Bangladesh 2021, Hasina follows Modi, Hasina Son does not have the courage to persuade his mother to cut ties with Modi. Remember this Sheikh Hasina son Sajeeb Wazed has connections in Virginia, USA. Sheikh Hasina daughter in Law Katrina is from Michigan, USA and the foreign Minister has links in Massachusetts, USA. Really does Sheikh Hasina need to supportive to Modi from India? Is it time Sajeeb Wazed got involved and encourage his mother to cut ties with Modi? Sajeeb Wazed and Katrina have links in Michigan. Is Sajeeb avoiding Michigan because majority Bangladeshi communities are from Sylhet? Michigan the home of Amar Pizza, Michigan Finest Bangladeshi food place known to Bangladeshi communities around the world.

The main political parties in Bangladesh are Bangladesh National Party and the Awami League Party. What does Bangladesh need? The new political party to represent movement for Justice, the new political party that will cut ties with Modi, The new Political that will listen to the opinions of the public, the new political party that will ensure communication is formed with nations in developed economies. This party will keep OUR GENERAL OSMANI legacy alive. This party will create unity when the Western Market have their food delivered to them via delivery by our logistics workers. This party will ensure the Western Society will show appreciation to our people. When the western people see the Bangladeshi people they will say the words OUR GENERAL OSMANI. The GENERAL OSMANI represents every Bangladeshis around the world. The name of the political party GENERAL OSMANI POLITICAL ALLIANCE.

GENERAL OSMANI POLITICAL ALLIANCE will create campaign to promote Bangladesh, form relations with developed economies. Correct the errors made by Sheikh Hasina. OUR GENERAL OSMANI party will ensure when development made in Sylhet the world will know the concept rise of the Tigers. The GENERAL OSMANI POLITICAL ALLIANCE will ensure SYLHET is taken seriously by the developed economies. One man revolutionary is another opposition terrorist, the GENERAL OSMANI will help SYLHET develop, when there are celebration on 16 December 2021 the world will know about our country. The world will know the Green represents the Land and Red represents the blood.

Negotiations will have to take place with the Foreign Minister, remind the foreign Minister his Sylhet background. Remind him what he has done for Sylhet? Ask the foreign minister what would OUR GENERAL OSMANI say to him if he was alive today? If the Foreign is on the Sylhet people side, he has access to connection in the World Bank, United Nations, Harvard and various education institutions in Massachusetts, USA. Sylhet needs to raise their voices for the Foreign Minister to listen, remember this Sylhet, people connected to Sylhet we are TEAM GENERAL OSMANI, OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs us. Ask yourself this question when Hasina decided to invite Modi, where was her son Sajeeb? If the people of Sylhet need information related to Sheikh Hasina Finance and her son corporate profile the sources are available on the Sylhet Marathon platform.

Article 63 GENERAL OSMANI POLITICAL ALLIANCE will ensure SYLHET is taken seriously. One day when the Indian Food Sector declines and Bengal Food Sector raises, our proud Bangladesh nation will promote our Nation to every takeaway and food places while the food is prepared. When the English Man arrives at the Bangladeshi food places they will not say the words Indian they will refer to the restaurant establishment as OUR GENERAL OSMANI. OUR GENERAL OSMANI will unite many nations, our Bangladeshis living will work as the team to ensure new foreign relations are developed. Sylhet Marathon advice to the Bangladesh Government DO NOT INVITE MODI to the country. Start the negotiation with the Foreign Minister. OUR GENERAL OSMANI needs the people of Sylhet to meet the Foreign Minister in Person.


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