The war of 1971, Pakistan received help from China and USA for weapons and military equipment. Chittagong Port is closer to China, USA supplies went to the Karachi Port. Pakistan was not able to cross over India to fly the Military planes, Sri Lanka helped Pakistan as the Fuel Station during their stopover. This article focuses on March 1971 timeframe. The source was from wikipedia, there are sections questions logical situations related to ease scenario. Blood Telegram section states two different dates wikipedia states 6 April. The Blood Telegram has been included in this section.

01/03/1971 Yahya Khan cancels the National Council Meeting due to be held on 3 March 1971 via Radio Communication. Why did Yahya khan cancel the meeting? Did Yahya Khan cancel the meeting to save himself looking like an embarrassment from his good friend president Nixon? Did Yahya Khan know Mujib defeated him mentally? Was Khan looking for alternative solution for him to cancel the meeting? Was Yahya Khan promised Green Card for America Clearance if Bangladesh failed to emerge?

07/03/1971 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman leader of the Awami Party made the speech to the people of Bangladesh there will be struggle. The struggle will be for the independence of Bangladesh. There was 1 million people in attendance at the Dhaka Race Course. According to Wikipedia there was 1 million people in attendance. This speech was the beginning of the start of the Bangladesh National. The attendance in one million showed the concept the rise of the tigers. The start of the new Nation BANGLADESH. Was there jealously among the opposition? Was the BBC present to witness this event? If the BBC was present the news would have reached the United Nations in New York, USA.

09/03/1971 The workers at the Chittagong Port refused to unload weapons from the Ship. Note – The weapons that was supposed to be unloaded would have been the Bangladesh freedom fighters weapons for the Liberation War 1971. Why was the weapons refused to be unloaded? Was the ship workers secret insiders for Pakistan? Where was the weapons travelling to? Why did the ship workers helpful to the Bangladesh nation? Do the ship workers know Sheikh Mujib stated there will be struggle for independence? Was the weapons for Pakistan Military Army? Was there financial transaction taken place between Yahya Khan and the Chittagong Port? Did Chittagong have contracts with Ports in China? The weapons arrived at the port, was Chittagong the stopover route between Goods moving from China to Pakistan? Did China have any responsibility for contracts with Pakistan Army? If this is true, Bangladesh public made the strategic decision in advance in order to ensure weapons are not sent to Pakistan. It was this shipment the port workers refused to unload that caused major crisis in 1971. Only if the port workers unloaded the weapons from the ship, Pakistan would not have received the weapons from China, this would have caused conflicts between Pakistan and China.

10/03/1971 Bangladeshi Students in New York demonstrate outside the United Nations Headquarters for the UN to intervene and end the Violence on Bengali People. Note – The Bangladeshi freedom for independence resulted in attacks from the Pakistan nation. One nations revolutionary is another nations Threat. The United Nations in New York was aware of the situation in Bangladesh on 10 March 1971. United Nations could have ended this with peace talk and Bangladesh would have been independent nation. The protest happened in New York, This means the United nations was aware of the historic speech made by Sheikh Mujib at the Dhaka Race Course. Violence against civilians because of the struggle for independence United Nations should have intervened when there was protest happening outside the UN Headquarters. Was President Nixon aware of this? Did President Nixon phone Yahya Khan and tell him he is failure? Was Yahya Khan scared when he Nixon informed him he is a failure?

17/03/1971 Yahya Khan starts to negotiate with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Notes What happened in the meeting? What was said in the meeting? Did Sheikh Mujid consider informing the United Nations? Did Sheikh Mujibur Rahman know about the protest Bangladeshi student organised outside the United Nations on 10 March 1971? Did Sheikh Mujib Know Yahya Khan was good friends with USA President Richard Nixon? When meeting takes places there is one country President and the second country president. Yahya invited Zulfikar Bhutto? The meeting happened for one hour, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was Present at the meeting. Sheikh Mujib informed the press negotiation was due to continue until the objectives are met. This should have been organised with the United Nations, New York. Second meeting was organised for the 19 March 1971.

19/03/1971 The Military of Pakistan attacked the trucks in Tejgaon and Mohakhali. The Military robbed money and tortured civilians. The Military Men were armed with weapons and the equipment, the civilians were not armed. There was 200 people injured when there was conflict between Bangladeshi civilians and Pakistan Military at Jaydevpur. Notes – Was this Yahya Khan plot to avoid the second meeting with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman? Did Yahya Khan use this tactic because he know Uncle Sam Richard Nixon will always remain loyal in helping Pakistan? Did Yahya Khan know he was losing the negotiation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman? Did Zulfikar Bhutto advise Yahya Khan to use this tactic? Remember Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was present at the meeting? Did Zulkifar Ali Bhutto advice Yahya Khan to ensure Yahya Khan loses the next election? Did Yahya know was Law Graduate from Oxford?

24/03/1971 Pakistan army starts to shot Bangladeshi civilians at demonstration in Syedpur, Rangpur and Chittagong. More than 1000 people were killed. Chittagong? were 10/03/1971 Ship workers feeding information to the Pakistan army? Did the ship workers inform the Pakistan army on the information related to the civilians? 50 died on 19/03/1971, 1000 died 5 days later confirmed by the sources of wikipedia. How many ship workers were on duty when they refused to unload the weapons? Was the supervisor of the Chittagong port involved? Did Yahya Khan and Zulfikar Bhutto pay the Chittagong port workers to feed them information? Did the Chittagong Port workers lose their life when they realised they made the wrong decisions on the 10 March 1971? Did Yahya Khan decide to eliminate the management of the Chittagong port to control the port area?

25/03/1971 Pakistan Army start Genocide attacks and use the operation searchlight tactic in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka is the centre of the centre in Bangladesh the Capital City. Was the Military tactic to control the port city first, then control the Commercial city? The Attacks was on civilians, Political Activist, Students, Bengali members of the armed forces and the police. What if the weapons was unloaded on the 10 March 1971 there was weapons for the people of Bangladesh. When did the Pakistan Army receive the weapons to start operation searchlight? When did the weapons leave the Chittagong Port and arrive in Pakistan? If the weapons was unloaded, would have this attack by the Military army took place?

26/03/1971 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman arrested at his home at 0115am Bangladesh time by the Pakistan Army. Source from Wikipedia states he annouced the Bangladesh independence minutes before he was arrested. What time did Sheikh Mujibur Rahman make the announchment? Was the strategy to ensure the country present is in prison while attacks take place on civilians? Was the arrest planned by Yayha Khan and Bhutto? Was this the reason why negotiation between Mujib and Yayha Khan did not happen on the 19 March 1971? Did Yahya Khan hide from Mujibur Rahman to avoid confrontation?

26/03/1971 Awami League Founder M A Hannan declared the independence for Pakistan on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at 230pm Bangladesh Time. This was Bangladesh official Independence Day. Was the United Nations aware of the Bangladesh Independence. Did USA President become the hater for Bangladesh? Was President Nixon the one who advised Yahya Khan to hide from Sheikh Mujibur Rahman? Did President Nixon advice the United Nations not to recognise Bangladesh?

27/03/1971 Bangladesh independence declared for the Third time by Major General Zia. in Kalurghat, Chittagong. The Radio Station in Kalurghat made major difference for Bangladeshis to create Awareness. There was message sent to the world Pakistan army will not defeat the people of Bangladesh. The premises of the radio station was protected by the proud Bengali Nation. The name of the radio station Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendro.

Pakistan renamed the the Bangladeshi Radio Pakistan Dhaka. Radio Pakistan Dhaka? Did Bhutto Give Yahya Khan this Idea to make Yahya look like a joke to the world media? Why combine Pakistan and Dhaka in one company? Did President Nixon Laugh at Yahya Khan with his friends at the White House? Was there calls made between Yayha Khan and President Nixon? How many people had to advice Yahya Khan make decisions? Was President Nixon laughing and telling the American congress people Zulfikar Bhutto is making Yahya Khan look like a joke?

31/03/1971 The Battle of Kushtia began at 4am on 30/03/1971 the formation of the Bangladesh forces began. The teams was East Pakistan Rifles, Police and Civilians under the leadership of Abu Osman Chowdhury attacked the Pakistan Occupation from Three directions of the area. This caused panic in among the Pakistan soldiers. Attack from three directions. There was no way out, Few Pakistan men escaped the town ALIVE.

Shamsuddoza Sajen Journalist and Researcher

30/03/1971 BLOOD TELEGRAM American Consul General Archer sent the telegram the USA State department. This information contained the information related to what happened in Dhaka University. Military was attacking civilians. BLOOD TELEGRAM was known to the USA and United Nations were aware of Bangladesh situation when Bangladeshi students protested outside the United Nations in New York? The blood telegram, did Nixon ignore the blood telegram? Did Nixon feed information to Yahya Khan? The Blood Telegram was sent by ARCHER KENT BLOOD born in Chicago. Was this telegram ignored by Nixon to maintain relations with Pakistan? Was Nixon the mastermind encouraging Yahya to attack civilians? Did President Nixon supply Yahya foreign alcohol sent via ship along with weapons to Yahya Khan? Why did Archer Kent telegram was ignored? Sheikh Mujib was deafeating Yahya Khan in the meeting, was this the reason why Bhutto was Yahya right hand man at the meeting. The writer is Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Metropolitan University, Sylhet


The 1971 is an historic year for Bangladesh, 2021 is Bangladesh 50 years Independence. 16 December 2021, Bangladesh 50 years victory day. The storylines and memories from Sylhet encouraged me to start this platform. Numbers of questions was written to question the logic in each scenarios. Sylhet Marathon purpose is to publish informative articles. Sheikh Mujib was arrested at 1:15 am Bangladesh time, this article completed on 2:45am London time. London 2021 this is the beginning to promote the Bangladesh Development, the rise of the tigers will emerge in London, Sylhet Marathon has objectives to achieve by 16 December 2021. One man revolutionary is another opposition Terrorist. Actions speaks louder than words, voices are saved when words are not spoke and the words are published on Sylhet Marathon platform.


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