Evening approached in London, midnight arrived was approaching in Sylhet on Tuesday 25 April 2021. In London there was a discussion taken place outside the Indian Takeaway, it was silence, at the meeting was the spokesman for the Bangladesh Caterers Market, Delivery driver for the takeaway, manager of the establishment, cashier and the people at the kitchen department. The kitchen department attendance was not calculated, the speech can be herd from the kitchen because the takeaway door was open to ensure fresh air enters the premises. The social distancing laws were complied with and everyone had their face masks.

Spokesman starts the talk, soon another delivery driver working for the courier company arrives waiting for the delivery to be allocated for them to deliver. The Indian takeaway is managed by Bangladeshi, the Bangladesh working in the reservations department and Kitchen department are 100% Sylheti. The spokesman for the Bangladesh Caterers Market is also Sylheti. The discussion started in relation to the decline in trades and how should Bangladesh Caterers be taken seriously in the western market. While the discussion was happening and voices were raised and numbers of opinions was shared. During the meeting Spokesman asked are the Bangladeshi restaurant restaurateurs ready to remove the Indian title and be classed as the Bengal Cuisine?

When this question was asked one person in attendance stated, In England the restaurant owners represent India in the eyes of English people, when they travel to Bangladesh they give the Big Man talk and promote Bangladesh. This was major point made, spokesman for the caterers market stated 2021 is the time development needs to start from Sylhet. Later the food was ready for delivery, the courier delivery driver left the premises to deliver the food. What the courier delivery driver was not aware is the spokesman for the meeting has plan to eliminate Deliveroo from the London Market by 16 December 2021. The meeting continued and the English gentleman was present at the meeting, he was ordering collection at the takeaway.

Spokesman said to the English Gentlement 2021 is Bangladesh 50 years independence, the country victory day is approaching. He said to the English Gentleman the plan is for the Indian cuisine to be removed from the Bangladeshi Food establishments and the title will be Bengal Cuisine. This was the important point made to the developed economies market, 2021 is the correct time for Bangladesh to gain recognition from the developed economies market. There was banter while discussion was taken place, the opinions was shared on how Bangladesh Cuisine be recognised.

The order for collection one item was Saag Aloo, the spokesman said has the song changed from Vindaloo to Saag Aloo. The Bangladeshi menu there will be no Vindaloo and No Saag Aloo. The menu is at the limited numbers, specialisation menu products limited as possible and food cooked to the finest quality. Menu items will ensure there are no clashes with the Indian Food industry. The question asked by the audience what is on the menu? The menu items will be published on the Sylhet Marathon website on 4 June 2021. The time for change is happening the of the Bengal Cuisine maximise, the Bangladesh Restaurateurs OUR GENERAL OSMANI NEEDS YOU.


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