1923 Began Formal Education leading Farsi and English. General Osmani Teacher was his home tutor. When there was no tuition General Osmani Family made sure he made progress academically.

1934 Completed education at the Sylhet Government Pilot School achieving first division marks. He was awarded the Pretoria Award for achieving the highest marks in English. In 1934, Sylhet Government Pilot School was regulated by the Calcutta University.

1938 General Osmani Graduated in Arts from Algarh Muslim University, India. He enrolled to study MA in Geography, he left the postgraduate programme in order to be part of the team. This team was the Indian Sub continent to Assist the British in World War 2.

1941 – 1945 General Osmani held numbers of posts for the British Army and progressed to be the Commander at the Burma Sector.

23/02/1942 General Osmani promoted to the Major for the British Army at age 23. He became the youngest Major in the British Indian Army.

1947 Selected for Long term Employment course at Quetta College. General Osmani was in the same course as Yahya Khan, Tikka Khan and Niazi.

07/10/1947 General Osmani was promoted to the Rank Lieutenant Colonel for the new formed Pakistan Army.

1950 The slogan “papa tiger/chacha osmani encouraged Bangladeshi to join the Pakistan army. East Bengal Regiment name known as the BENGAL TIGERS when the Pakistan Army communicated with the East Bengal Regiment.

1956 – General Osmani became the Deputy Director and progressed to Director Military. His Supervisor was Yahya Khan.

1961 – Promoted to Colonel

16/02/1967 General Osmani retired from the Pakistan Army

1970 General Osmani Joined the Sheikh Mujib Awami League Party. General Osmani was elected as the Member of National Assembly representing Sylhet Constitute. The areas allocated to General Osmani was Biswanath, Balagonj, Golopgani and Fenchuganj.

25/03/1971 When Pakistan launched Attacks in Bangladesh, escaped to India Via Comilla. This was the start of our GENERAL OSMANI, our WORLD WAR 2 VETERAN, our BENGAL TIGER, our LIBERATION FIGHTER.

17/04/1971 General Osmani appointed commander in Chief for the Bangladesh Armed Forces. The BENGAL TIGERS emerged this was when the 23 year old for the British Indian Army was in the frontline for the Bangladesh Liberation Movement.

16/12/1971 Bangladesh was victorious, Our GENERAL OSMANI was promoted to FOUR STAR GENERAL. Historic day in BANGLADESH, when the country was under attack, GENERAL OSMANI and the army increased in numbers. The Bangladesh Victory embarrassed Nixon and Yayha Khan. 1971 The year PRESIDENT NIXON and YAHYA knew GENERAL OSMANI embarrassed them.

07/04/1972 Our GENERAL OSMANI retired from the Bangladesh Army.

May 1974 GENERAL OSMANI resigns from Cabinet, Resigns from National Party. The reason why he left was because of the protest of SHEIKH MUJIB LOGIC of introducing one party BAKSAL SYSTEM.

29/08/1975 Our GENERAL OSMANI appointed Honorary Advisor to the to the President of Defence Affairs Khandaker Moshtaque Ahmed.

May 1976 Our GENERAL OSMANI started the Jubeida Khatun Khan Bahahdur Mofizur Rahman Trust. Our GENERAL OSMANI honoured his parents and donated the Parental Home in Sylhet NUR MANZI to the trust.

05/09/1976 Our GENERAL OSMANI formed the new political party. JATIYO JANATA PARTY (National People Party).

15/08/1977 Our GENERAL OSMANI established the OSMANI MEMORIAL TRUST for the children of our FREEDOM FIGHTERS and our SOLDIERS. The trust was available to all the children in SYLHET. This united the next generation BENGAL TIGERS of SYLHET to emerge.

1978 Our GENERAL OSMANI was part of the PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE formed by 5 Political parties. Our GENERAL OSMANI, the election was won by Ziaur Rahman. in 1971, GENERAL OSMANI was Ziaur Rahman supervisor for the BANGLADESH ARMY.

1981 Our GENERAL OSMANI was the candidate for the election after the Assassination of Ziaul Rahman. Justice Abdus Sattar won the election.

1983 Our GENERAL OSMANI was diagnosed with cancer at the Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka. Our GENERAL OSMANI was transferred from DHAKA to LONDON St Bartholomew Hospital. The source from Londoni website states he was given wrong type of blood at CMH?

16/02/1984 Our GENERAL OSMANI passed away in St Bartholomew Hospital. Our GENERAL OSMANI last wish was to be buried next to his mother grave in Sylhet. Our GENERAL OSMANI name Muhammed Ataul Ghani OSMANI. Born 1/9/1918 in SUNAMGANJ, SYLHET passed away 16/02/1984 in LONDON, ENGLAND.

20/02/1984 Our GENERAL OSMANI Burial buried at the Shahjalal Dargah Sharif, Sylhet. He was guarded full military honour. General Osmani returned home.

26/05/2021 Sylhet Marathon has completed this article. Our General Osmani legacy still lives on. The Londoni.co our GENERAL OSMANI passed away in 1984 in 2021 his legacy still lives on. The inspiration from SYLHET is the main reason SYLHET MARATHON the time has past 2100 in London. SYLHET MARATHON has completed article 60 OUR GENERAL OSMANI.


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