There are 39 articles viewed on the Sylhet Marathon Platform, 61.90% of the portfolio has been read by the readers. The purpose of the data with the web link is to reduce the numbers of emails sent to the stakeholders sharing 10 links when 10 articles are published. This method will reduce the messages sent to stakeholders via social media by 90%. This week the Political Science Department was established for the readers. The are numbers of departments at the Sylhet Marathon Platform Political Science, Education, Corporate Markets and International Airports. Those are the four to mention. The articles has been organised according to the views rankings. This will ensure time is saved on going to each articles. This article will provide direction to the correct Article.

Bangladesh Liberation Timeframe 1971 Political Science
Palestine Victory Day Political Science
Dangerous Decision Political Science
Political Science Detective Political Science
Our Soldier General OsmaniOsmani International
Bangladesh Foreign Minister Political Science
Tigers Emerge Political Science
Mastermind Promoting False News Tracked on Linkedin Political Science
Sajeeb Wazed Portfolio Political Science
Bangladesh Government Decision Political Science
Dubai International Passengers Traffic International Airport
Uber Transportation Resources Corporate Markets
Message to the Journalist Representive Political Science
General Osmani Political Alliance Political Science
Sheikh Hasina Wealth Management Political Science
Team USA World Cup Development International Football
Sylhet Marathon Youth Research Political Science
World Cup Finals History International Football
Bangladesh Caterers Market Discussion Corporate Markets
Student Visa Tier Four Clearance Education
Gabriel Batistuta Market Share International Football
Maradona 1986 International Football
Bangladesh Vaccine Supply Political Science
30042021 Dollar Taka Market Currency Market
Bangladesh National Team Coach International Football
Nigeria 1994 World Cup International Football
Ghana World Cup Development International Football
Eusabio 1966 International Football
World Cup 1930 Introduction Matches International Football
Bangladesh IELTS Exam Fees Education
London Heathrow Passenger Traffic Numbers International Airport
London Bangladesh Chambers Corporate Markets
Sylhet IELTS exam dates Education
Hartsfield Jacksonville Airport Passengers International Airport
Saudi Arabia 1994 International Football
Linekar Mexico 1986 International Football
Portugal 2006 World Cup International Football
April 2021 GBP/Taka Currency Market
Bangladesh Forbes Market 2021 Corporate Markets
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