I read numbers of sources praising Modi Bangladesh visit on Bangladesh 50 years independence. There was one written by Bangalore times it is obvious Sheikh Hasina Son has links to Bangalore, India considering he studied at Bangalore University before transferring to Texas USA. Majority had journalist title as Admin, correspondent etc. I managed to trace three journalist name, one of the Journalist is on linkedin corporate platform. I was determined to publish this article on Linkedin platform, why should I publish this major article on linkedin when I am the founder of my own platform promoting Sylhet City Corporation, Sylhet number one website for promoting Informative information. This is the message sent to the Journalist responsible for writing and promoting the article.

I am writing this message to state I disagree with your article when you started Modi won the hearts of Bangladesh People. Did you know 12 people lost their lives in the protest, the reason why the protest  happened was because of Modi? Have you considered writing the article based on Modi motives in donating 3.2 million vaccine doses to Bangladesh. I speak representing Bangladesh, I am from Sylhet the land of the Freedom fighters I suggest you to research GENERAL OSMANI? I just want to inform you Modi never won the hearts and mind of Bangladesh.   Can I ask you what benefit did you get from writing this article? People in Bangladesh are not happy about the article you have written? Did you get pen and paper and ask the people of Bangladesh their opinion in relation to Modi visit. Let me ask you this question share the article you wrote on your platform and see the feedback you get. You state the Foreign Minister said Modi won the hearts and minds of Bangladesh? Did you actually interview him to write this article. 

I suggest you get the opinion on the article you have written from developed economies. ask the people of USA, Canada, Harvard, Your a women you represent women development. Let me ask you this how would you be if someone close to you passed away in the violent protest and the journalist wrote they won your heart and mind?  By the time you finish this email you will know about TEAM Sylhet, You learned the name General Osmani? You will know Bangladesh is the land of the freedom fighters. This is the main fact from the Bangladesh communities around the world Modi caused problems on my nations 50 years Independence day. If i worked for the government I would have made sure Modi was on every Bangladeshi politicians NOT INVITED list. 

To conclude this mail I do not need to mention my name my name is clearly stated I am sure you can read considering you wrote an article to insult my people integrity.


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