need to ensure Modi is not invited to the Bangladesh 50 years Victory Day. The campaign has started OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU Sylhet residence needs to encourage the Foreign Minister he represents TEAM SYLHET our General Osmani needs him to take leadership and persuade Hasina not to invite Modi to Bangladesh on 16 December 2021.

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