There has been discussion in Sylhet City Corporation and the topic related to teenagers and children not participating in Sports resulting in Empty fields. The topic is “Children and teenagers addicted to free fire and puppy games are moving away from field games day by day. Who is responsible? Sylhet Marathon research team decided to get involved in the discussion. There is no such thing as puppy games in the playing field the sports played in the playing fields are running, athletics, cricket and football. During 1996, sports fields were occupied, proud citizens of Sylhet playing football, in fact when the foreign youth arrived in Sylhet, Sylhet will be their home and memories last lifetime.

Changes in society, increased poverty has resulted in Child Labour, the youth access to the underworld. There are no evidence the question is are the junior school recruited as informants for the crime organisation to find information about the opposition? Do the youth of Sylhet follow the opposition to find out the location for team? Do the youth intimidate the opposition for the Firm to plan their move against the opposition? The question is why the youth of Sylhet move away from the field and enter the world of underworld from early age?

Childhood memories are in school and sports during social time in fields. The questions to ask is are the youth household in financial struggle? The youth working for street firms, is this their only option to help their family to escape poverty? What struggle does the youth father go through on daily basis? What are the living conditions of the youth for them to leave the playing fields? Is the area commissioner aware of what is happening in the local area? Has the issue been raised by the residents to the area commissioner? Do the area in Sylhet have youth development programme to help the youth of Sylhet to move away from street crime? What has been done to encourage the youth to Participate in Sports? Are the children going to be evicted from their property? Have the children in villages left education because their parents were evicted from their previous home?

Sylhet Marathon has the answer SYLHET MARATHON needs the people of SYLHET to raise their voices to area commissioners. Sylhet need to address the city needs to be taken seriously by the developed economies market. Sylhet Marathon needs to encourage the Foreign Minister to be the leader and raise issues to the Government. Sylhet Marathon sending the message GENERAL OSMANI needs you to help develop the area. The youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow raise your voices and help Bangladesh develop. Visit the Sylhet Marathon Platform and research the articles provided. Sylhet has the potential to form partnerships with Michigan, Lisbon, Paris, Toronto, New York, Milan, Jeddah, Barcelona, Boston.

GENERAL OSMANI needs you to support the SYLHET MARATHON platform, GENERAL OSMANI needs you to help promote SYLHET to the developed economies. Ask yourself this question if GENERAL OSMANI was alive today what would he say today? What would GENERAL OSMANI advice the youth of today? If General Osmani was the area commissioner what would GENERAL OSMANI do about this issue? GENERAL OSMANI was SYLHET GENERAL and the people SYLHET should know he was our GENERAL OSMANI and his legacy still lives on.


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